The Practical Way To Overcome Shyness & Social Anxiety (30 Day Anxiety Program)

The Practical Way To Overcome Shyness & Social Anxiety (30 Day Anxiety Program)

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Johnny Berba explains how his 30-Day Anxiety Program can help you to overcome shyness/social anxiety. The program includes 20 videos all demonstrating how to say hello to people along with body language tips and several ways of getting into state!

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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we call our programs or initially that’s why they come on the program obviously i get these questions over email sorry I’ve got this cold I’ve got a theory as well and I get the question over Facebook primarily this is what my whole channel is about people will say how do I overcome shyness shyness for me is the same as social anxiety something might beg to differ but they’re the same thing if you’re shy to speak to people that is a form of social anxiety and I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t been shy that hasn’t had social anxiety and I had the same thing myself so I think I think the biggest mistake people make when they’ve got social anxiety in their shy is worrying about confronting it and I know it’s so obvious it’s so it’s almost insulting but with any fear and you know this already i’m just going to remind you you have to face the fear but i did the same myself for years when i had really bad social anxiety i was ashamed my biggest fear was people knowing that i had social anxiety my biggest fear was people seeing me struggle i had this huge fear around people see me uncomfortable and getting panicky and getting nervous I felt humiliated it made me feel ashamed so what I did for many years I avoided social situations or at least I reduced social situations so I built my whole life around avoiding people I’d only speak to people like my family like my close friends and it’s interesting because as I got older and I became more socially confident especially when I started teaching people how to be more confident I realized how that was in fact how that much that was affecting my well being my happiness and these are things that we hear all the time they will say a social person is more happy but I was terrified of people and I suppose it wasn’t what was being terrifying people I was terrified of the symptoms I hated feeling that feeling of feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable and one of my biggest fears was worrying that I wasn’t going to be able to get my words out I just just being seen to be awkward so I avoided it and I stayed in my flat for for a lot for hours I suffered a lot from pression goes to get panic attacks one of the things that I did they used to really irritate me when I would go out to do you know every day these like shopping or go to a job interview or just go see a friend I’d always be rushing I would always be rushing i could never relaxed it always felt like I had to get from one moment to the next and every every single day of my life it felt like a struggle I never really had days where I could just relax go to the park do what I’m doing now to a video blog speak to people then even with friends and family there was always this anxiety those all I was always in my head I was thinking what am I going to say next right they said that how am I going to relate to that okay if I always planning ahead and it made life very difficult I was never living in the present moment and of course I was afraid but I think I was more afraid to actually admit that I had I had this condition and I used to kind of I used to find ways to rationalize obviously it’s not nice but I’m not in that place anymore I was to say that people can’t be trusted people are arrogant most people are rude so that’s what my false ego did it came up with excuses I find I found a way to justify my own problem I didn’t want to look at myself and say well actually people are not all arrogant they’re not all rude and not everyone is out to get you and can’t be trusted this is how I felt about myself so accidentally I actually unconsciously started to overcome my social anxiety through getting in to pick up and learning how to meet women I’m not going to deny it even though I don’t teach us anymore and it’s not what my objective is it massively helped me because it got me to speak to people you’ve got me to speak to women it certainly helped me to build my confidence more but I was still a lot of shyness around the area they’ll still a lot of insecurities because it seemed to be more of a persona so although I’d build up confidence of meeting women I’ve learned a lot of techniques I spent hours doing it I still felt underneath shy I still felt like I was not fully being myself but I was happy doing it because it was working it was getting me on dates you know I was having a lot of casual sex of women and getting into relationships I saw to teach men that but I still have this underlining I’m not fully showing who I am so what I did was and this is common sense and a lot of a lot of my students have made this mistake I know a lot of you guys have making it and women if you’ve got social anxiety only speaking to people that you feel benefit you so for example a lot of men will just speak to attractive women because they find them attractive and they want to get on a date or then when they get them into bed or just speaking to friends and family and that’s a big mistake that’s the big mistake especially if you’re shy and I’ll tell you why it’s a big mistake because you spend so many hours in your day being antisocial if you think about it how much opportunities you get in your life and you’re walking around speak to people like I’m in the park now obviously doing a video but people are walking past well I’m not doing videos I say hello to me before I smile so just engaging with people what’s the initiating that’s the word so I was always avoided in initiation unless it was a friend family or it was picking up women and I realized that was a massive chunk of my life where I wasn’t being sociable most of that time was being spent in my head thinking about the future thinking about the past thinking about my bills thinking about stresses or thinking about what I’ve got to do created a lot of anxiety I find the more sociable I’m of people than what makes me feel good and it makes other people feel good as a side effect so if you’re sociable with people you’ll get better with women i always say it women are attracted to social people if you’re a woman and you’re struggling of shyness anxiety and you want to find a boyfriend or a man the more sociable you are the more confident you on yourself the more better you feel the more attractive you’re going to be in term ended the more attractive you’re going to be two people that’s why so many people with anxiety and shyness something excuse me but no it’s not professional I coffee my videos that’s why so many people with anxiety and shyness suffer from depression panic attacks because they’re not being sociable they get in the head that causes depression so why I kind of went back to the start again when I changed my new identity I thought right what kind of person do I want to become I don’t want to be shy no more I don’t just want to be good in one area we picking up women because it’s to me it it still didn’t feel it still felt fake even though there are parts of me being myself I was still in a role I thought I want I want to actually be that person in my life I don’t want it to be something i do like day game like going out and this kind of it becomes i can act it’s like it’s almost like an authentic act even if you be in itself so i thought i want to be natural people on a new social boy the shop you know when I bump into someone I want to be able to have a conversation without getting stuck in my head I want to be able to go to public speak and I want to be good at video blogs because this is going to be an error it’s going to help me in my business it’s going to help you people being sociable is the best skill as far as I’m sewn in life it’s the most valuable trade if you can’t speak up you won’t get the job you one if you can’t speak up you won’t get a girlfriend well I’m not I don’t want ask is that you calling out from basically it’s gonna you know it’s going to be more difficult if you can’t speak up you can’t enjoy your own company and I’m someone who used to be really shy now but more confidence so obviously i use some of those principles that I learned was a day game like going out as we feel the street but i just used by our ethics so i didn’t have an agenda there was no agenda so i’m gonna walk up to this girl and I’m gonna try and get number and get into bed or when I speak to this guy I’m gonna try and get stuff out of him I’m gonna try and get business out and we’ll try network I just say no I’m not going there’s no agenda I’m just going to speak to people and I’m just going to be sociable every day then I started to do it my social anxiety metal it when it gradually it gradually went and I knew that this is signed it’s going to massively help me and I do this every day the reason I still do this because if I don’t do this I start slowly resorting back into my my natural kind of personality which is an extrovert quite in my head analyzing too much too much introspective work so by being sociable it makes me feel better and that’s why i’m doing this video today i’m working with a guy who’s come from holland on a six weeks program this video doing this video it puts me into a better state when i go and teach i can teach better more present and i feel better so i’m encouraging this video listen to what I’m saying it’s simple speak to everyone that you’ve got a chance to speak to feo it’s just some it’s just the man he’s not he’s not attractive when he’s an old man I’m gonna ignore him I promise you listen to what I’m saying to you if you start doing that and have an attitude you’re not going to attract a beautiful woman I don’t primarily due date occasionally more but it’s interesting when I stop being a dating coach that I stopped just trying to pick up women i’ve got i got better with women I’ve got better in the sense i was more confident was more marks because i got better with people so that’s where my teachings gone almost six weeks program and all my philosophies it’s about getting people better with people and I struggled my whole life of people because I had a trauma growing up and it affected me and and I got a good with women at one stage if you’ve been following me you’d know about that identity back then but I still wasn’t sociable with people i still had anxiety around going to events I still had anxiety in different social settings obviously I got comfortable around people that that did pick up day game people that were interested in personal development but I realized in life that you have to be more flexible than that you can’t just be comfortable with one set of people that are interested in one set of idea otherwise you’re not going to grow as a person you might meet a girlfriend she’ll introduce to our family or friends they’re not interested in dating well they’re not interested in spirituality they might have a different interest and if you if you’re not used to being more flexible you’re going to get anxiety you’re going to become shy this is massively going to benefit you and I’ve said before it’s not it’s not it’s not teaching you necessarily how to go meet women it’s teaching you how to like yourself it’s building a relationship with you even when I used to do the dating coaching and I do my teaching now in London lots of guys will say to me I’d love to have a good relationship of a woman my last relationships haven’t been going well or the sex isn’t good or we don’t really communicate that well she doesn’t know much about me I’m not fully my cell phone that’s because you’re not getting more comfortable people to get comfortable people obviously you’ve got to get comfortable yourself so I will say it’s an exterior practice to get you more internally better so I recommend that you check out my 30 day anxiety program this program I’ve done this two years ago this is a really popular program it’s still selling it sold all around the world now it’s not a date in program and when at the time my teaching was slightly different but this is just basically to get you more socially confident in the program i’m going out you’re going to see practical demonstrations of me walking up to women and given them compliments it’s completely honest I don’t know why I’m justifying this but this is just for my own this is for my own thoughts it’s helping you to overcome social anxiety and it’s honest is teaching you how to go out to women and how to give confidence and habit how to start conversation by Sena it’s so simple it’s so simple a kid could do it but it’s so effective and that’s the whole point of a teaching it’s very simple the teaching i’m doing now as I’ve said before it’s more about life coaching people I’m helping people with addictions I’m actually talking to people personally sitting down going for a walk and the results are actually wore better with my teaching now then we’re teaching I did back when I was being a dating coach but some of that teachings still relevant in the sense of encouraging people say hello because a few people have said to me well now you’re teach your teaching very spiritual it’s more about being honest in your life building your a ship with your family or friends and being this social socially confident person does that mean that you don’t encourage people to speak to you alone of course not it’s just that I don’t spend hours getting people to run up to strangers because i found this teaching is a lot more effective i actually get people to build a relationship with himself but i give them homework when I’m teaching people a six weeks program of course the homework is you have to speak to people the whole reason we’re doing this spiritual work getting yourself online getting yourself congruent is so you can feel better so I don’t want to confuse you so I’m saying there’s two formats that are teaching yes one is practical you have to go out you have to say hello to people of course you have to say hello to a woman if you find you’re attractive it doesn’t really matter what environment you’re in if you’re in a nightclub you’re in a social gathering if you’re at a social party if a go if you’re walking down the street used to happen to be a lot and the girl looks at you and smiles it’s completely natural to say hello how you doing and introduce yourself and if it goes well go on a date there’s nothing dishonest about that there’s nothing unethical my point is if you’re using techniques on people if you’re coming out of an agenda to approach a hundred women and you’re trying to get sex for me personally where I’m at spiritually I’m not judging anyone because I did all that stuff I don’t think that’s honest because you’re going out of an agenda to plan to have sex of women and at some level women sense this they can sense that that you’re not being genuine that you just want sex and of course there’s going to be lots of wouldn’t want that but if you want to become more socially confident and have honest relationships to people with a girlfriend you’ve got to put this stuff into practice and the 30 day anxiety program i believe it’s got 20 practical videos and all the videos are around getting them to state getting social and how to say hello with people in public and the program was filmed fantastic is professional I overdid it a bit it’s bit professional to my usual style but it is good at a sense of being professional and explain these people the basics of just how to walk down the street when you see a stranger you don’t even have to go up and stop although I’ve demonstrated that just as you’re walking by you just go hey how you doing how’s your day hey how you doing how is your day hey how you did you’re right this is it this is this is the movement this is how to start a conversation with a stranger it’s so simple but most people of anxiety don’t do it you’ll be walking down the street I just do it myself you’ll be in your head you’ll be saying well as that person think about me shall I if you just walk and you just stop thinking about what people think about you and just start saying hello to loads of people men women everyone everyone that’s in sight your state will change you’ll feel much better and then you can go into little conversations so I’m absolutely encouraging and our teachings on my 16th program people to speak to women of course to speak to men to be a social person but I don’t teach I don’t encourage people to use tricks and if you’re saying we’ll watch tricks tricks in a sense where you got to someone and you’re not yourself you’re using a method you’re hiding behind an ass owner because that doesn’t help that gives you more anxiety and if you want to move forward and become congruent you have to put this into practice now if you’re really serious and you want to take your hair and what I’m so always so cautious about these words if we’re take your level of consciousness to a higher level combine the two and this is why I teach on the six weeks program this is what I’m doing in my life so how do you combine the two I’ll tell you now you get some water by a stroke ah Harbor chest soja and forth about this the other day let me explain something shoot the moon jog your mind if you’re doing things in your life I’ve sound a bit righteous now again of this if you’re doing things in your life that no one knows about that they make you ashamed do you think you’re going to feel comfortable when you go socialize the people so ten years ago when I wasn’t in the place on that now I didn’t know who I was I wasn’t ethical i was a bit lost i’m not going to be holding myself as insecure that’s quite angry at the world and how I was treated I was drinking alcohol excessive alcohol I was getting into fights because I was in a negative environment negative social circles going out I was paying prostitutes for sex I always occasionally taking drugs paying prostitutes X made me feel deeply ashamed taking drugs made me feel ashamed at Millfield dishonest drinking alcohol excessively it may mean it did I didn’t feel confident about it I wasn’t speaking up in my relationships and it wasn’t being myself then I was doing other things like watching pornography badmouthing people all these things are making me ashamed so I never had no confidence to go out to meet new people and never had the confidence to express myself like I do now and that’s why I had so much anxiety because spiritually anxiety I mean sorry anxiety yes shame embarrassment if you’re doing things behind closed doors intellectually people don’t know of course they’re not know unless you tell them that energetically spiritually or just human sensory people sense their sense that you’re not writing yourself let’s just be straight now essential negative so if you work on the psychological spiritual aspect and this is probably about eighty percent of the work that or the six weeks program if you get yourself congruent if you stop talking about people behind their back or at least reduce it if you start developing stronger personal boundaries you stop people pleasing if you start being nice or more sociable sociable if you stop if you quit your addiction this is the if you stop pornography I’m not saying you’re doing this because I don’t even know who I’m speaking to but I know you may be doing this because I did it and it seems to be the pattern with men lots of guys are working for my program will tell me they do this and I don’t confess people’s information I don’t say names if you are sleeping with prostitutes because you think you can’t get a girlfriend you’re not good enough that’s eyes to fill you’ve got to stop doing that if you’re spending money on gambling to anything with addictions like Gabor matei says anything you do to escape pain as an addiction so it might be video games it might be negativity but usually addictions around eating bad food taking drugs and sex the easier is that usually catches people if you stop doing these things gradually I guarantee you without even saying hello to people you’ll feel more socially confident if you see the difference in how I am now in my videos speaking to how I was four years ago you’ll see how much more confident I am I’m not praising myself I’m just showing you actual proof so you can see you can actually see the product and I am the product you’ll see how much more relaxed time you’ll see that I’m more congruent it sounds mad to say this but this is the truth you can tell when someone’s happier when they’re more spiritually live by their eyes you’ll see I’ve got more light in my eyes I’m not old sad faced and I don’t regret going through that because that was a learning curve it got me to here so you’ll physically see you’re physically see your physical features change you’ll have more light because when we stop all these addictive things were put in our body we start growing and I said something that I thought was very beautiful and facebook i said i can’t member exactly what have i said a man becomes truly beautiful when he’s his honest authentic self and I said not beautiful in the physical sense and how he looks but beautiful from the inside and when you feel beautiful on the inside you do look beautiful from the outside and this is no joke I’ve seen it with students that I’ve worked for 12 weeks they physically look different they’re so much happier because they’ve cleanse from the outside so if you do this spiritual work you can do this in your own time and you combine it with what I teach and what’s in the fetid anxiety program you’re massively going to grow you won’t you’re you won’t you’ll go from how I used to feel a lot of my students feeling terrified to speak to people it’s a feeling that you can’t wait to speak to people like for me now I love speaking to people I absolutely love it where I’m staying I say hello to my flatmates around my local area and pattern all of the shopkeepers know me I’m not bragging about that but they all know me because I more sociable when I go to central London a lot of the times they give me free coffee I don’t ask for free coffee i’m glad an agenda I just I’m a little bit more social than average person and a difference it makes to people and the reason I’ve got the confidence to do that is because it sounds bold but I know how I know who I am I’m spiritually aligned I’m psychologically aligned it doesn’t mean I’m perfect because I’ve stopped my addictions and there’s a few other things I’m working on like eating chocolates and stuff like that so I’ve worked on all the main things like getting rid of pornography which I don’t do I haven’t had sex in over a year cuz I’m looking for a host of relationship so these I can’t it’s the things that we don’t want to do that we think are boring these are things that get you confident then when you apply prac being practical saying loads will start in conversations you’re going to build relationships of people and I like to change the word down instead of the old days when I used to say going out and picking up and attracting people and women and men I like to say building relationships because that’s what people want when I work people on my six weeks program sometimes guys will go they’ll go from saying well I just come in I just did this program view because I want to I want to get more confidence I can get a girlfriend but as I go through the program this I realize it’s not that that’s just one of the reasons that’s just a surface based goal the deeper aspects are they want intimacy in their life they want a relationship or more that they can trust obviously when you trust the woman and you love a woman of course the sex is going to be good of course you can have a great sex life because you love the person you trust them then they say I actually want a ratio of my mum with my dad with my brother I want a relationship myself on a better issue of my friends I want to make friends with new people so combining these two things a message going to help this is it this is how I’ve done it’s how i teach so if you want to get my 30 day anxiety program click the link below and get the program guys I’ll be really straight of you I hate selling stuff in that marketing way I don’t like doing it it’s not my style I’m very straight people I’m very honest this program is massively going to help you excuse me this program is 39 99 is 40 pounds I spent thousands of pounds and hours making this program so if you want to buy this program by this program is mess you can help you if you don’t want to buy the program that’s fine I’ve said everything in this video that I teach on my six suits program and that I talked about with all my teaching so if you go out and applied it’s going to help you the difference is with the program you’ll have the videos to watch and it breaks things down it’s a bit old it’s two years ago but the program has been selling every month it massively still helps people I wasn’t actually thinking about taking the program down because I don’t do dating coach anymore but I decided to keep the program up because it’s not a pickup program it’s going out and it’s me complementing with them and get into state at talking to strangers and it’s honest I’m saying a low and it’s just demonstrations they’ve been edited when I just go say hello the woman says hi compliment cut and it says you had to get into state and I realized that all the stuff in the program i do it naturally i do it naturally I because I’m confident and guys that I’ve worked with years ago when I was teaching a date in the students that I would have now they do it naturally it’s in the program I teach I contact body language voice projection so all the stuff and it is honest none of it is pick up related because I have been thinking about lately taking down I have already loose some of the other pick up videos that I didn’t think moralist I don’t like how they look I just don’t feel good about it so if you like the program check it out and put into practice everything in this video and if you want to get more information about my coaching go to a website www on I love you guys thanks for the support remember you have to put this into practice otherwise it’s just going to be a waste of time see you soon you..

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