Story Time L How I Dealt With Severe Health Anxiety/Hypochondria

Story Time L How I Dealt With Severe Health Anxiety/Hypochondria

Hi subscribers! This video is totally off topic and doesn’t really correlate with my channel but the truth is I’ve been missing on Youtube for quite some time. I decided it was a smart decision to take a break from my channel for a little because of some unfortunate events and just being busy in general. In the past year I went through a break up (it was a 5 year relationship) started college, moved to Florida from New York, and so much more. My life has been so so hectic.. but I thought while I had some time to film I’d share with you what I went through these last few months. If you’re struggling with health anxiety or as they call it “hypochodria” please know you’re not alone! Hope you enjoy this video and if you do please subscribe!

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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hi guys so I know I haven’t done a video in a really long time and it’s just cuz I have so much going or I still have but I had so much going on in my life I was in the process of moving I went to school for one semester working full time so now I’m living in Florida versus New York where I was for six years and I’ve been here for a week so I have some free time right now that I don’t have a job and I thought that I would come on here and talk about what I’ve been going through and health anxiety and mental health um I think that everyone comes to a point in their life where they’re struggling with some kind of mental health disability where whether it’s like anxiety depression anything really so I wanted to come on here and just talk about like mental health and how important it is and there needs to be awareness and I wanted to talk about my health anxiety so about three months ago I well let’s go further than that about maybe like a nine months ago I found a lump in my breast and I didn’t think anything of it I mean when I did feel it I started to panic and I’m like oh my god I have breast cancer but I kind of like calmed myself down and I told myself no you don’t have breast cancer whatever fast forward maybe six months the my right breast started hurting me where I found the lump and I don’t know one morning I just woke up and I was like oh my god I have breast cancer so I started doing research and I was like I’m dying I need to go see a doctor ASAP but my anxiety really kicked in when I realized I just don’t have health insurance I don’t have money to see a doctor um and I’m like yeah I’m gonna die so I started doing research and stuff and I ended up going to Planned Parenthood and for anyone that thinks Planned Parenthood is just for abortions it’s not it’s for women and even men and it’s for a great cause because there are people like me when I didn’t have insurance in my situation I couldn’t see a doctor and it helped me they literally gave me a breast exam for free everything they gave me for free I did not pay one penny at Planned Parenthood so for those people that are out there protesting that’s the what I was looking for protesting out of Planned Parenthood it really makes girls feel uncomfortable when they’re not there for abortions and they’re there to get checked out and make sure their health is okay I got the breast exam from just a regular doctor there and she wanted me to get a sonogram and I got a sonogram and it came out that everything was benign like I still have to go back in six months to get it checked out again make sure it’s not growing make sure it hasn’t changed but for the most part um my breasts were benign and they were just cysts um but it took about two weeks actually get my breasts checked and during that two weeks I was I was freaking out I was crying every day my anxiety without a high of stress like my whole body was just taking a toll on me because I stressed myself out so much but after I got the my brush checked um I started experiencing other symptoms so I woke up one day and my eyesight was just off it was blurred I couldn’t really see like my phone when I was looking I was struggling to see when I when I picked my phone up and looked at my phone I was struggling like really struggling to see it and I was like okay what what’s going on with my body right now and maybe two days later I started getting serious serious serious headaches and um I was like what is going on so then I started freaking out and I thought I had a brain tumor still a great I have no insurance I literally think I have a brain tumor and I can’t even get it checked out so I started experiencing other symptoms besides the headache and it wasn’t just a headache it was a migraine it was like debilitating I’ve never experienced migraines in my life so shout out to people I deal with it every single day because it is it is one of the worst pains ever I was sitting in the dark for days and very sensitive to light and sound and all that and it was just it was it was it was terrible really annoying experience I didn’t work I took days off I never really take days off I just could not function so one day I would wake up and I had like a really bad pain in my back I went back to Planned Parenthood they found out I had a UTI as you get antibiotics for the UTI get it treated and after all that I just started experiencing more symptoms fatigue was really really really prominent and it was I couldn’t I just didn’t have energy to do anything like anything like even get up and go get a drink from the refrigerator I could not do I started experiencing really bad nerve pain joint pain um my vision was still super super off my neck my neck was another thing that was totally bothering me tingling numbness all the time twitching my body was twitching all the time I literally thought I had MS I thought I had I thought I had ALS I thought I had I think that’s I think it’s a lot Lou Gehrig’s disease or whatever um lupus Lyme disease like all these things like I’m looking up in every single symptom I’m feeling they all like correlate to each other and I’m like yep I have that I have that I have that I have that um there was one time I was actually at work and when with MS there’s obviously different symptoms that people experience but I was feeling all of them and frequent urination is one of the symptoms of MS I was to the bathroom at work just to go pee and immediately I had to go again and I knew I didn’t have a UTI anymore because I got it cleaned up it was out of my system the infection was out of my system but I literally felt like that it had to go pee every five minutes and I was like I have MS I definitely have MS so I had to look for insurance and my insurance didn’t kick in for about a month when I actually applied for it and got it and that whole month was the worst month of my life I literally could not function because I thought I had a brain tumor or MS and I mean I just was on I was just out every single day obviously I cry I was crying 24/7 I was like why is this happening to me whatever and then I had other people that was like oh it’s just stress just calm down like it’s all in your head whatever health anxiety maybe all in your head but for me I knew that my body was not okay my body just didn’t feel right I think that when we know something’s wrong with our bodies it’s we know like it can’t like weird we know how it feels to be normal and then we know how it feels to not feel normal and people like telling me it was all in my head it was probably the most frustrating thing ever because I’m not making this up trust me I would love to feel like my normal self again if I could I would give anything to feel like my normal self again if I could um they’re like oh depression could cause disk stress could cause that and my menstrual cycle also change during this whole time the last in the last three months like it’s definitely a lot lighter faster I literally got my period for maybe like three days one month and I was like that’s so not normal because I always have my period for like eight days so that in itself was difficult cuz I’m like something’s going on with my body I literally went to a neurologist I got a brain MRI I got a spider mer I got a neck MRI I got a jaw MRI the only thing that came back with something in it was my neck I have two bulging discs at c5 and c6 I got blood taken that all came out normal I got blood taking like three times cuz I was like nope something’s wrong something’s wrong check for this check for that check for thyroid check for this all came back normal I saw so many doctors in the last three months I saw a neurologist but ent I saw a neurologist I saw a dentist for my headaches like I thought my aunt she said I might have TMJ so I got all this like x rayed um I saw I went to Planned Parenthood twice I saw my general practitioner my general doctor so many times I saw two ophthalmologists I saw neuro ophthalmologist and all this has kept coming back normal and my health anxiety was the worst that could be like I was sitting at home sitting at work every single day I couldn’t wait to get home to check my symptoms and what else I can happen I’m not saying that everything’s ruled out I’m not saying that I don’t have MS I’m not saying don’t have Lyme disease because there are so many other tests that come back and there’s there’s extensive testing basically and there’s like general testing especially for like Lyme disease MS is not something you find overnight it’s something that you eventually find unless like you have lesions in your brain and it’s easy to tell on the MRI or like if it’s easy to tell and it’s progressed then that’s different but I’m not I’m not one to say I’m never gonna have MS or I’m never gonna get because people feel symptoms for years until they’re actually diagnosed with anything and yes it’s a scary thought and I was on edge with anxiety 24/7 I didn’t want to do anything I didn’t go out and drink with my friends I didn’t even want to go out with my friends all I did was consume my life with Web. MD and Pinterest and what I could do to like get rid of these symptoms or what I could do to / help these sometimes I was literally acting like I had a mess or I had like lupus or an autoimmune disease I would eat like I did I would just miss out on so many things in my life thinking I had these things and acting like I did and living a life like I did have these things and every time I went to the doctor I wasn’t getting any answers whatsoever they told me to see a Rheumatologist they said I may have fibromyalgia but I don’t believe that fibromyalgia just comes I feel like something triggers it they you get flares I believe that something in my body is going wrong to trigger fibromyalgia and they basically diagnosed you at fibromyalgia when they don’t know what else they can diagnose you with because everything keeps coming out clear I think that we still need to do so much research to find out what exactly causes fibromyalgia and if there’s a cure and I think we need to find a cure for it because there are so many people that are suffering with autoimmune diseases or invisible illnesses that there’s no cure for and it’s it’s really sad especially invisible illnesses like fibromyalgia like you I may look okay and someone to you might look okay but doesn’t mean that we’re not experiencing pain and it doesn’t mean that we are okay and if I do have fibromyalgia that is something I just have to deal with and something that I have to control I live my life as if I do I it’s been over three months I’m still in constant pain whether it’s my head whether it’s anything in my body my neck hurts a lot I could have a lot of neck pain all the time I feel like constant pressure on my body like as if like I was someone was like pinching me or pressing really hard down on my like arms or something a lot I experienced a lot of back pain my neck cracks a all that stuff that I’ve come to terms with I’m dealing with chronic constant pain but personally I tried different things my doctor specifically my neurologist he prescribed me a generic version of cymbalta I prefer my nerve pain it’s an antidepressant I tried that at it doesn’t work it didn’t work for me I hear it works for some and I didn’t even give it a chance because the side effects were just too much for me honestly I felt so dizzy I felt nauseous I was yawning all the time I just didn’t feel like myself and to me the side effects weren’t worth it and I didn’t want my body to rely on something that I didn’t really need my nerve pain I’ve learned how to control it and a lot of it is like ginger tea and tumeric and a lot of anti inflammatories that helps me but yeah my pain has never gone away in the last three months my vision hasn’t come back fully if I could describe my vision the blurriness went away but it’s kind of like I see a lot of floaters and visual snow and like just it’s visual disturbances learn to deal with that as well I had a really really hard time getting over my vision disturbances because your vision is what you used to see you’re using your eyes 24/7 besides when you’re sleeping so yes I can be in pain and I could ignore the pain and pretend it’s not there but when I’m trying to look at something it’s there the TMJ definitely can come with other symptoms vision is one of them I always have jaw pain neck pain little things like I had a headache for two months until I learned how to control it I used a lot of like essential oils like lavender peppermint I’m just constantly giving myself massages on my neck pressing like the vagus nerve or you know rubbing that out cuz your neck can control your vision I’ve learned so much like just doing my research and trying to help myself because when I went to doctors I wasn’t getting the help or the answers that I wanted so I tried to help myself and that’s what I’m doing now I’m not letting my health and how I feel get in the way of things yes sometimes I sit there and I’m like what the is going on with my body and why is this happening to me I’m only 24 years old and then I realize I know this sounds cliche but God doesn’t give anyone anything they cannot handle I think I’m handling it really well now and I’m not letting it interfere with my life at all the anxiety is still there I always suffer from anxiety I’ve always suffered from depression um I go in and out I have bouts of it like I don’t I am not constantly depressed but it happens that and I want to let you know that like you’re not crazy if you have health anxiety and it’s a real thing and don’t make anything let anyone ever tell you that you’re not feeling a certain way or it’s just stress or it’s it’s in your head because it’s not in your head you don’t need to go see a psychiatrist like they have told me almost vocation time you see a psychiatrist because I’m I there’s nothing wrong with me everything stems from something and just because they can’t find anything to mean that it doesn’t exist I don’t want you to think that you’re crazy but it’s so important if you keep if things are coming back normal and if your blood and tests and stuff are coming back normal there’s really nothing you can do you can do your research you can help yourself you can do plant based diets or whatever you want to do but don’t let your help inside anxiety interfere with your life and that’s what I was doing for three months of my life I was letting it interfere with my life I was literally on edge shaking panic attacks like all this stuff cuz I thought I was gonna die but honestly I’ve lived 24 years in my whole entire life and there are people that have never made its 24 and I’m I decided that I wasn’t going to let my health anxiety interfere with my life anymore that was meant to be he’s meant to be if I’m meant to die I will die and that’s death is inevitable it’s something that everyone is going to experience so why am I sitting here like obsessing over the fact that I’m gonna die when I literally wake up I still have my vision I still have I still can walk I still can talk like I wasn’t I just I couldn’t let my health anxiety interfere with my life anymore and I’m grateful to be alive and you know what I know like it isn’t fair it really isn’t fair and yours you’re probably thinking why is this happening to me like why do I feel this way but life isn’t fair dude and I’ve come to terms of thought life isn’t fair everyone’s dealing with something whether it’s health issues whether it’s depression whether it’s it’s anxiety like everyone deals with something no matter who you are and this is just the cars that I’ve been dealt with so I just wanted to tell you guys that it does happen and that’s where I’ve been the last three months besides everything else that’s happening or happened and it’s okay and it’s gonna be okay and I just wanted to share that story with you because I literally went through I literally went through a point in my life where it was just too much and I literally let it take over my life and you just can’t and I want to let you guys know that you aren’t alone and if you’re not getting answers like I didn’t get answers and you still feel upset and depressed about it and and sad like go see someone they really do help I did see a therapist for a little and she was really good it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself anyways I know this is a long video I was talking way too much but it is a long story I could go on and on and on about all that over the last three months and what I’ve been feeling but I will I’ll stop right here but I just wanted to share with you where I’ve been and what’s been going on because I haven’t really uploaded a video in a really really really long time anyways thanks for watching guys please subscribe to my channel you can follow me on instagram at Samantha ggarrido snapchats go you know Samantha Twitter escrito with underscore..

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  1. I had shakes, electric shock feelings, headache, random spasms, flashes of light, ringing in my ears and pain throughout my legs and arms.. it was crazzzy! Turned out to be anxiety and now it’s gone. Just a quick comment for anyone who was like me watching these videos and looking for reassurance.

  2. I think also the news caused health anxiety in a lot of us , we’re always hearing about people dying or almost dying due to something EXTREMELY rare and we think to ourselves, well if it can happen to them then it can happen to me when in reality those cases are extremely rare. I suffer from HA terrible and I’m a mother, single mother of 2 baby boys, so I think it developed out of the thought that if anything happens to me I can’t take care of my babies and I panic. I have several panic attacks a day to the point where I feel like I’m having a heart attack and my heart is going to explode. It’s no life to live and I want it to go away so badly. I have fibromyalgia, so every symptom I have I think is potentially a fatal disease even though Ive seen a million Drs and everything is normal. I feel you girl 1000%


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