[Webinar] How To Build A Conversation Simulation To Practice Communication Skills

[Webinar] How To Build A Conversation Simulation To Practice Communication Skills

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all right welcome everybody to today’s webinar my name is Tom Reyes Kyra and I’m with elearning brothers today we’re going to be talking about how to build a conversation simulation to practice communication skills I am joined today by ulema and Brian from i. Spring and also by Andrew vas who’s here with us at learning brothers we’re really grateful for all of you guys coming out to the webinar today we are recording the webinar so that way you will be able to see it we’ll probably post that recording up on Monday so check our e learning brothers blog for that and we’ll also be monitoring your questions throughout the course of the webinar so feel free to put any questions or comments into that section and if we have a chance during the webinar we’ll try to answer those but we’ll also be holding a Q&A session towards the end so let me tell you a little bit about our presenters today Elena is the sales manager at i. Spring she’s been with the company for over three years brian is the video tutorial producer at i. Spring you might have seen some of his tutorials over on their i. Spring website and andrew bass is actually our template development lead and he’s in charge of making all the really cool templates that you might find in our libraries so without any further ado I’m going to go ahead and change the presentation over to Elena and we’ll get going all right okay so can you see my screen yes okay all right great well hi everyone once again my name is Elena and I’m in the sales team and i. Spring solutions and thank you for joining us today we’re glad that you came and so we all have conversations every day you’re right whether it’s a conversation with friends or colleagues or customers or just small talk with an associate and if you want to negotiate something success depends a lot on the communication skills we all know that that’s why a lot of come and organizations trying they are employees on how to communicate with people so building conversation scenarios is very important in e learning and especially in corporate training and I spray talk master is our news tool so we are going to talk about it today this tool is valuable for anyone who needs to prepare employees or students for professional conversations with customers partners and associates and I think that conversation simulations are great to train and assess communication skills and of course to track the results so simulating common scenarios is an excellent way to practice safely some real life conversations without any consequences to the business that’s what we would like to avoid right and i. Spring talk master is the only desktop tool on the market that allows you to easily create those interactive dialogues so they will work on all devices so you can open them on desktops in mobile device and that’s not only i. Pads or i. Phones but also Android and Windows tablets and smartphones so you can embed the dialogues into your website just like the one I have here so this is our website I suppose notions calm if you go to our demos here you’ll find this dialogue that is embedded into our website so let me open it here so here’s the scene this dialogue with a client in name automotive dealership showroom so there are different options here and it’s not only a website where you can embed this kind of dialogue but it can also publish them as SCORM packages and then upload them to your learning management system so today we’ll show you how to create a conversation simulation in just a few minutes so Brian would you do that first please yeah sure give you that presenter right okay okay everybody see my screen yes yeah okay yes oh hi everybody my name is Brian Tarr I’m a video producer at i. Spring I make tutorials you may have seen some of them on our website and since I start export three and a half years ago I’ve seen i. Spring go through a lot of great developments and I’m really excited to share this one so Atlanta already showed you how it looks on our website this is how it looks in the tool and you can preview it at any time just by clicking this preview button on the toolbar but as you can see it looks exactly like it did on the website so whenever you’re building your scenario you can always preview it right here and get an idea of how it will look once you publish it and as you can see we start with a little introduction message and this dialog has been created to train salespeople in the automotive industry and obviously that’s a job that requires a lot of tact and timing so a simulation like this can really help a new salesperson get more comfortable with the process and as Elena showed you before we’re given a few choices and actually the timing element comes into play right away here because you don’t want to be too aggressive but you also don’t want to be too shy let’s see what happens if we’re a little too aggressive as you can see the character’s emotion changes and we get an instant feedback message explaining our mistake but we still have a chance to get back on track and hear the dialogue itself begins so that’s how it looks for the user now let’s see how to make it when you start a new simulation you’ll see a blank background like this where you can add new scenes we’ll just create a new one by clicking new scene right here and you can choose your character right here there’s a nice little library to choose from and obviously you want to choose the right character you won’t you won’t see a guy in a hard hat coming in to buy a car lady in scrubs we want to choose someone in casual clothing like this lady here and another thing while you’re choosing a character is that you can go through the range of the emotions that the actor portrays is so you can choose just the right actor for your simulation now you can go to the background tab to choose a location and there’s a nice built in library here oh one thing I forgot to mention about the characters that you can add your own characters and that’s what Andrews going to show you in a minute here you can also add your own backgrounds you can take a picture of your workplace if you want and just insert it in the scene like this we’re good with the automotive dealership for now so let’s go back to the dialog and now we give the character some dialogue and you can add an intro message or a feedback message here and add reply choices here for the user and at this point in the dialogue we’re giving the user a few options of cars and you can delete reply choices here or just drag out these links to create a nice branching scenario and let’s say at this point in the dialogue she’s already given you a firm price a firm budget for a car so if you offer the expensive car she decides to go and you can also change the emotion to angry and add a little constructive feedback message and if we were continuing the dialogue we would drag another link out here but that was a fatal faux pas so that will end the dialogue and to make it easier to identify these end points you can go to properties here and color coded so now I’m going to show you how scoring works go to properties and then enable scoring right here enter a passing score and then choose whether or not to show it to the user at the end you can just show the user score or the max score and let’s say this was the perfect choice to make just go there go to properties and assign some points okay and then you’ll see that here in the right hand corner that there are ten points awarded for this perfect choice you’ll also see notifications here if the scene doesn’t have any incoming links so as you can see we have this full dialog down here but this separate dialog is separate from the rest so if you want to make a scene the starting scene you can just click this flag here or delete it here and you can preview any scene just by clicking the play button here okay so let’s offer the expensive car and see what happens as you can see she gets mad you can see it on the emotion meter there’s her speech the score and the feedback so here you also have a restart and finish button since this is the last scene okay let’s just scroll down here and take a look at this completed dialogue this flag indicates the starting scene and you can easily identify the end points in red and color code different dialogue paths and you can zoom in either with the mouse wheel or with these plus or minus buttons to get a better look at the scene numbers and dialogue text and you can also assign points for tact and listening skills okay so when you’re ready to publish just go to publish and if you publish it as part of i. Spring suite then you can add it to a full fledged powerpoint based course and you can publish it to the web i. Spring cloud sharing service i. Spring learn LMS or an LMS of your choice and there are also a few different formats to choose from combined is the safest for widest compatibility but you’re pretty safe with html5 for most devices you can also offer this course on i. Spring play free mobile app for your users to take it offline and here there are some extra tabs for compression options to find the perfect balance for the for the network connection you’re using and there are some advanced options and learning course options for the LMS I’ll be happy to go into those a little later in the Q&A if you like when you’re ready click publish and even though it’s a pretty big dialog it only takes several seconds to publish so then the preview window will pop up there we go and here you can see how it looks on different devices like a tablet or a smart phone really looks great you can rotate it and you can view in different browsers or view the files in the folder if you’re uploading it to an LMS you can send it via email it’ll just open up your email client and it’ll have a built in message there and you can send it right away or you can upload it right to your website the FTP so I guess that’s it for now I’ll turn it over to Andrew to show you how to add custom characters and take it away Andrew awesome thanks Bryan sure alright everyone see my screen yeah session up here ok so yeah just to reiterate what Tom said the beginning my name is Andrew I’m the template development manager here in the learning brothers and what many of you probably know one of the many products that we offer is a cut out people library subscription some of our most popular subscriptions they have we have over 35,000 characters currently in the library that come in multiple emotions and poses and it’s really awesome because it seamlessly integrates with the i. Spring toc master that Ryan you’ve so if we open up the top master right here and get that open there we go alright and if I go to create a new simulation right here and if I want to add a character the top master comes again with all of these pre built in characters but maybe in my course there’s I have a need for something that’s just not in here I need something that’s a little bit more diverse or maybe I want a different kind of pose in a different industry that I just can’t find here and that’s when the e learning Brothers library really comes in handy so if you pop back up here and come to our cutout people library we can see that there’s we have several different categories of images athletic business casual all the way down to servers and students of medical and the benefits of these is that is really easy to find dozens of images of the same character quickly in one place so you’re not wasting time on maybe some stock images if you have to go to a stock image website you can’t find a lot of images at the same person even if you can you have to go through and go into Photoshop and clip all those people out it can be super time consuming so our images can do is add a lot of personality to your course and since they’re already clipped out and really high quality they’re really easy to combine into the design of your table master presentation so say I’ll open up the casual one ring here and Patricks one that I really like and I think that it will be a really good addition to my course and each of our characters comes with between fifty and a hundred different poses you can see right here that he’s there’s a lot of different poses at the side view he’s got some posts right here of him holding a cellphone and then just him standing by himself so there’s a lot of different options you can choose from and if we go back to the TOC master we see that the there’s several different built in states that you can import characters so we have a happy state normal state puzzled state an unhappy state or an angry state so I go back to the library and I want to find an image of Patrick that’s happy it’s one just smiling right here boom there’s a hat I would say that that’s a happy image like in word to my course what I would do is I would just download that image from the library and then she find it on your machine I just like to rename that was called Patrick happy and then I’ve already pre downloaded some other images about Patrick right in here some other different states and these are super easy to import into the top master so what you’ll do is you’ll just open that and then click add a new character right here and F will find that character that I just downloaded it’s in my downloads folder I believe there we go after you again for any one of these these images and it’ll just pop up right here into my custom characters in order to add a lot of different emotions you just right click and go to edit not a pop up this window it’s super easy to customize and if you want to change these stay to the happy one that we downloaded let me just grab that right there and got a puzzle with image as well and an angry one but and that’s the one that we already imported click click save right there and you can add as many images as you want to choose to import into your into your tag master scenarios and so once I have the image that I’ve decided I can just close out of here and he’ll pop up right right into the scenario window I can choose which state that I want him to be in and I can add replies and I can come in here and I can change that again from that images window as well yeah exactly so and then you can once you add the images and you can go in and add different background characters again like Brian talks about so that’s kind of where the e learning brothers cut out people come into play and we have over 35,000 different cut out people that were add that we have currently and we have plans to add over 30,000 more within the coming months so that’s it for that and I’ll turn the time over back over to Alana I believe yes well I wanted to mention that I spray talked master works as a separate tool just like Brian showed you earlier and it also can work as one of the components of our full package I spring I spray it so let me just share my screen so if you go to our website you’ll find I spring sweep page here so that’s our full package and I sprang talk master is just a tiny part of what I spray suit has to offer and if you want to learn more about it you can sign up for one of our free online webinars and I will send you the link where you can do that in the chat so I guess this is all for now and we can switch to the Q&A part all right we do have a few questions coming up in the chat looks like a few of them we were able to get some answers directly to you guys but we wanted you specifically talk about cut out people my screen so all right the questions was can I use the cut out people with a high spring quiz maker and then let’s see we had a couple of other ones that we might mm hmm and then I can put out people files be used in Power. Point or just in talk master sorry this are cut out people if you have a subscription what’s that I’m sorry oh just just to speak really briefly about the cut up people subscription if you have that they’re just regular image files that can be used in Power. Point and then there are a few integrated once with i. Spring which I’ll let Elena kind of cover there right so you can if you have the cut out people you can use them in all i. Spring components like the quiz maker tool i. Spring tockman streaking insert them into Power. Point slides or we also have various interactions so you can use those characters in the interactions as well like the 3d book or timeline etc so it can be used everywhere okay okay so is the mobile app called eye spring play that’s one of the questions that’s right that’s the mobile app that we have for the ice brain courses so you can download it on the App Store and the Android Google Play so alright so question about adding additional emotions other than those preset ones that we saw at this point this are the emotions that we have for now I haven’t heard of any plans for adding new emotions but we do I we do receive various feature requests for our talk master tool and I will definitely send this on to our product managers and I’m sure they all consider those requests for one of the coming versions okay so more questions do you have plans for animated characters we actually do have several videos of our cut out people now there are specific kind of people that we have moving videos of their we offer mp4 and flash videos they’re not able to be imported directly into top master right now but you can’t bring those in separately into your i. Spring course and just use them as any regular video alright are there any plans to add group scenes sort of cut out people as these would be really useful for teaching public speaking so you mean a few people on the scene right this I hope I understand it correctly so we are planning to add new features I’m not sure if we’ll have this feature in the coming version but as far as I know we received this request before and our product managers are now considering it for future versions however of course we cannot say exactly one this will be available at this point when can we expect eight point three actually we are going to release the version eight point three pretty soon it was planned for April I don’t know the exact date yet but it’s coming very soon with more features how do you your score files on a webpage I read about the generate HTML button but I don’t see it well they generate HTML button was a whale available with the older version so now with the new version 8 you don’t really need to generate the HTML file it’s generated automatically and all you need to do is just publish the course with the bub tab when you click publish select web and then after that cont a conversion is done you’ll just need to embed the course into your website if you want to upload it to your LMS you need to publish it as a SCORM file so SCORM files are used within learning management systems all right yes and I’m also going to paste a link to an article on our website that shows you how to embed an HTML 5 presentation on a website ok yep alright the next question when creating pictures of different emotions do we assign them as the different modes or does the system automatically assign them so when you add pictures you need to assign the emotion for that picture so you actually add a picture for a certain emotion is that right Bryan can you confirm that I was taking an answer to the question yeah so when we create pictures of different emotions we assign them to the different as the different modes yes they are not assigned automatically right yeah Andrew did a great job showing you guys how to do that yeah that was great ok and then to access you need to have an e learning brother subscription no there are certain characters that are automatically included with the i. Spring suite so you’re more than welcome to just continue using those that come with the purchase but if you wanted additional ones we do have a cutout people library subscription that you can get ahold of and then as Andrew show just essentially take those images and import them into your projects the interesting thing is also if you want to do your own photo shoot and cut out the people for that and kind of create your own emotions or maybe they’re wearing like a specific uniform for your industry or your company you can do that photo shoot and include them in the same way that you saw Andrew actually including all of those images in okay the next question how to upgrade from presenter 7 to suite 8 any discount of course we offer upgrade discount so you can just contact us at sales and I spray solutions comm or just go to our website find our phone number right on the top of the screen and just call us and we’ll help you with that okay then date um date for audio they purchased now will audio upgrade cost more more I’m not really sure what you mean in this question so oh no no all minor upgrades are free because if you get 8.1 8.1 right now than 8.3 will be free right yes so purchased comes with a full year of full upgrades even to major versions so anytime you purchase a nice spring product you’ll get a full year of upgrades with it so you’ll be good mm hmm okay I believe that we could add our own characters real persons or drawing characters what are the requirements for these files format size Brian can you answer this question yeah you can just use standard formats like PNG I would recommend PNG with transparency right brothers yeah definitely I mean anytime you’re dealing with a cut out person you want to use that PNG because it allows for that essentially the cut out part of it to show up because if you use say like a JPEG with a white background you’re going to see that white background anytime you add in so if you have one of these cutouts just make sure that it’s saved as a PNG and then as far as like sizing I don’t know that that really matters at all I I would caution against bigger file sizes just because that’s probably going to make your course load even just a tiny bit slimmer but but I mean even still I wouldn’t worry too much about that it’s it’s really kind of up to you you might also want to have an idea of what kind of devices your users will be viewing them so yeah if it’s too big then it’ll it might get crunched down a little bit on a smartphone first right yeah so if you’re on like a smartphone using a really high resolution image is gonna be a little bit more difficult for that user because chances are they might be on their mobile data it might load slower for them etc etc so keep those considerations in mind I think that’s a really good good idea okay the next question is what’s the tap or link for those animated characters you just mentioned so I guess that’s the animated characters that you have on your website right Tom on video characters yeah so that’s just the our video cutout people so under the cutout people drop down on the website just click videos and then those will all pop up there are several different series with several different videos beneath them okay can you add other media like sounds voices epics at this point there is no way to add audio or sounds but we are going to add this feature in the coming bird as far as I know this will be the audio sounds that the sounds that you can add to a nice brownie talk master but as far as the effects are concerned we don’t yet have plans for that but I will send this request to our product managers and of course in other tools of i. Spring sweets like in quiz maker or just in Power. Point you have all those animations effects in Power. Point but in talk master we are going to work on that okay so more questions I I spray have any choice for proofing I believe that’s the scoring question means spellcheck there’s no spellcheck yet so you might want to have your dialogue in a document file or something before you yes we have it in quiz maker so I’m sure we could add it to Talk master later but at this point I recommend that you use word document just like Brian said what about eight point one in French we have ice prime Suite 8.0 in French and I’m sure we are working on updates so we have just released eight point one so we might need some a little a little more time to release the new version but I think it would be um not 8.1 but maybe right next coming version 8.3 so we’ll just need to translate that the new features okay if I’m hosting my content on a hosting service can the i. Spring mobile app connects to my LMS and record the results with the LMS I assume there will be import to allow authorized users to log into the LMS I know that some learning management systems do work with our app so you would need to test that out with your LMS and some of the learning management systems they require the authorization so that might cause problems for the LMS and the app compatibility so we can’t say for sure if the upward work with your LMS so but you can always contact our support team at support at iceprince let’s just calm so they will definitely give you more information on that yeah I would recommend to be on the safe side uncheck that option when you’re publishing the results synch with the elements right and we do have our own LMS i. Spring learn and a special app for it so you might as well try that out as well right okay how do you get the results automatically fat right back to the one doing the I guess sent back to the one doing the assessment yes really boring they’ll they’ll see the score right at the end right the court the score is available at the end of that dialogue and if you publish the dialogue to your learning management system I you can also track the results right there or if you want to get the results the email we are planning to add this feature in one of the coming versions yeah it really depends on the LMS I mean if you’re if you’re talking about actually sending results to a student then yeah it would be LMS okay if I purchased 8.1 now will I get free upgrade to 8.3 when it is released or will I have to pick it well as I mentioned earlier that’s free so purchase 8.1 now you’ll get the upgrades within one year so you’ll get support and our upgrades including major major upgrades publishing in combined mode right so when you publish in combined mode it’s basically the same as publishing in html5 mode except all it does is add extra flash files to the subfolder so I’m not sure what you mean by tracking code but you can edit the index. html file if you like right so what the combined mode you don’t really need to worry whether you’re your course will work on a certain device yeah so all you need to do just it’s just in bad this course into your website or upload it to your LMS and i. Spring will automatically detect which format to play so if it’s some old browser like Internet Explorer 8 it will clearly flash format since that browser doesn’t support html5 and if it’s some modern browser or mobile device it will play the html5 format so all right another question about the another one about mess with the app yeah right so please test that out 8.1 in French hasn’t been released officially yet it was released officially and actually you can download the trial on our web side if you contact us we can send you the direct link or you can just search for ice praying for infringe I’m sure you’ll find the page with that information yeah if you like ok I will be brain Thank You Bryan a great feature will be the ability to type the narration and to generate automatically the voice so that’s the text to speech feature right we don’t have this feature in our tools but Bryan do you know it’s in um if there are any popular tools that do that I’m sorry a text to speech tone yeah you can you can find plenty online in fact Google Translate does a decent job of text to speech very good job actually mm hmm but if you want metal actually export to an mp3 file I used one recently I can’t remember it offhand but I’ll see if I can find it okay yeah so if you have a tool like that you could just do the conversion and then embed audio at this point we don’t have any plans for this type of feature but I will definitely for this request as well okay can i spring learn be used for private training institutes for LMS and ice brains to be used as an authoring tool that’s how actually our solutions work so you create a content with the i. Spring suite and that it can publish it to any LMS or you can publish it directly to i. Spring Lauren it’s our learning management system that is tightly integrated with our authoring tools so you just click publish the record is converted and upload it to your i. Spring lauren account where you can share it with your students or employees and track the results and the advantage of this LMS is that as I said it’s tightly integrated with i. Spring Suites and we have this special mobile app for i. Spring learn so users can view the content even offline without the internet connection can you customize the visuals to match the corporate image there are some customization features in toc master standalone you can change the colors you know there aren’t really a whole lot of internal features of the dialog that can be customized but if you custom if you publish it as part of a full fledged course with i. Spring suite you can go in and customize the player add your company logo customize all the colors I can about that if you like right and as for the visuals our interactions you can add the background so it matches with Power. Point slides for example or you can add your company logo there on certain pages if it’s a 3d book for example you can put your picture as a background okay then in quiz creator you had the results sent back to the user when they entered their information at the beginning of the assessment so as he finished the oh I lost it sorry finished the assessment the results were sent immediately yes a nice prank quiz maker the results are sent to a certain server or email automatically so you can set that in the quiz properties and we are planning to add this feature in TOC master as well so it will be either in version 8.3 or in the next version all right if you publish in the mobile setting will they desktop your see the mobile view or the irregular desktop view Oh it’ll be normal I’ve works on on pretty much any device it’s really it’s really just dinosaurs that still need flash like Internet Explorer 8 and stuff like that but but yeah the alena actually showed you an html5 version on our site so that’s what you’ll see what you see is what you get that’s right okay what can we look forward to in 8.3 so in 8.3 you be able to add audio in i. Spring top master as i mentioned earlier and there will be more improvements in our ice brain suite toll so Brian do you remember what kind of new features we are going to have an 8 min 308 point 3 yeah there’s going to be some enhancements to quiz maker and tuff master right I know that we’ll have the audio the sounds in talk master and we are going to add the results of talk master but not sure whether it’s going to be added to the coming version 8.3 and if you want we can also send more information on that via email as you are talking about i. Spring visuals more page covers templates will be great for the book or the ability to create our own pages covers well actually you can do that you can just insert the picture and change the size of the picture and put it as a background we do have use samples on our website the demos like the solar system course as far as I remember it has the those pictures in the background space and the planets and they are not in the standard templates in i. Spring Brittles right but as for other visuals like timeline and others so I don’t think there is a way to change the background but you can change the color schemes and select the one that would match your corporate brand colors for example when will I spray learn roll out social media features when students can follow other students in teachers chat with them see updates from other users as feeds etc anything in the pipeline yeah we got a link right here that I’m I’m gonna send talking about that we do have comments now yeah yes that you can add comments discuss certain courses and i. Spring learn at this point so and as for other social feature social media features we are planning to add them but I don’t have time frames at this point with the with the interactive book facility can II have a picture that covers double page spread Brian do you know we can do but all you would have you would be just to crop the the image in half and then insert it on both broadsides right that’s the way you can do that now alright so I believe these are all the questions I hope we covered all of them let me know if I missed something yeah so um I guess if there’s no other questions we’ll go ahead and end the webinar I want to thank all of you guys who came out to watch the webinar today and encourage you heavily to head to I spring solutions calm and check out their full suite of products and especially the i. Spring suite where we were which contains this talk master program that we’ve been showing off today it’s a really cool product and we think you guys will really enjoy it so definitely do that thanks Elena and Brian for your time today thanks Andrew for for your time also we appreciate that appreciate you guys taking some time here with all of these webinar attendees and we want to encourage everybody our webinar series is a pretty common thing if you go to e learning brothers comm slash events you’ll see our calendar of events where we’ve got future webinars planned and then also if you’re interested in maybe looking into more cut out people or those animated cutouts like we were talking about just head the e learning brothers comm you can take a look at our cut out people library or feel free to give us a call or send us an email so we can start chatting with you and that may be see how we can do that with you but if it looks like there’s no other questions kind of coming in so I think I think we’re good that any last comments from you guys right thank you for your time okay thanks everybody all right have a great day you..

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