Toefl Listening: Conversation Skill 4 | Opinion With Lucy!

Toefl Listening: Conversation Skill 4 | Opinion With Lucy!

This TOEFL iBT video will cover:

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hi everyone Lucy here and today we’re looking more at the TOEFL listening test and specifically in this lesson we’re going to look at conversation skill for opinion so in this lesson first we’re going to describe the task next we’re going to talk about the method then we’re going to do some practice on your own so the purpose of this lesson is to understand how to complete the listening opinion question type okay so so far we’ve looked at detail we’ve looked at purpose we’ve looked at a function and this time we’re going to be looking at opinion okay so let’s figure out exactly what is involved in this task so in this task you’re going to identify the opinion or attitude of one of the speakers in a conversation okay so what’s the method well our first step as always is to listen to the audio and take notes and remember when you’re taking notes you don’t need to write full sentences in fact you shouldn’t write full sentences you want to write down the key words and key ideas of the conversation okay and remember note taking skills are extremely important and if you don’t feel confident in them make sure you do some practice okay now if you don’t already make sure you have a pen and paper available alright so we’re going to listen to the audio and take notes all right are you ready here’s the conversation hi is this the student accommodation office yes how can I help you well I’ve got a bit of a problem I’m staying in the Richard bright dormitory and on Tuesday though alright I came in and told me I have to move out this Friday really how long have you been staying in the dorm for the last two months okay so you’ve been doing summer classes yeah I’ve been doing that academic writing and you didn’t realize that your accommodation was only for the summer no I thought it was for the whole academic year hmm so you’re looking for a new dorm yes well I’m afraid at this stage all the dorms are full there might be some students who don’t show up at the start of the semester but we won’t know until that time comes I suggest you look for private accommodation and a share you can check out the housing boards around campus there are usually students looking for someone to fill a room you’ll have to share with three or four other students mills aren’t included in the price as they are the university dorms and you’ll have to contribute to the electricity bills ah see it’s really your best option at this stage okay thanks for your help okay so hopefully you were able to take some useful notes from that let’s take a look at our sample notes from that conversation so you can see we have quite a few but none of them are very long just a few words maybe a phrase here or there but definitely no full sentences so we have things like move out on Friday to months summer classes notice that we use the word a com instead of accommodation right this is a great way to save time when you’re taking notes just write down abbreviations anyway to keep it nice and short okay so here are our notes now our next step is to read the question okay and remember you’re going to have to listen to the audio and take notes before you read the question so you don’t know exactly what it is you’re looking for until you see the questions so here is our question so it says what is the students attitude towards a shared house is it a the student thinks the accommodation officer is not very helpful by suggesting the option of shared housing is it be the student thinks it will be an opportunity to make new friends is it see the student thinks living in a shared house will be fun or is it d the student is disappointed with the option of sharing a house with other students okay now what’s our next step now our next step is to bring up our notes and we want to eliminate any answers that don’t match the speaker’s opinion okay remember you’re looking for answers that are obviously wrong so let’s pull up our question and our notes again and take a moment to look at these try to eliminate any answers that you think are obviously wrong okay so what’s our next step well obviously our next step is to choose the best answer okay now were you able to pick an answer that you think is correct okay hopefully you got it let’s take a look and the answer is d the student is disappointed with the option of sharing a house with other students so if you take a look at our notes you can see that they are not happy it’s the only option so that’s why D makes the most sense here okay hopefully that wasn’t too scary for you because now it’s time for you to do your own practice and again remember if you don’t already get a pen and paper ready because you’re going to need to take notes alright remember that our first step is to listen and take notes all right are you ready here is your practice conversation you and your roommate have a recycling bin in your dormitory room don’t you sure why are you asked you need one no it’s not that I have one it’s just that I read in the campus paper today that the dorms don’t actually recycle anymore that all the trash actually just goes to the same place oh yeah I’ve got that article too surely that can’t be true the University goes through so much paper I know we throw away a lot every week it can’t be true that none of that gets recycled what are the recycling bins for well I don’t know the writer of the article blamed budget cuts but the university never told us we weren’t recycling anymore you know you can’t always believe what you read maybe we should investigate this I’d like to ask the writer where they got the information if it’s true we need to do something ok so hopefully you have some good notes there in front of you remember you’re going to use your notes to help eliminate any bad answer choices and to help you choose the best answer choice all right here is your question okay if you haven’t already go back check out the question pause it see if you can choose exactly which answer you think is correct okay because I’m about to give you the answer are you ready all right the answer is B it could be false so how did you go hopefully you were able to use your notes to choose the right answer and thank you again for watching and remember that if you have any questions about the TOEFL test take a look at our website e to language comm thank you again for watching and I’ll see you next time bye..

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  1. Thanks for this great video Lucy, just to let you know that the video recording is out of focus therefore it is difficult to read the question


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