How Does It Feel When You Have A Social Anxiety?

Well, if this is about how the social anxiety /phobia (i personally like the term phobia more as i find it more descriptive) itself feels, this can be different for everyone as there are tons of ways this can play out. There are some very specific things some people start to fear, like waiting in […]

What Happens When A Shy Girl Likes A Shy Guy?

Okay! I dont know exactly but I guess following aspects are bound to happen. Shy girl wont approach the shy guy. She might give him thousands of hints to catch upon but approaching him directly would be next to impossible for her. Incase the shy guy likes the shy girl too, it will take him […]

How Do I Overcome My Mild Social Anxiety And Stop Being So Shy?

I also used to feel like everyone was looking at me, when I was in a social situation or a crowd: It was tough: I guess my first advice would be, go easy on yourself and try not to judge yourself for being anxious: A lot of my social anxiety let up quite a bit […]

How Do Introverts Overcome Shyness?

The behavioral problem for people with social anxiety is the tendency to avoid anxiety-provoking situations. When the socially anxious individual anticipates going to a party, she becomes quite anxiousbut, then, decides not to go and the anxiety immediately decreases. This reduction of anxiety with the decision to avoid the party (or to leave a party) […]

How Do I Stop Being Shy And Quiet?

First of all, you should understand that many people have had this issue (including me), and that it’s possible to solve it in a small amount of time, here’s my recommendations: Understand the problem: Are you being shy because of a past experience? Are you nervous around people? Do you drive away anyone trying to […]

How Do I Overcome Being Shy And Quiet In High School?

First, you should understand that a lot of kids are shy in high school. Some more than others, but almost everyone has their own set of insecurities. You might also consider that the source of some people’s shyness is due to their low level of self-esteem and/or a fear of being rejected. Self-esteem is somewhat […]

How Do I Break Out Of My Shell And Become Able To Connect To Other People?

Accept your introversion- you’re an introvert. You don’t like surrounding yourself with people and there is nothing wrong in this. Accept yourself just as you are. I’m an introvert too and I’m tickled pink with myself. Accept your teeth chattering emotions- you’ve to know that as an introvert, you are naturally shy with people. 2 […]

Do Women Tend To Flirt More Aggresively With Shy Guys Than With Other Guys?

If they firting with you aggressively, then you probably haven’t had experience in regards to flirting. Anything small be aggressive to shy guys. A little smile, a little touch, whatever is like “o. Oooh wow.” They probably flirting for you because of their own egos, for practice, for fun etc. It’s for their own motive. […]

Can You Stop Being Shy Without Becoming Confident Extroverted?

Do you feel stuck in the personality you were born with, regretting that youre not more outgoing, less of a worrier, and just plain nicer to other people? Are you afraid that, as you get older, youre falling short of your goals of being all of the above? Theres a tendency for people to believe […]

Can You Turn A Shy Person Into An Extrovert?

Lets clear this up once and for all. Shyness is a character trait but character is changeable, malleable, capable of being changed. Introversion or Extroversion is a personality trait and is not changeable. But either introverts or extroverts could be shy but either one could change that character trait with equal effort. Usually it resolves […]