Two Easy Ways To Make Friends As An Introvert

Two Easy Ways To Make Friends As An Introvert




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Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.


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hey guys thanks so much for stopping by my channel my name is Patricia and on this channel we talk about faith so and beauty and in today’s video I’m going to be sharing two ways to make friends as an introvert so if you’re interested in this topic make sure you thumbs up this video and stay tuned okay so it is the following me for a while you know that I am an introvert and a grep introvert so hard because I’m proud of it you know when I was younger I used to feel like there was something wrong with me I used to think like why is everyone always want me to talk and be so outgoing like why can’t they just let me just be quiet and buy my business but as an adult I realize now that I am just an introvert it’s not a big deal that is just who I am on the inside I love to the ZURB I love to reflect I love to spend a long time with myself I love all of those introvert things don’t up this video of you’re an introvert and you understand what I mean but like I said for a long time I was like constantly like picked that and poked that and why are you so quiet and why so shy and why are you this and why are you that I just never been what other people wanted me to be and it was really hard for me for a while to kind of make friends because I put myself in this bubble of oh and quiet I’m shy well actually I’m actually not quiet or shy I’m just an introvert meaning that if I have the option to not talk and to just listen and observe that’s probably what I’m going to do unless I’m really really really passionate about the topic that’s being discussed but a lot of people perceive that as oh she has an attitude or oh she’s upset or she’s really shy she’s really quiet so making friends was a bit of a challenge for a while it was something that I struggled with because I felt like I had to kind of like turn on a switch and be like this super outgoing person just to make interactions and to make connections with people and it felt so unnatural and I decided after a while like I’m just I’m not here for that it’s that’s probably the one thing that I that I dislike the most like the biggest pet peeve is being disingenuine like having to turn on the switches oh my god okay like when that’s not me like if it is Baird there it is not it’s not you’re an introvert you know what I mean raise your hand in the comment section and you know what I mean but I want to share with you guys a two tips if you are an introvert and you’re struggling to make friends I want to show you two tips to help you start to build those genuine connections so the first tip is to affirm verbally in Britain that you are ready for new friendships to come into your life I know that may sound oh okay what is that but it really does work when you affirm when you speak out of your mouth when you write down I am ready for new friendships I’m ready for powerful connections I’m ready for powerful mentorship and powerful women womanly godly friendships like because that’s that wish your mouth and write it down on a piece of paper and it’s something about writing actions and writing goals down that really get you into goal it gets you into action move it makes you realize that this is the goal that either firm for myself and in order for it to be a reality that means that I have to start changing my actions so start by by saying out loud and affirming whether it’s a daily affirmation or is something that you write down daily in your journal I’m ready for you and perfect for new friendships I’m ready for new friendships I’m ready for new connections I’m ready to meet new amazing creative powerful people speak that speak that into your life and be specific like when I talk about the friendships that I want I’m like I want amazing godly friendships I want an amazing godly mentor I want to connect with women that are on the same path as me I want to connect with the group of deep intellectual intellectual creative black young adults that are just creative and going after the things that they want clean that over here life first affirm it and believe that it’s possible firm and believe that this god is possible if you’re ready that those things start to flow to you tip number two is more practical and that is to get out of your comfort zone okay get out of your comfort zone and start putting yourself out there put yourself in new situations if you’ve decided that you want to make friends that you want to expand your circle that you’re tired of being this lonely introvert and you want to you know grow your circle of friends right decide that you are going to put yourself into new situations often so what I did when I made this declaration I was like you know what once a month I’m going to start with one month because I’m an introvert so I’m going to start with one time per month I’m going to go to some type of an event by myself and I know that may sound terrifying to some of you but challenging yourself to go by yourself means that you’re putting yourself in a new situation with new people you can’t cling on to your friends or your family members and just talk to them online you have to we don’t have to but you’re more likely to put yourself out there and have a random conversation with the stranger if you do that so I’ll give you a few examples it could be a networking event it could be some type of a shell like a performance it counts like a mini concert it could even be something like a Bible study it could be anything just put yourself into a new environment it’s just like you go to a bar or Aloud and just go and just sit by yourself and honestly people typically feel less intimidated when it’s just one person to come up and talk to versus a whole group of you so you’re more likely to make new friendships with people because they’ll see that oh it’s just you especially if they’re by themselves that’s a great way for a connection to go because it’s like oh hey who’d you come with and like all about myself okay cool like where are you from great way to kind of put yourself out there so go to events alone I know that it can be scary but I promise you it will pay off if you really want to start making some new friendships I also have a video called how to network as an introvert I was set up there if you want to check that out where I have some deeper tips of like how to act have a conversation and one thing I really hope that this encouraged you to get out there to start making those new friendships thank you guys so much for watching this video if you have any other questions for me on this topic make sure you leave them down below and I’ll be sure to get back for you I’ll see you guys in the next video..

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  1. I’m 16 and the part when you said having to be fake and act like you’re outgoing really hit home. I struggle with that so much! Every time I try being an extrovert just to make friends it always back fires. I’m learning to be more confident in who I am around other people. I love myself and who I am and for being different. Like yes, I would much rather just go to coffee shop and have a real conversation instead of going out to parties or with a huge group of people. Large groups of people don’t make me uncomfortable they just don’t give me energy.

  2. Thanks I needed this! I have had the same friends for over 10 years. I relocated a year ago & I still haven’t made new friends smh! It’s so awkward when I meet ppl because they want to do is small talk

  3. I’m an introvert and I’m soo lonely!! I’ve tried to communicate with strangers but I feel awkward and I get scared people will think I’m awkward lol



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