Stop Giving A Damn What Others Think | 3 Tips Quit Worrying About People’s Opinions | Don’t Compare

Stop Giving A Damn What Others Think | 3 Tips Quit Worrying About People’S Opinions | Don’T Compare

1:23 – Realize Most People Don’t Really Care About You

3:14 – Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

4:32 – Define Your Own Happiness

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so you show up to a party and you realize I don’t know anyone here now you’re excited because that girl with the office that you’ve been wanting to talk to you know she’s gonna be here at some point but for right now you’re looking around and people are just staring at you you’re wondering did they see me drive up and that beat up old truck are they judging me based off of how I look and you retreat back to a table grab a few beers start pounding them and let’s just say this night is probably not going to be the kind of night that you want to remember guys in this video I wanted to talk to you about three ways that you can really stop giving a damn about what other people think about you guys when it comes down to it what this video is about is allowing you to kind of step aside and to realize that you honestly shouldn’t care what I think about you you shouldn’t care about what most people think about you there are certain people maybe in your family your kids your mother your wife people those people close yeah you should probably care what they think but the vast majority of people guys know you should know in my opinion you should maybe have peers who you respect maybe mentors that you listen to but you for the vast majority of people you honestly shouldn’t care and use these three tips to arm yourself so that you’re able to go out there and just honestly not care tip number one to stop caring about what other people think is to realize that other people don’t really care about you and I know this is tough we’ve all got an ego we want to think that we’re super important that when we walk in a room everyone’s looking at us everyone’s like wondering oh my goodness who is that guy believe me it for the vast majority of people they look over it’s the whole fight and flight okay I’m not that interested maybe if you’re an attractive woman or maybe for a really attractive guy you’re gonna get a you know maybe a couple second glances and they’re gonna wonder if just for a second but then they’re gonna go back to themselves to their issues they’re wondering gosh is there’s something in my teeth why is this person looking at me am i you know I’m sweating a bit can anyone tell and then there are problems mm hmm how am I gonna get that bill paid gosh did I leave the oven on you know all these things are running through the head and believe it or not it’s higher than you and when you realize that all of a sudden it gives you a bit of power because you can move about that room you can move about life realizing that people are absorbed in their own sphere and therefore it’s a very powerful tool if you use it to your advantage think about that when you’re engaging with someone when you’re talking to someone don’t talk about yourself encourage them to talk about them because guess what they are going to want to talk about themselves very few people actually have anyone that actually listens to them intently and then asks really good questions and then they’re gonna like you and of course at some point hopefully that person is gonna say well I would love to hear more about you you’re such an interesting person even though you have it’s anything you get the point when you understand that people care about themselves it gives you the power to be able to walk into that room instead of going in the back and hiding and drinking some beers you can say even though I tripped and fell you just brush it off and you move forward and guess what nobody really remembers tip number two stop comparing yourself with other people a lot of us do this on social media and that’s one of the reasons if you spend a lot of time on social media you may find that you’re depressed you go look at these pictures of the perfect family of the perfect couple of guys that have these amazing cars these amazing watches the point is is to realize that you don’t only you only see a fraction of that second I know when we take a family photo people ours all you guys look amazing what what they don’t see is it we took 200 pictures and that maybe we got one but there are many families that look perfect oh and the wife is dying of cancer one of the kids just got over a very deadly illness or they lost one of their kids you don’t see that in the photo you see these smiling people most of us have our health most of us have youth we’ve got all these things that many other people would they would die for and so the way to overcome this is to be grateful many of you have a beautiful wife many of you have beautiful healthy children be thankful that you can actually you’ve got you know you’ve got what you do have you’ve got the ability to make progress and to make change in your life we that’s right there is going to be a lot better than trying to compare yourself with an imaginary version of these perfect people tip number three to stop giving a damn about what other people think about you is to define your own happiness and don’t fall into what the media is trying to sell you what you know any type of clothing companies trying to sell you a car companies trying to sell they’re always gonna want to get you into a new car guys I have a 20 year old pickup truck and I’m happy with that truck I know that I’ve even put out videos on how a car affects image but when it comes down to it I am happy with my truck because I get to put my money into my kids that we will have our dream house and I have redefined and that’s a thing is what would make you happy when you were 18 what will make you happy when you’re 25 what’s gonna make you happy when you’re 35 50 five I don’t know but you need to redefine that for yourself and define it for yourself be specific actually write it down there’s nothing wrong with having a dream board with having some pictures of what it is you really want and be conscious of am i living somebody else’s like am i going for something that you know in this bigger house making adding all these additions going into debt you know is that really going to make me happy do I need that third degree or is it something my family’s pushing on me and make sure you define what is going to make you happy and go after what you don’t want to do is wake up one day and realize you’re living somebody else’s dream all right gents that’s it hopefully you enjoyed the video definitely go check out the support article over at real men real style written by Katrina one of my great guest posters in the article she actually goes into the research she talks a lot more in detail about what I covered in this short video and if you do care a little bit about what people think you want to surround yourself with peers who are going to encourage you because yes as much as you try to insulate yourself your environment does have an effect and if you’re surrounded by people who are not supporting you as you try to improve and change and get better you want to go check out my free Facebook group it’s about you not just improving your style but you becoming a better man you becoming the man you know yourself to be guys that’s it if you’ve got anything to add in the comments down below we’d love to hear what you felt should have been on this list and how you personally avoid you know falling into the trap of caring too much about what other people think and guys I’ll see you in the next video take care you..

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