Talking About The Right Things In Conversation | Conversation Skills

Talking About The Right Things In Conversation | Conversation Skills

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hey it’s mitten from the art of verbal war where people learn to excel in verbal skills so the last couple of weeks I’ve been focusing on verbal skills I don’t want to continue that today because it’s just so essential and so important and I want to teach you guys everything that I know about it so have you heard this saying and I’ve probably said it a few thousand times on this channel but it’s not what you talked about but how you talk about it that matters does that sound familiar it’s not what you talk about but it’s how you talk about it that really matters so today’s video is about talking about the right things in conversation and what I mean by that is taking any conversation topic whether it’s a mundane one or not in talking about it in a way that makes it more fun more interesting and more exciting and so that the conversation moves forward as opposed to making a conversation devolve so one that becomes overly logical boring and flat the problem is most people’s conversations take that latter route now here’s something that I’ve said on my channel also probably a few thousand times but a mediocre conversationalist focuses on what to talk about but a great conversationalist focuses on how to talk about something so today I’m going to teach you one bullet proof way to take any conversation topic and take it somewhere fun interesting exciting and there’s actually 17 of these ways but before I do that let me give you an example of somebody who takes a conversation down the wrong path which is the path where the conversation devolves into something overly logical flat and boring so a few days ago I went to the grocery store and as I got in line to pay for my food another guy he’s a postman got in line after me and then a cute girl after him and when the cute girl puts her food down on the conveyor belt she actually has like 10 trays of chicken breast that she places down and and so which is kind of an interesting thing right you don’t see that often and so as guys tend to do when a cute girl is around they start babbling so this postman starts babbling to the girl so postman says oh you got a good discount and the girls like okay yep and so the postman says do you shop at Costco they have the cheapest chicken so do you see how this conversation is already going somewhere not so good okay so the girl says no I don’t shop at Costco and the postman says well Costco’s got the worst shopping experience and you know which is the worst Costco of them all it’s the one in San Francisco okay now this conversation is ready to die a quick death do you see how he’s taking a conversation that’s really boring which is talking about Costco and making it even more boring and annoying actually by complaining about how cost goes of bad experience so the girl replies oh okay and the postman says and that Costco doesn’t have fuel pumps and the girls like really confused now the postman replies what can’t get gas for my car they’re the closest Costco with a fuel pump is actually in South San Francisco which is like 30 minutes from me so at this point the conversation is totally dead he’s doubled down on a already boring conversation topic so I don’t want to torture you guys and tell you more about this conversation but basically he went on this Costco topic for another two minutes at this point I was ready to ditch my food and just leave the store and certainly I don’t know if he was trying to flirt with her or try to get her number but he certainly didn’t and so here’s an example of taking a conversation topic and picking the absolute worst angle and talking about it in the absolute wrong way now talking about how annoyed you are to shop at Costco isn’t proper conversation talking about where you can find fuel pumps at Costco is also not proper conversation so what do you do instead now remember what I said earlier it’s not what you talk about but how you talk about something that really matters so right now let me teach you one bulletproof method of taking a conversation somewhere where it’s likely to go somewhere more interesting okay instead of letting it devolve into a flat and boring conversation like this one that I just showed you and this method is called observation speculation it’s one of 17 methods that I’ve discovered which allow you to take a conversation from somewhere mundane to somewhere very interesting and exciting where it can actually a ball naturally into something fun exciting and interesting so when a girl gets in line with a ton of chicken instead of saying wow you got a good discount how about wow that’s a lot of chicken are you having a sacrifice to the gods tonight or do you just work at KFC so do you see what I did that I just made this observation about what she did which is place a ton of chicken on the conveyor belt now the problem is most people stop there you’re at a point in a conversation what you just said where the other person can’t take what it is that you just said and go somewhere good with it right so instead of just stopping with the observation I want you then to speculate this is why it’s called observation speculation and you’re just gonna make up some reason it doesn’t even have to be a particularly good reason but some sort of speculation as to why she placed like 10 trays of chicken on the conveyor belt right in this case I would just make some sort of silly observation that maybe she works at KFC it’s a speculation about why she has all this chicken why she’s buying all this chicken right and do you see after making this speculation the conversation has the chance to go somewhere good right it may not go there but at least it has the chance to do so and that’s all you can expect when you’re conversing with the stranger does that make sense so the next time you encounter a stranger in line at the grocery store maybe at a bar or at a club or your friend try this observation speculation technique out and I guarantee you that your conversations will have the chance to go somewhere greater now earlier I said that there’s actually 17 of these bullet proof methods for making a conversation much more interesting and supercharged now if you want to learn all 17 of these methods you might be interested in my course conversation superstar go to www. simpleandsensational. com..

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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  1. Great lesson, BUT it almost felt as if you were trying to promote a paid subscription or sale a new ebook by milking the main point.


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