Sophie Monk And Social Anxiety

Sophie Monk And Social Anxiety


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let’s talk about Australia’s best celebrity Sophie monk who even comes close Waleed Aly no he doesn’t have fake tits yeah what are you talking about Sophie buck that’s how I judge who’s a good celebrity or not how big is their canes specifically out of silicon I’m not counting the flesh just this silicon peterhealy is doing pretty good now why we got to be talking about her because she is very popular why is she popular ooh so many questions one subbaraj the reason she’s so popular is because she is completely herself and she’s unapologetic about it I’ve been getting a lot of comments from people going from here do something about social anxiety yes I can and the first thing that I will tell you about social anxiety is that you’re probably just a little beach I know that there’s some watching leave a bitchy comment by clicking in a message from it it’s not my fault you tidied all right so the reason it is most cases I understand that there is some people that have a chemical imbalance in their brain but this is a very very my new to part of the population of people to go on trial for from anxiety especially if you live in Newtown if you’re suffering from anxiety and you live in Newtown what you are actually suffering from is what’s called not having a backyard go on some grass you fucking weirdo Russian prisoner that sits in their courtyard going under their smoking games of cigarettes instead of your milk crates see some tame nature first of all that does reduce your anxiety that is known to do this again like I’ve done a really times before haven’t done any research of this but I remember reading it before and in this case wasn’t really it was just a new South Wales government at games did you know that if you’re feeling you don’t fit when you look at trade that’s why I’m saying get a house plan in your room by the way clean your room I coined that not Jordan Peters he needed credit where credit is stupid my name’s also Jordan so credit where credit’s Jupe to give it back now Jordan Peterson so what we’re talking is the feeling of social anxiety what is that the main crux of it in most situations years you walking into a party and don’t nobody know even care I don’t know how to start a conversation I’m speared that’s how you’re feeling you’re just focusing on yourself and then you just get like a little mouse with some little toddler game don’t you play because you’re getting dumped into an environment that you don’t feel comfortable in because you’re not a Gemini that’s right I believe in star science ooh give me those things on the radio been like this is China Nova this star sign today Gemini you’re gonna have a good day mm hmm well I did find 10 cents so how do you get over this the first thing is framing it before you go into the party that’s tantamount but anything what you’re getting into a job interview or just hanging out with some pals framing let’s talk about that briefly then we’ll go back to Sophie monk I know that there’s probably a couple of girls there game later car your damn jets in the meantime go outside and run around in the grass like I told you should noon come back why we’re gonna be talking about framing is because when you go into a party you’re not used to it most of the time because you’re living in little shitty office environment where you’re just sitting in your little cubicle and you were just one of many in this giant maze of other human beings sitting there what is essentially the matrix if you think about it working at IBM is just the matrix except you have here that’s about it there’s some people there sitting there going inkyung so when you walk into a party and everyone of course the guys this is why people always go why do all the guys get douche bags the reminder all the douchebags get laid so much the reason they get laid is because when they’re in a party and there’s a bunch of drunk chicks again because a douchebag sits at home all day just talking to friends about fuck or just shooting the shit constantly then they walk into my first weird party and they feel comfortable in the environment while people that actually have a job and a life walk is of the partier they just go I would get filing cabinet 48 hours and yeah I mean you can buy me whoo but people are saying now so the way you get over that is first of all ask yourself this question if you have that feeling of going into parties I never did I had the exact opposite I had just a huge dollop of arrogance of going back pad you can everyone hear you can except me so the exact opposite but the tee is the framing still works you walk in to these situations and you ask yourself you prime yourself beforehand what am i excited about ask yourself that why am I excited for going to this party so instead of focusing on that you just be like I don’t know anyone there I’m very cool to me you’re thinking well I’m gonna go there I will end up talking to someone I’ll be some nice tunes there as all twenty year old parties who will be playing pin the tail on the donkey and of course musical chairs it’s gonna be a great day you go over there is silly what you walk in first of all you’re in a happy mind and there’s something called state transfer when you start talking to other people and you’re happy they start getting happy as well and you’re giving off positive vibes so more people start reacting the way that you are because again as we’ve mentioned before verbal communication is only 7% of communication the rest of it is body language and tone ality are so Barry White never had a problem go to parties but you probably do because you’re probably got this voice battalion from beatnik I want you to do that first off the second point when it comes to social anxiety stop being so self absorbed the reason that you feel this is because your focus you look what about me pretty me that’s what need to be can you everything everybody can make me feel good and if situation no don’t go home bring the party you’ll get out of the damn kitchen you need combinations of two expressions that have no natural collision to them yeah I just did that so what what why you’re feeling that anxiety is because you’re focusing on yourself now they’ve done a lot of study into this Asians a much better at social interaction they much more polite first of all you just see when you go to Korea and then all the flight attendants like sitting like that and then you come here and they’re just like ah do you want to kick you nor the pain ash I don’t have the vegetarian option anymore you get the net I’m allergic to nuts they dine ate them ate the bag that’s how when you come into the West Western people are focusing on themselves when they’re interacting with other people Asians focus on the other person how are they feeling how do I get to accommodate them this is why buddhist monks are better at reading people than people that are trained by Scotland Yard to read people just someone there and they go like how’s this person feeling and they go Hankey they the exact opposite of artistic person the exact opposite of an autistic person is the Dalai Lama they’re focusing on the other person’s cues they’re not focused on how they’re feeling they’re focused on making the other person feel good that’s what you should be focusing on before you go why am i excited you go to this party this if I can’t believe I have to explain this shit Jesus the second part it’s just interesting the science of it and also it’s off of that how shock is that what a nerd wait you just think of me as your bigger brother that I kept giving you a wedgie but also if anyone gives you a wedgie I’ll just like beating people at that second you focus on how they’re feeling in the party I guarantee you won’t have these feelings because you can only focus on one thing at a time and then people are gonna like you more because you’re actually paying attention to what they’re saying this is what most people don’t do you’ve got to age variation and one mouth for a razor could spread to double their bed of Lisa T people like you boy if you listen to them these are very simple things that do accommodate them now what’s gonna go on to attain G but let’s go back to Sophie muck why she’s mad because she just reveals herself warts at all apart from the fact that she looks like a very scary Barbie doll part from that she is as honest as you can get that’s why she’s one of the most popular celebrities in Australia and I genuinely enjoyed watching her because when people go you’re a burghers you go yeah I’m basically just Shane Warne we’ve been joined around she’s great in fact I’ve got a friend who’s a bartender she used to walk into the pub all the time this when she was mega famous as well she used to walk in constantly with that gross my esophagus she’s in there straight voice going oh I’ve got some beer tanks laughs calling everyone love she doesn’t care she hasn’t been wrapped up in that weird gross pretentious world of celebrity at all Australia’s version of that which is basically just Rove Mc. Manus smiling and you go oh it looks exactly the same as he did a Rover life but it’s silly smiles and they disgust Luke Perry yeah in that world if everyone just went hmm try to know I’m the best person I don’t know I’m the best person hmm you look lovely today that kinda shit hi babe she’s got none of that she’s just like well she obviously has got a bit of that trade around her right obviously you become a center of your environment you become a beacon of what your environment is just a reflection of it but in general she has this no apologies this is Who I am warts and all expose and it is refreshing to see that when you come across people that when you go you look like a bum and they go well my thumb’s are made of sir Jane can’t it makes everybody feel more at ease this is actually another reason why I’ve had this friend who was actually doing really well in life by all measures very handsome man earning $200,000 a year had a housemaid who was a total bum he was basically just he was such a bum that I honestly saw him sleeping on the couch once because he couldn’t be bothered to go to his bed his bed’s the next room that much of a bum and he was just always welcoming me like I’m stupid I’m fed I’m kind of retarded that was his catchphrase I’m kind of retarded who’d evening people like more that got now I’m not saying don’t devalue yourself on purpose because people can again sense that but it’s this thing of no apologies this is who I am if you expose something about me you’re not just gonna call into one but why would you try that you just sit there yeah this is why everyone likes hanging out with bogans and hates hanging out with hipsters because hipsters this gross facade or I’m cruel I know what’s cool at the moment which wasn’t a Tribble day just triple j shock or does it not the answer is yes people day just suck immensely but just because it’s filled with those fucking cunts that are sitting there even to the point that they start all putting on the same nasal voice because one of them is doing it there and they’re all such lemmings of the gun it must be cool to have blocked sinuses no have a fucking normal voice you can’t just any opportunity to bag Tribble jail today run mad for death that’s another tip for parties she don’t Triple J but I did when people go to parties and they just have that feeling that refreshing feeling of I’m happy for no reason because I’m just comfortable in myself these are the people that are the ones that everyone goes that guy’s a legend so getting into that mode when you go to these places there’s no apologies just be authentic that’s the fucking key guide here be authentic don’t try and pretend to be something that you aren’t because you see it instantly that’s why people hate hipsters that’s why people really like hanging around with bargains because there’s no I’m pretending to be something else they’re just like I fuckin like a futoshi B ish and cars that have little flames at the end of a but just little ones not the big ones that’s too fancy for bogey those guys are mad just think about that just be a bogan when you go to parties that’s why Sophie bunk is popular that’s why she’s a champ and anybody that disagrees would be right why you don’t like so much I would like to see what the ratio is if you think Sophie monks a champ just put down at the end sophie Monk they should call the Sophie monkey and if you think that she’s not a champ right down sophie Monk they should call her Sophie Punk you’re just gonna say that because you can remember it now can’t you I know you little game well I’ll see you next week surveying very paranoid species at you but the point is that world’s a good place bye bye..

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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Comment (13)

  1. My favourite part of this channel is when Jordan says something, then processes it for 0.5 seconds, then laughs like a maniac.

  2. Good video as usual Jordy,

    Fun fact most people who say they have “social anxiety or anxiety” don’t actually have a diagnosis for any form of Anxiety Disorder which is the same kind of problem as Clinical Depression.
    Anxiety is a genetic condition where you’re brain is stuck in primitive mode for life. It can be detected as brain chemical problem and can be detected on brain scan MRI’s. You can have social anxiety as a symptom, but its not normally the major factor of anxiety. The main stuff is keeping yourself occupied doing stuff so you don’t get bored (which is where you start freaking out like), and you should be fine.
    Anxiety disorders need to be treated with regular psychologist help. Medicare will literally give you 10 free trips a year. Talk therapy has proved itself successful ten fold to any medications (anti-psychotics). And the worst part is all these kids go around saying they have anxiety. I’ll say are you seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist? They say no. Ironically gives me anxiety…

    P.S Social anxiety is for pussies. It’s like level one of the anxiety game. Just wait till you cant stop thinking about nuclear warfare. That’s level two.

  3. No, no, no. My social anxiety stems from how much better I am than just about everyone I meet and the crippling fear that I will hurt them somehow with my better-ness.

  4. What you don’t understand is that Asian societies favour introverted behaviour and have many more introverts, and introverts do not generally have a good time in loud situations like parties. As the Japanese vlogger who reacted to Logan Paul’s Japan videos put it: Just because they’re being polite doesn’t mean they like you. Just because someone is focusing on others in a social situation, doesn’t mean that person is enjoying themselves.
    I walk into parties focusing on others (because I’m both an introvert and a counsellor/energy healer, and it comes naturally to me) and I often end up spending time with negative people trying to use me to feel better, but these people are in the habit of having a negative mindset, so they’re still a downer by the end of the interaction and I feel drained.

  5. OmG!!!! Im FrOm NeWToWN aND I nEEEED a SaFe SpaCe bc My soCIAL AnXieTY aND GeMini SenSES alWAYS NEED ChICKen NUggeTs #MaccASRUNNSSS im so quirky XD


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