Toefl Listening: Conversation Skill 1 | Purpose With Lucy!

Toefl Listening: Conversation Skill 1 | Purpose With Lucy!

This TOEFL iBT video will cover:

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hi everyone it’s Lucy today we’re going to talk about the TOEFL listening test and specifically we’re going to look at conversation skill one purpose so in this lesson first I’m going to describe the task then we’re going to look at the method and finally you’re going to do some practice on your own so in this lesson you’re going to understand exactly how to complete the listening purpose type question okay so first of all what exactly is involved in this particular task so let’s take a look you need to identify the purpose of a conversation and by purpose I mean why did this conversation happen now remember that during the listening section they’re going to have some extra information some extra details to try to trick you to try to mislead you so it’s very important that you pay close attention to the conversation and take careful notes okay so let’s look at our method now our first step is to listen to the audio and take notes now remember when you’re taking notes during any sort of audio you don’t have time to write full sentences or to write down exactly what the speaker said word for word instead you want to keep track of key words key ideas not for sentences okay fantastic so if you don’t already make sure you have a pen and some paper ready and we’re going to listen to the audio okay are you ready here is the audio next please um hi my name is mark I was sent here by the Student Advisory office okay can I see your ID please sure here it is okay mark our system is showing that you’ve been late on your student loan repayments well I’m actually here because they’d like to change dorms my current one is too expensive and with paying my student loan I just can’t afford it which is why I’ve been late on my payments so instead of a single dorm I’d like to apply for a shared one to save money okay that’s a good idea the rent will be cheaper and you’ll be able to use that towards your loan but there is a waiting list I can put you down as urgent and that’ll expedite the wait okay how long is that be with the urgent or Quest’s it might not be for another two months I see nothing sooner unfortunately that’s the best I can do okay thanks okay how did you go do you feel like your notes are a good approximation of what was said okay so now we’re going to look at our own sample notes let’s take a look here so we have some key ideas here so student loans late payment change dorms and can’t afford current dorm due to late loan payments okay so as you can see these notes are not full sentences they’re not very long just a few key words and key ideas okay our next step here is to read the question now during the TOEFL listening remember you’re going to listen to the audio before you see the question so that is why your note taking skills are so important if you don’t feel confident in your note taking skills it’s a skill that you really need to work on so take some time in your own time to practice those note taking skills okay so now as I said let’s read the question here is the question so why did the student visit the Registrar’s Office was it a to request a new dorm room B to apply for a student loan C to apply for an extension on her student loan repayment or D to apply for a student ID all right now our next step you need to refer to your notes to find out what the student wanted as we said this is the purpose of the conversation why did they have this conversation again let’s bring up the question plus our own notes and we can compare our notes against the question now our next step is to eliminate any incorrect answer options okay remember they like to include a few extra details a few other things to throw you off of the main idea but it’s important that you pay careful attention to the main purpose of the conversation so again let’s take a look at the question and Arno and I want you to try to eliminate any options that are clearly wrong okay finally our next step is to choose the answer and again you want to choose the one that best matches what the conversation was mainly about okay so what answer do you think is correct well the answer is a to request a new dorm room okay hopefully that wasn’t too bad but now it’s time for you to do your own practice now if you don’t already make sure you have a pen and some paper ready and remember that first we’re going to listen and take notes okay are you ready here is your practice conversation hello professor I made an appointment to see you today yes Melinda you’re right on time come in are you here about tomorrow’s test yes I’ve been going through our list of reading assignments and there’s just one point that I’m really stuck on and I was hoping I could go over it with you of course what what do you need help with well I’ve been reviewing the main marketing concepts you discussed in class and I’m still confused on the difference between market segmentation and target marketing I see well let’s try to narrow down where you’re lost okay you said that market segmentation is dividing customers into groups based on characteristics and that target marketing is also based on market segmentation and I’m not exactly sure of the difference between the two well market segmentation is the first step in a marketing strategy it’s the division of customer groups into categories and target marketing is then marketing to those specific groups based on their characteristics sorry I don’t understand okay let’s separate the concepts and go over them one by one okay how do you feel about your notes do you think that they accurately capture the main idea of the conversation well now it’s time for you to look at the question and remember when you look at the question take a moment to eliminate any options that are obviously incorrect compare your notes to the question in order to make the best choice okay here is the question okay and what do you think are you confident in your answer alright I’ll give you the answer in just a moment and here is our answer D to distinguish between two different concepts so how did you go were you able to answer it correctly hopefully using your notes and paying careful attention to the conversation you were able to do it anyway thank you for watching guys and remember if you have any questions or any concerns don’t be afraid to visit our website at eetu language comm great thank you again for watching and I’ll see you next time bye..

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