Testimony | Shyness Is A Spirit | Deliverance, Prayer & Leaps Of Faith

Testimony | Shyness Is A Spirit | Deliverance, Prayer & Leaps Of Faith

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Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.


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hi guys welcome back to my channel huh it has been a while since I posted a video and today today be today today I have a new video for you guys first of all I want to thank everyone who subscribed liked commented on my past videos especially on my story time video I had so many amazing testimonies people that are asking me for advice people that are asking me for prayers and you know I mean I never thought it would had such an amazing impact on people and I’m so grateful to God for really using me in that way thank you so much thank you for those that have liked my videos share it subscribe you’re amazing keep on you know keep on following me and I promise you a lot of videos will come so today I’m here with a new video and today I’m going to talk about shyness and how to deal with China’s actually how to overcome shyness and how to be delivered from shyness um and if that’s one person in the entire world that can talk about China’s I am the person because I used to be so extremely shy like when people look at me right now they simply cannot believe that I used to be shy once I used to be so extremely shy but by God’s humble grace I am delivered from it and I can say I’m not shy so where do I even start um at the beginning as a child I used to be so extremely shy it was just next level like I would be that child that literally at parties at weddings whatever I would be glued like glued to my mother like you know I will follow you wherever you go I will follow you and if you leave me I will cry like I was such a mama’s child and the idea that my mom would just go away for five minutes and leave me like it was just unbearable like the fact that I would be alone with people that I don’t know and had to talk with them and make eye contact with them was just horrific it was horrific so I would be so extremely shy almost afraid of people it was just to the extreme and adding on to that I was also very quiet in my nature I am very quiet in my nature you know I’m not very outspoken I can be very outspoken but in general I’m a very cool and quiet you know quiet person so that in combination with shyness was just a disaster and major disaster people even people were like KK she even talked gay talk do you have a voice because some people they would never even hear my voice I was just so into myself so afraid of people so afraid of talking to people and you know as I grew older of course you know I got more open and stuff but I was still extremely shy and you know it came at a point where this shyness was really blocking me from doing what I want to do you know I’ve missed so many major opportunities in my life just because I was shy just because you know it’s like I can do that and just because I was so in my own shell like for example when I was 15 I was scouted by a major major modeling agency but because shyness I was like oh my god you can do this I’m like I’m too shy for this I just let it for what it was is what it is it is what it is but because of shyness I missed so many opportunities and I know as I was growing older and especially when I was getting to know God more there were so many things that I wanted to do for God I wanted to be in the prison worship Dean I wanted to sing for the Lord I wanted to do so many things but because of shyness it would help me you know to do these things for God and honestly I believe there’s no room for shy people in the kingdom for God you know you can’t serve God and be shy you know you have to be bold like a lion goat otherwise it simply won’t work for you so as I grow older and as I grew more in Christ you know I understood that I had to get rid of the shyness it was blocking me from so many opportunities you know I have a million examples of how I miss so many opportunities in my life due to being shy you know so as I grew older as I grew more in Christ I wanted to do so many things for Christ and that’s the point that I realize you know it’s enough with this shyness it needs to stop I know I would come home from maybe a conference church and this is not too long ago I’m talking about three four years ago I would come home and you know I was like oh my god like I’m so close and in my shell and I would see all these people being no engaging with each other being so open and being having fun and I was just there like you know from deep down with anyone have fun because deep down within shyness was not a part of me I you know I’m a very creative person I know I had a lot to say I had a lot of creativity I had a lot of things that you know that needed to come out but due to this demon of shyness big demon it’s a spirit you know I couldn’t be that open person that I know that God created me to being it I know that I wasn’t being who God wanted me to be who God created me to be and who I wanted to be so I know I would come home from whatever Party is engagements um whatever and I would seriously cry out to God I know those days on my bed I would pray out crowds like uh nobody wish ID bar God you know I was like God take away the shine is from me and I would cry I’ve cried so many nights cried myself to sleep you know I believe if you’re not shying very hard to place yourselves in the shoes of someone that is shy um it was horrible I mean horrific it was horrific and you know I just I prayed so much so god I was like God you know me people see me for why and and you know it was just a very hard time because I knew you know there’s nothing harder than knowing that you have so much potential you have so much things you have so much things within you but you can’t express it you can’t express yourself as one of the hardest things ever and it can really kill you you know it’s a silent killer um so yeah what how did I overcome the shyness as I said first of all I acknowledge that I had a problem I acknowledged that you know I realized that this shyness wasn’t from God you know the Bible says God didn’t give us a spirit of fear but of power of love and of a sound mind you know sphere shyness it’s a demon it’s a spirit it’s not from God God never intended for us to have fear he never intended for us to be shy it’s not from God and a moment understood this you know God could really work on me and I understood that this wasn’t from God this is a moment where God could really work on me so I would want to say if you’re dealing with shyness um you know first acknowledge that you’re dealing with a spirit you’re dealing with a certain demon that only God can deliver you from it’s such worth acknowledging your problem and then God can work on you so number one acknowledge that problem yes number two I would say pretty this is what helped me the most prayer I I would be in my bed I would cry out to God I would say God you know um I don’t want to be shy anymore it’s enough I’m tired and sick of it and I prayed my portion I prayed cried my way out and I really prayed to God to take it away from me and I was like God if you take it away from me I will serve you and I would do this and I would do that you know um you know talk to your heavenly father talk talk to him talk to the Holy Spirit and he will help you and he will deliver you number three this is something that helped me so much I surrounded myself with the right people meaning I yeah I surrounded myself with the right people my circle changed like three years ago I became part almost three three four years ago I became part of this amazing ministry called revolutionize and Asian’s evangelistic ministry and I can truly say this is something that really helped me to be bold you know and shake this closeness and this shyness of me I came in company of people that believed in me people that loved me people that could see through my shyness and see the giftings and Italians that God had laid within me they could see beyond that shyness and I think that’s a major key you know surrounding yourself with people that believe in you that can encourage you that can pray for you that can lift you up and you know meeting this these awesome people my brothers who are now my brothers and sisters in Christ really you know make me bold and really make me see myself through the eyes of God instead of seeing myself through my only pity eyes and see myself as the shy little girl that wasn’t able to do anything so number number three number three surround yourself with people that believe in you see people that can see your star and can see the greatness of God upon your life that can see the hand of God upon your life and number four step out of your comfort zone and it may sound crazy for someone that shy but really you know take steps take leaps of faith honestly try to do things that scare the hell out of you fallacy in that which is just things that’s terrify you know if your chair if you are afraid of speaking is afraid of confronting people do things that will scare you like go to a network event and there you will be forced to speak you will be forced to speak you know throw yourself in deep waters you know it sounds crazy but try to take you don’t have to do something major but try to take little leaps of faith and just do things that are completely out of your comfort zone and later you look back alike did I you know did I do that you don’t just take major steps of leaps of faith you know challenge yourself every day to do things that are completely out of your comfort zone you know and just do the things that are in your heart follow your heart you know um follow your heart you don’t don’t let that spirit that demon of shyness you know stop you it’s a demon it’s a spirit the Word of God says it’s a spirit of fear the spirit of fear of shyness walk hand in hand it is something that God can deliver you from and I’m a living testimony living witness that God can deliver you from it you know me standing sitting in front of a camera and speaking and putting my content on four years ago I was like me but me me ofili officia Audra Monson me I would never in a million years billion years think that I will do this but you know here I am today you know and I’m having fun with it people are being blessed by it and what if I didn’t take this leap of faith you know a lot of people would be they’re missing out on their miracle on their you know their advise their encouragement and you know that’s my greatest joy is seeing people benefits in people be happy seeing people grow through me taking leaps of faith and doing what’s on my heart and not be limited by shyness or fear so guys this was my video I hope it was helpful I hope yeah it encouraged you and yeah if you’re dealing with fear I hope this is a great tool for you to come to overcome it to be delivered from it you know um yeah so if you have any questions if you want to know more you can always contact me my information will be down below you can snapchat me Instagram Facebook me email me with whatever question that you have and now always be there to answer them to pray for you to give you advice so guys thank you so much for watching my video I’ll try my best I’m not even trying I’m gonna film regulat regularly oh my god English is so hard I’m gonna film regularly regularly regularly yes that’s it right you know I have a lot of ideas I have a lot of things that I want to put out so don’t forget to support me you know I love your legs I love your shoes but what I really needed live our subscribers you know people subscribe I need subscribe bucks so please subscribe to my channel if you want to be the first one to see my new videos and you want to follow this amazing journey thank you so much guys god bless you and hope to see you in my next video bye hi Jesus this is hard this is so hard..

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  1. I also find that shyness could be heavily chained to an extreme forms of laziness, sluggishness, oversleep, being afraid to face life, self pity. It’s a very horrible experience to be in. I m talking from experience. Thank u so much for sharing this.

  2. I cry to God sm to deliver me from this shyness, I hate being shy sm, I don’t want to be awkward and fear, I want to be outgoing

  3. You’re so gorgeous and I love this video. I used to struggle with this too, but I quickly realized that God can seriously help us over come that mindset. Now I’m still introverted, but no longer shy. Such a huge difference.


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