Street Drifting To Overcome Shyness?! (With Drifthunteralbo)

Street Drifting To Overcome Shyness?! (With Drifthunteralbo)

Drifthunteralbo talks about how street drifting in Japan helped him to overcome his shyness. From initially coming to Japan to teach English with the JET Program, to doing little challenges to get outside his comfort, he eventually stumbled upon the wonderful underground scene of Japanese street drifting. Look out for some great practical tips to overcome shyness and build confidence at the end!

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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alright what’s up here with my good buddy Howlin elbow from Jeff hunter hey guys so I man and yeah we’re just hanging out at starbucks and working on some projects and i thought i’d ask him I take this opportunity to ask a few questions we’re Sherman to look for them oh yeah I’m in so first of all I just tell me like just briefly like weightless what’s what’s life like reading in Japan what are you working on all right yeah so I’ve been here for a few years now actually six years and I came here on something called the chat program to come teach English right now I finished the jet program and I’m kind of working at a different company but my current project is something called rip hunter which is basically an ongoing documentary series about street racing here in film of man that is awesome and okay you should check out i’ll put the links in description you’ve got to check it out it’s the coolest thing I’ve seen for drifting up like and I’m not just trying to flow if you up I when I first started watching when I first got into this I actually you know I’d seen drift drifting on Tokyo you know fast and furious tokyo drift and all at and i was pretty cool but i wasn’t like you know super like interested in it until i saw a drift hunter um kind of going behind the scenes and seeing like what the actual drift the real drifting this legs not be at you know the hollywood kind of stuff so anything anyways really cool um awesome thanks man yeah I love for you guys to check it out so the cool thing about drift hunter and the cool thing about alan is that you know I work I work on this project that I call social skydiving trying to get over my shyness and kind of subjecting myself to these like crazy social challenges well what Alan does is he does these challenges for his flown Egypt under but it’s kind of like it’s just something that he incidentally does to get his footage for drifting so I as far as far as I knew you actually go into the go out in the woods into the drift team seen up in the mountains and you just start a conversation with people that you’ve never met before yeah basically and like right at this point I have a bunch of brands bunch of contacts like basically ring people up and asked them if they wanted some out filming with me or if they want to go to the mountains but yeah exactly basically when I first started I didn’t know anybody at all and I would literally go out onto the mountains not plan and just figure okay I’m just gonna go and literally emerge from the darkness with a camera and ask random people or or ask the Drifters if I could if they would be so kind of let me fills them drifting around corners and let’s letting me copy to the car and it was a it was really really nerve wracking at first and especially because at the time I didn’t really speak that much Japanese I wasn’t confident in my ability but it was well let me tell you the first night was the hardest and it was incredibly I don’t know if I could do it i didn’t know i didn’t even know if I thought maybe they would beat me up you know to be honest that I had ass impression that the Drifters were like these no you know grifting is not exactly like not exactly the same same scale as sitting at home video games right so I expected these guys to be like really almost a gangster’s and they would like like good I hell are you to come here yeah like my impression from I mean this is like you know most of my Hollywood impression from watching watching the movies and stuff but I imagine like these really you know what kind of rough like gangster guys like in tears Ellen like going up approaching and like hey what’s up you know you guys mind if I have a ride in your car she’s caught like that kind of thing that those are pretty awesome there are those people there are like kind of like the more rough type the ones who beat you up you know what like that hair abp if you a cross you came across and like situation you know maybe if you got on their bad side or something they might might be some sort of altercation they’re all there to really practicing all this kicks for ya yeah completely useless in real fight I’ve been tricking with just like flips and stuff and you don’t want to use that a real fighter you get your ass beat but um yeah what I discovered was that you kind of come up you’re just kind of like genuine and you’re like come with like this without a sense of like arrogance you’re just like hey you know the way the way I did it was ever come up to people and I would be like hey guys maybe like what like yeah hey so I’m from Canada and I really really loved riffin listen I’m a r right at the time like I nice comments on I was like I’m working in some videos about drifting tues to teach people around the world about buttons Japanese culture that you guys have and I explained that unlike broken Japanese it’s nine and they were like okay it’s kind of weird but okay and from that I got my first ride in like a Japanese drift car like a like a hush video which means Japanese sweet reason he invited me into his car and we went around a bend me like a corner I’d like 120 hundred thirty commerce an hour and I was like I don’t even understand how hard you move like this and when it went experienced that you know it was it was almost like like first of all I can’t believe this board second of all I can’t believe I’m here and I think that’s just underscores like the things that same things that you’re showing your videos it’s like you never know what’s going to happen until you take the chance you try to do some and this whole world of possibilities can just open up I’m just like one moment and yeah I’ve been working this project for like a year and a half and from from that from like that first initial decision to go out onto onto the mountains and it’s like introduce myself to people i don’t know and asked if i could hop into their car it’s like please kidnap be hidden written lien announces right I am like I’m like shaking right now and it’s half past because I’m like super you know it like thrilled by the conversation and half because I’m freezing this is pretty cool Japanese winter but yeah that’s crazy and like when I started up dealing this project you know doing social challenges myself you know it’s like almost like i’m kinda just like messing around you know my going out like doing these goofy things like talking to people and asking these weird questions and kind of like being a prankster but like what am I Allen and he’s doing he’s like doing the same like kind of like socially terrifying stuff you know from my perspective and that’s just like this is just like you know what he’s doing for like it’s not like like a like a bravery challenge just doing it for a little further this is like a shot this is a you know part of the project that he’s like yeah this is what I do and when I heard about this I’m like tall man this is soap this is the real social skydiving sub site like you were doing this for like an awesome cause so oh I was like this is 15 here yeah so did you feel since coming to Japan do you feel like I kind of going through these going through all these social interactions of like the filming drift hunter and also you I doesn’t we’ve done a few things together on the side doing some Street magic so yeah do you feel like you have like maids improvement as far as like you feel like you’re more social than when you first came to Japan I imagine you were always like pretty social guy but do you feel like you’ve became even more ah absolutely about someone become more social and become more comfortable in my own skin and just become more comfortable with the idea of putting myself out there just for the heck of it and now I think I have the sense that like all right let me back on so big way back I think a lot of your viewers did it in focus maybe because like I was at that position before I was like just really shy to talk to like people I didn’t know in general especially girls and it doesn’t even feel like I’ve calmed that bar it feels like anybody could really do it and all it really takes is to just put yourself in just one or two situations that are angels completely outside your comfort zone and then from that you get this like reference experience you got this kind of memory of how it wasn’t that bad it wasn’t sad at the thought of looking and even if like you do experience and sort of like rejection or some sort of like negative outcome if you approach it with with the with with the mindset that you’re just doing experiments see what happens but you kind of insult yourself from any feeling of like being crushed by like these checkers because that wasn’t the point the point was just to see what’s gonna happen I can totally relate yeah that’s exactly what my google project is about so cold and it’s totally happy because what happens is even though you start off with a mindset that you’re just going to say what happens when you do this thing when you get the outcome though that’s kind of like the positive outcome that maybe you weren’t you didn’t fully believe that’s what was going to happen then you believe it because like Oh despite my belief that this is a test and I wasn’t she was gonna happen and you did it and then we’ve got this positive outcome like been worked out you’re like oh I’m actually capable and then that kind of gives you the confidence and all the momentum to try to get and once you do it like several times then it starts to reshape your identity of who you think you are and for me when I when I first came to Japan one of the things that I decided very very early on was to just try a bunch of things and do you like these like weird experiments like like now people put him on at the time it was just stuff like you know what happens if I what happens if I try to be worse things okay so join us up I’ve seen from you Instagram doing backflips random backflips in public I do in the street magic and stuff like that yeah yeah and stuff like that and I mean stuff like okay here’s the thing for you guys to like back blimps are actually really easy to learn so if that’s a life goal that you set for yourself look up some videos go to a gin it’ll take you like two weeks at most you can learn it in like a few days you could learn it in a day if you some someone could spot you it’s super easy okay second thing is I can vouch for that it’s really easy there yet I had a friend to help spot me it’s pretty sad she can trust right the other thing is matching so I think like the experience that you let me have what we want we went out and did that measure know what episode that was an incredible experience for me because that was almost like the first time when he didn’t stir if anything it was incredibly terrifying and like I could feel my hands losing their ability to move like by my motor skills dumped down to like like a like a one year old and then I messed up the first time then I did it again and it was it was fine and that experience how many to things like number one it’s like it doesn’t matter if you mess up just do it again and it’s not hard and it’s so much fun so one one thing I’ve been recommending it’s like a lot of my friends is learn like a couple matches two or three or four they could be like card tricks coin tricks or like a mess ilysm Kirk or anything really and then you kind of have like this it’s almost like literally like magic salsa like you know like this me and like a file fans here sorry I’m total nerd play a lot of final fantasy just like you know like final fantasy several you get like materia wears it on my baby but smell ya know I’m there I’m there with you so yeah you and you get like a materia and it gives you like this new skill right you just always have it you can just always do it in like any situation and like awkward awkward silences disappear because you’re just like hey check this out people people’s minds of life and is and if you have even been doing it for people i meet on like on the mountains like you like emerge from the darkness introduce myself and then to break the ice over like a like three old magic trick and people like what the hell is going on is a random guy from canada emerges from out of nowhere that’s magic and it asks we can write in our cars right um yeah I see it as a full of many things by see it is being kind of a cool like it’s a little way like you can give zalis in an interaction with somebody you know you need somebody in like a gallon said it’s like you have a tricky one just pull out of your pocket at noontime and I especially like with the mentals and tricks you don’t need to cross yeah or the props that you need you can just find and in school because you know everybody loves like a cool trick and it’s just a little extra Flair to you know add to spice up the conversation your spice up the via the time of somebody so um so basically yeah get out get outside your comfort zone do you so do something unexpected Libyan backflips because they’re awesome you should just lay the back foot if you don’t know what you should learn because it’s easy and awesome three play final fantasy because you’ll know what they were talking about or not play final fantasy but yeah let’s start over I get outside your comfort zone do something awesome and you’ll find like little by little like cool things happen and things that are unexpected and who knows maybe it’ll propel you into a world of creating a cool drifting documentary Japan you know whatever is you’re doing you never know what can come of it so yeah if I could give you guys a low battery first all right okay if I could give you guys one parting suggestion maybe a piece of advice if any of this sounds interesting and you think you might want to do some sort of challenge or something to get over your shyness your anxiety what else just is google or a search on for a magic trick like learn something like learn one trick this is literally what me and I mean Tony did learn one trick now give your friend 50 bucks or something and tell him you’re not going to get it back until you perform that trick for like two or three people that’s it that’s it it’s all you have to do and the fear or like like your distaste for losing your 50 bucks is going to be higher than your your unwillingness to go and do that challenge yeah because you know you can do it anyway you know like somewhere inside like even if you feel like you wanna make excuses Oh like I don’t wanna do this right now if you have that 50 bucks it’s just something Phil can’t just push you over the edge you already know you can jump who’s just like a little extra incentive so yeah it’s awesome man thanks for the advice yeah well thanks for having me on yeah all right but I guess we’ll go ahead stop the camera and maybe you can show me what if you’re free alright baby..

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