The Science Behind Nofap And Social Anxiety (Animated)

The Science Behind Nofap And Social Anxiety (Animated)

In this video, I talk about nofap and social anxiety. We go over the benefits for people who try to cut back and find new motivation for life. Listen, nofap DOES CURE social anxiety and pimps up your social skills! It does – it’s all about the frontal cortex and them dopamine receptors man! Watch on!

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

Based on the following studies:

Video text:

does nofap affect your level of social anxiety yeah it does here’s why now long term important use leaves that are over stimulation that a dopamine receptors in your brain they’re high you get from ejeculate your potential Timmy’s is because your brain is experiencing a surge of dopamine the chemical that rewards activity is essential for your survival like having sex and eating food now stay with me the searched dopamine causes some dopamine receptors to get shut down and corresponding nerve cells to eventually decline because of overuse they cannot keep up with the abnormal levels of that chemical so they lose sensitivity to it and eventually die out that decline in nerve cells is scientifically proven by different studies some hyper frontality and the sensitization I said that we’re correctly from the first time okay caused by addiction and something specific for you a study conducted by Ph. D scientists Simone Kahn and jurgen getting that I’m sorry if I’m just butchering your name guys so they found that there’s a significant negative association between reported pornography hours per week and gray matter volume especially in the frontal cortex meaning the jacking off makes your frontal cortex molars now here’s the thing the frontal cortex is responsible for cognitive control when it comes to urges and impulses motivation abstract thinking solving problems regulating behavior and as a whole your higher thinking so the erosion of the frontal cortex caused by a long term jerking off makes us less able to socialize in the 21st century because the very act of long term stopping it rose the skills that we need for socializing the more you masturbate the more you turn yourself into the dopamine seeking theme and less of a motivated human being also this is very like a motivation and affirmative action towards achieving any type of success as certain negative self talk you may be already experiencing so not only is there a physiological reason why you feel socially anxious because of fatten no the shrinkage of the frontal cortex there’s a psychological one added negative self talk okay that was reason one now reason to by exposing yourself to such a dopamine high a chief without any effort really you lose interest in social interactions and participate in the world because it simply cannot meet the high dopamine standard you’re experiencing from your porn usage when you lose social interest you lose the social skills necessary for interacting with others then whenever you have to face that aspect of life it feels awkward because you simply don’t know how to do it you avoid it and replace it with your safe haven is stroking your penis two naked strangers on the Internet let me scare you a little bit okay as you go longer and longer with your porn use you need more and more dopamine get you the same high you used to get in the beginning due to the decline in dopamine receptors so keep on sapling and you’ll find yourself in some pretty weird places just so you can feel arousal okay all I know seven is a shortcut to a reward dopamine you can get lots of dopamine fat with no real life effort as you’re doing it though your road your brain lose important life skills and become more perverted with no fat on the other hand you take the long road to reward the reward is not only dopamine though it’s oxytocin from social bonds confidence pride motivation and so on along the way you evolve yourself since you need actual skills and qualities to reach those rewards those include dedication and perseverance evaluation skills grit etc so yes long term stepping leads to social anxiety because one it shrinks the frontal cortex and that’s responsible for your higher cognitive functions needed for interactions with others and to the dopamine over stimulation leads to a decrease interest in anything that related important including socializing so there you go reasons why you shouldn’t affect now how do you stop though well depending on how much of a habit it is for you I have different suggestions if you’re not that heavily into it save your juices for the later you’re about to me believe me not having this fad alternative makes you very good and create a fifth figure and now how to get laid in real life if you do find it very hard to stop I recommend that you take baby steps every single day that will replace the addiction with activities to promote happiness and well being meditation more exercise etc the 21 day challenge I made for myself is all the baby steps that helped me the most so feel free to check that out this playlist right here has 5 animated videos from the social anxiety series you’re welcome to watch that as well for more information there’s a link in the description and man I hope I helped you stay strong this too will pass alright if you’re dealing with social anxiety stop jerking off trust me on this one it will help..

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  1. Well i feel like some people in the comments don’t understand. Fapping gives you a high on Dopamin, because your body tells you “great job dude evolution shall reward you for reproducing” and it feels really good and reliefing. But Dopamin is used in a lot of cases for example social interaction. Since fapping all day every day fills your receptors for Dopamin and overstimulates them you don’t feel the need to socialy interact . You don’t develop Anxiety, you just don’t want to interact with others because your body knows fapping gives you high Dopamin shots for low effort. But the more you fap, the more those receptors numb down and you start to need more and more often to feel the same high you are used to. And thats the Addiction that can become harmful. The problem is that while your receptors numb down any other action that releases Dopamin for your body like social interaction or doing sports or eating great food etc. doesn’t feel that good anymore.
    And yes afterall you can say, Masturbation just works like every other Addiction. You feel good-other ways don’t feel that good- so you want more-then you need more. A lot of drug addicted stated that at some point they actually didn’t feel anything anymore while doing drugs. Their bodies just didn’t function and they felt pain when they didn’t inject drugs.


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