Why Do Most Women Like Confident Men Instead Of Insecure And Shy Men?

Confidence is what makes one truly attractive. But that type of confidence that no one can take away from you. Women are drawn to such confidence because it doesn’t rely on external success or validation. I like to call it core confidence.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

Men who are truly confident don’t need money, good looks or the latest model Tesla to become confident. They don’t use tricks, manipulation or power to get women interested in them. They know that women react emotional when it comes to men – the way he made her feel is way more important than his looks.

Women find truly confident men attractive often because of their behavior. A confident man treats women equally no matter how attractive they are. He doesn’t behave like a dancing monkey, as soon as an attractive woman enters the room. A guy like that awakens women’s interest. He doesn’t try to impress her like all the others. He knows what he can offer and that he’s a valuable man. That’s a big difference that shows in confident behavior.

A confident man would approach the beautiful woman he just saw even when he’s nervous. You need to understand that confident men are often afraid, just like you. They know that fear is just a feeling, not a reality. That allows them to take actions despite that fear and to leave their comfort zone on a regular basis so they can gather more and more experience. The more experience they have in a certain field, the more confident they will become.

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Shy People Are Awesome!

Shy people don’t have an easy life. They get criticized a lot for being too calm, too distanced, too boring. No one seems to ever mention the awesome parts about their personalities. So here you go: 7 reasons why shy people can be proud that they are shy. Have fun! 🙂

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shy people are overly anxious insecure weirdos that usually have a low self esteem they never stand out and instead appear boring inferior and weak wait don’t give thumbs down leave this was just the intro because what I just mentioned seems to be what many people think right well time to change that here are seven seven reasons why you should be proud to be shy the following points don’t imply that introverts are better than or superior to extroverts in any way it’s just that I feel that they get criticized a lot and almost never praised for who they are this is why this video is addressed to you shot people out there first of all let’s take a look at what Chinese actually is introverted people who get nervous or uncomfortable when they have to talk to strangers or in front of an audience but why is that well basically because they fear that they are not going to do a good job they know but the impact that words can have and they want to leave a good impression so this nervousness is not a sign of weakness but of ambition and respect respect towards the person of persons that listen and respect towards the power of speech itself second they are true to themselves even though they have to fight a lot of criticism society wise extroverts have an easier life they are more accepted as if they do what all human beings should do nowadays being outgoing and highly self confident is socially desirable but some people simply aren’t and there is nothing wrong about it it’s just what society makes us believe my point is that we hear and see everywhere that being in the middle of attention is something desirable which makes me think that being an extrovert is easier shy people on the other hand get criticized a lot for being too calm too remote too boring or whatever and still the majority of them doesn’t try to change to something they’re simply not they stay authentic and fight all of this criticism they have to ignore all the annoying prejudices and go their own way that’s pretty tough isn’t it the third reason is that chai people are normally really self reflective sophisticated and thoughtful their minds are like shelves with many drawers and they know exactly where everything is that they need they may not talk so much but that’s because they are thinking before they open the mouth and normally there is something really wise coming out if they do so you’re basically saying that extroverts are stupid and they speak without thinking huh no that’s not what I mean I’m just saying that introverts are even less likely to do so in my opinion fourth point on my list shy people are silent observers they may not say so much but they listen and they watch so shy people are basically creeps no I don’t mean like creeps more like social explorers and critics since they don’t always speak they have time to observe conversation and human relations making them highly intelligent in terms of empathy sociology or psychology empathy sociologists try to say that in row even if people don’t know too much about them they know a lot about people and society in general because they care and think and sort things in their heads they know what’s going on around them even if they only participate passively the fifth reason fifth reason reason number five why you should be proud to be shy is that shy people tend to be really creative since they don’t interact so much with others they know how to spend time by themselves and they enjoy it and a healthy loneliness gives room for creativity their minds are like beautiful forests that they can take our long walks in without feeling bored or the need of company and sometimes on these works they find colorful innovative ideas that they want to share with the world but since social actions are not their favorite field they express themselves through art they love to draw to pain to write speaking through paper creativity patience and free innovative thinking are attributes that I know from many introverts that I met in my life number six introverts can be really good listeners since they usually don’t speak that much they are used to listening instead of talking to do all of their passive social experience they don’t interrupt and they don’t judge quickly they are patient and empathetic and kind of wise from all the observations that they made they are used to wait and think exactly what you need when you’re a sudden you need someone to be there for you point number seven shy people appreciate the small things of life if you are interpreted how many times have you been in a crowd full of people and dreamed about being in a forest instead just by yourself calm people normally find peace in the nature they are patient enough to just sit and watch the leaves fall of a tree smiling happy leaders because the Sun warms the face while extroverts tend to be more competitive and often on the run shy people radiate this sense of calm and peace so to sum it up being outgoing and super socialist awesome but being shy is too shy people are respectful authentic thoughtful and out wise in terms of empathy sociology and psychology they are creative patient listeners and appreciative of course they have to deal with a lot of problems too and there are many disadvantages of being shy as well but there are always up and down sides to everything right so please drive it say who you are and appreciate who you are are you shy or more outgoing what do you think is easier you agree that extroverts a bit more accepted nowadays what about the other points I raised true or today get something wrong what other advantages of being shy can you think of what disadvantages do you see feel free to leave a comment down below and please give a thumbs up if you liked the video because that would make me happy now I wish you all a very beautiful day check out my other videos if you’d like to and see you in the next one bye..

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Comment (7)

  1. Thanks for commenting that being shy and being introverted are not the same thing. You are completely right! I read about this too, when I researched for this video, and figured, that it still kinda adresses and gives a good vibe to shy and/or introverted people. Should’ve mentioned that point though. 🙂

  2. I’m not “shy” I just think there are so many people talking and talking and talking without saying anything, so the world doesn’t need any more of that from me.

  3. These days people have no respect for shy people like me. In middleschool, OH Asian kid! or something like. Hey Dude! Say Hi to me Why won’t you say it. Say hi! Say Something! It ruins the point of talking when they do that. They are basically telling you to talk, Why not wait a bit and talk with them quietly and more one on one? I hate it when a group of people just crowd me and ask me why I don’t talk. it just ruins the point of talking, what do I say to that? why not just speak to me like any other kid. I’m always labeled as the shy kid. How did I become shy? when I was a kid. I noticed that people around me were calling me annoying and I realized what shut up meant. I just had a horrible personality. I realized, they don’t like me for who I am. I like to be funny and talkative. but now I enclosed myself to hide that because I don’t want anyone else to think of me bad. Now I’m shy and alone. I never asked to, I just became abandoned. No one remembered me as that funny annoying kid. That kid I always wanted to be, the one they would laugh with, until I realized I was laughed at…

  4. wow I’m shy and here I thought being shy was a bad thing because if I liked someone I could never tell them how I feel


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