“”Suffering From Social Anxiety”” Pastor Bob Daily!

“”Suffering From Social Anxiety”” Pastor Bob Daily!

Dear Pastor Bob: How do you get involved in your church when you suffer from social anxiety? I am attending a really good church, and I would like to get involved in life groups and serving somehow. However, Im a very shy person and just the thought of getting connected with people I dont know terrifies me. I know I need to “just do it,” but its easier said than done. Ive suffered with this all my life and it honestly really sucks. It has made life very difficult. Any advice?

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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dear pastor Bob how do you get involved in your church when you suffer from social anxiety I’m attending a really good church and I’d like to get involved in life groups and serving somehow however I’m a very shy person and just the thought of getting connected with people I don’t know terrifies me I know I need to just do it but it’s easier said than done I’ve suffered with this all of my life and it honestly really sucks it has made life very difficult any advice well first of all I’m sorry that you’re suffering you and a whole lot of people and I have good friends who suffer from social anxiety it’s a thing and it’s not a thing that you just gotta get out there and it fixes itself it doesn’t and you know and for so long we thought it’s just a matter of feeling good about yourself and that doesn’t necessarily take care of it either you know everybody has their own particular combination of spiritual gifts and and weaknesses and strengths and for many people their strength is social that I’m probably more comfortable on stage talking to a thousand people that I am talking to five people but not everybody’s like that and I get that and I know people that shine when there’s just a few people around them but they kind of get lost and buried and high anxiety when they’re around a lot of people so instead of trying to push yourself and force yourself to get into something that you’re probably going to have a difficult time with why don’t you find something that’s more manageable you know just getting together with a few friends a few people that you know well that you feel comfortable with is a great place to start and there are things you can do together as a group that will really help you know I I feed the homeless so I think in terms of things that I do but if we’re instance if you were to do something like that and you took two of your very close friends and went and fed the homeless you’d feel that strength that you have friend on each side and going to do something worthwhile and it would take care of a lot of that anxiety for you I think the biggest problem is that you don’t have that smaller group to reach the bigger group and when you go to church you’re feeling alone if you were flanked by two friends on each side and went as as a threesome or up or somewhere even five people that you sit with that you communicate with you’d make things a whole lot easier but if that isn’t the case start with one or two and you might want to start outside of church invite them to dinner invite them to coffee whatever it might be but just begin somewhere and you don’t have to approach the masses you just need to approach one or two now let me talk to the rest of you you know there are people like this person everywhere they need your help how do you help them you kind of forced them to get out there and do it no you don’t you walk through with them you make the first move you introduce yourself you make them feel comfortable and you don’t just go away you’re there to help you know all these people that have social anxiety problems or we call it being shy or whatever however you define it these days they really need someone to help them to get through it and if you’re not struggling what does she need to help people who are struggling with it see what I’m saying so this is kind of a two way thing and if you’re struggling you know find a small core group that you can move forward with if you’re not struggling help those that are and bring them along you know folks social anxiety is a very debilitating thing for so many people that’s why Facebook and and and you know Instagram and so many places are great places for people who have social anxiety because they don’t have to meet people face to face they can type it but that isn’t everything you know meeting real people having real conversations having eye contact and just having some camaraderie in your life is everything god bless you have a great day you..

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