Zedk – D.M.T [ Clip Officiel ] + Savage Plug – Campione (Reaction!)

Zedk – D.M.T [ Clip Officiel ] + Savage Plug – Campione (Reaction!)

Check out these two dope songs! ZEDK – D.M.T & Savage Plug – Campione

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before the night zombie zombie walking with my stuff what’s going on guys Queen you back again with another video for you guys and I think I’m gonna start doing this work instead of dropping a lot of videos in one day I’m gonna maybe combine like two songs that are from the same area like if they’re Algerians I’ll put two songs that are from Algeria in one video we’re gonna see how that works out let me know what you guys think about this concept do you guys want to do like this or separate videos but yeah let me know down in comments we’re gonna go ahead and check out the new song from Zack K called ent as well as a savage plug song called champion you guys already know I definitely love love listening to Z K savage plug I’ve heard like maybe one song where the video was crazy as hell he was like doing big faces and big heads and all these crazy things in the video which was dope so I’m super excited to check that out but we’re gonna go ahead and start out with Zack a new song called EMT let’s get right into it you a big fan of Zedd get the video giant thumbs up let’s get right into it and have some fun let’s go shouts all my Giri as always big on oh yeah oh yeah yeah you know what I noticed Bobby is in like every video nowadays is that people ah shout out to people you know who he looks like with the bandana wrap like that that funny guy does the funny videos I forget his name let me know why let me know what you think I’m talking about down in comas Oh nice now I do it well yo I’m telling people is dopest had someone commented on the last before song that he was Mitchell boom in there I’m like he might be the Mitchell booming about yeah I don’t know let me know in the comments but yeah this was like I would say a different song from ZK from what I normally hear from him which was dope as hell and I just realized that he basically says waa waa waa hoo or the other way I’m like every single one of his songs which is don’t we say let me know what you guys thought about I thought a song was dope the fix on the song was different than what he usually does like he had the eyes popping out he was doing crazy things he was happy as hell in this song I’ve never seen him like that but yeah let me know down comments what you guys thought about it and let’s get right into the second song in this video savage plug song called champion produced by choppa Shibata cupca shut shut Chewbacca your bot if I’m saying it right let me know doc I’m sure baka Chewbacca I think I’m saying it right boy and he told me Bravo Ibaka we follow each other on Instagram everything and I said oh not same am Mafalda I guess I’m getting hints it’s telling me to do that ancestry DNA cuz I still haven’t done it I’m still doing a video for that guy don’t worry champion is compound compound the money will come back with the money gonna come back work it’s a clock japonica piane yo this dude is of fire as hey yo yo is it more that’s it we all know why this dude is a dope is hang what man I’m surprised I haven’t heard the song when it for a jump I put it off for too long but I appreciate you guys for insisting for me to check it out dope is hurt when he switched it to the English yo he definitely killed it he needs to do a whole song if he hasn’t already you know if we did a whole song with just him doing it in English let me know down in the comments but if he has it he needs to do a whole song where it’s all in English because he is dope I think I definitely want to hear it I let me know what you guys thought about a song was dope is egg japanish alone and she punished if you enjoyed this video thumbs up smash subscribe for more videos like this follow me on Instagram Twitter and snapchat as some cqu EEE and links will be down in the description and uh you boys up please rollin rollin rollin rollin I’ll encourage me to chose doctor miss impersonalist right here this shit is for life I’m done for the night err zombie zombie been walking with my eyes closed..

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