Why Do I Feel Shy To Run And Jog In Public

Why Do I Feel Shy To Run And Jog In Public

It’s easy to feel shy jogging in public especially when you first start. So what can you do about it?

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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if you struggle with shyness or social anxiety check out our free no BS training course with actual useful advice you can do from home none of that just get out there nonsense the link is in the description below for now let’s get to today’s question I remember the day my wedding rituals started it was a three day wedding which is customary in India the very first time I was going to step out into the venue all dressed up I kept my eyes for resolutely on the floor I was afraid I would look up find a sea of eyeballs evaluating measuring judging I finally looked up and there everyone was socializing talking eating catching up with others I wasn’t nearly the showstopper I was scared I would be why are you shy of running in public the same reason I was extremely conscious at my wedding we all think of the world as being wrapped around us it isn’t we aren’t nearly as awesome as we think but thank goodness because we also aren’t nearly as embarrassing as we think and it is truly a liberating glorious realization that the world is in fact afloat like fog enveloping every individual in their own little nooks go for a run you’ll see what I mean I don’t feel shy when I run or jog in public but I can certainly understand why someone might marry a day goes by when I don’t get at least some unwanted attention from someone a hunk here a shat there either received some doozies these harassment SAR almost always done by a perpetrator in a vehicle or among a group of friends they never dare do it alone a common one is run Forrest run I hear that at least once a week and it’s always from a male between the ages of 15 to 30 I think this is both annoying and also a testament on how great the film forrest gump truly is when twenty something college kids who weren’t even born yet no lines from this film then you know the movie was influential I digress people in groups will shout much more aggressively when there are five college brothers all in a group and they are on the same path that him jogging rest assured I will receive harassment from them every time no exceptions some kind of expletive will get hurled at me and it’s usually laced with a homophobic slur I’m not exaggerating I get harassed by women to a far lesser degree it’s a rare occasion when it happens usually and much more likely to receive a honk and a wave which isn’t really harassment per se it’s just kind of startling if you aren’t expecting it so I can see why you’d be shy running in public I certainly don’t understand why someone would just embrace public humiliation with open arms I never started running for the attention that’s for damn sure this isn’t to say you will be harassed when you go and run but there is somewhat of a risk there people can be mean for no reason even when you are just minding your own business following traffic laws and doing absolutely nothing wrong I suggest that if you go out and run that you remember this it’s not you it’s them you expect us to guess it or what it may be so because you have confidence or self esteem issues it may be so because you feel ashamed by the fact that you are not very good runner or by your looks or anything like that it may be so because you are from a country and which running is not perceived as normal activity maybe you feel offended by attention from other people maybe all of those on a list above I know girls who say I don’t want to run in public places I don’t want other guys to see me almost naked there are multiple possible reasons and it is hard to guess what’s bad in your case knowing literally nothing about you I personally not only feel okay about running in public but even feel that there is something wrong with people who are uncomfortable or try to do it I can understand them in some ways though but I can’t force myself to feel that it is fine to be like that I did running in several different countries with completely different cultures in Russia and Ukraine running isn’t perceived like some typical activity it attracts even more attention if you are doing it in winter when I was reading shoot dog by Phil Knight creator of Nike there was a part about how running was perceived in USA 5060 years ago it sounded very familiar to me in Ukraine and Russia my experiences included people shouting stuff like stop it you are not fat or don’t have money for a car dude or simply some offensive words obviously not everybody is like that and a lot of people shout something to motivate or support you one common thing is your behavior is considered rather uncommon so there is a lot of attention both positive and negative now over the last several weeks I did several runs in USA and Germany it is completely different there are so many people around you running that nobody really cares at least compared to Ukraine in Ukraine when I was running in the morning on a road outside my small native town I sometimes saw one or two people running on some days I didn’t see runners at all when I had a Saturday run in Mountain View California number of runners I met in 1.5 hours was three digit see the difference now it is easier to me to understand why somebody may be shy running in Ukraine and being different but in USA it just looks normal I’m not shy to do running I enjoy it and I don’t care if there is attention from people around me or not most of the time I don’t even hear them because of audiobook or music I think my body is awesome so it also isn’t a reason for me to be shy or ashamed of running and one more thing that I know when somebody shouts something to me during running unless their comments are stopped over Pranay ting and relaxed shoulders and quite sure that am in much better shape than they are the first step in how to make running a habit and get fit is to forgive yourself and don’t be ashamed to start exactly where you are this is just a starting point it doesn’t define you personally shyness ruined most of my 20s but the man who really turned my life around with Sean how to overcome shyness the ultimate three step guide mold eita not sure why but when I started running I was fine walking into a run shop to buy cute tanks and shorts but getting fitted for the right shoes scared the bejesus out of me I was nervous about running around the store and horribly self conscious about the process of fitting which really ain’t no thang baby if you’re nervous to get started running outside because you feel you’ll be scrutinized by judgemental drives don’t be most drivers are busy trying to rock out to Katy Perry without being noticed or their mind is elsewhere even if they do notice you helping and puffing is probably for twenty seconds or less as they zoom by you on the roadway usually when you’re nervous to run it seems worse in your mind just get out there and run yell see it’s not as bad as you make it seem even hundreds of miles later I sometimes still try and use that excuse but it’s really silly if you are like me people are staring at your boobs and body flopping around when you run in making rude comments or if you’re like me people come up to you and ask you who are you running from and other rude comments even though clearly you’re in sweats with tennis shoes outside Eva found the solution to this is to go to the indoor gym or a safe walking / jogging trail and then blast your headphones loudly till you can’t hear guys talking about you or to you and then ignoring them at all costs when you go to lift the weights at the gym you might be self conscious of your weight whether you’re thin or large or afraid people are looking at you some people are don’t worry about them I would workout inside if that’s the case at the indoor gym or if you’re rich and able enough and you have the space in your house buy a treadmill and put it in your house and use that and invest in very loud headphones low self esteem maybe you feel so thin or so fat to run around for all the world to see this is also a sign that you are self reflective and introvert in a word..

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