Social Anxiety: Understanding Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety: Understanding Social Anxiety Disorder

Me helping people with social phobia/social anxiety understand why they have social anxiety and what caused their social anxiety disorder

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you have social anxiety that’s the reason why you clicked on this video you want to get rid of your social anxiety that’s why you want you to clicking on different videos about social anxiety because you’re hoping that someone can help you get rid of it you’re hoping that someone can solve your problems you’re hoping that someone has the curl to social anxiety you’re hoping that someone can tell you something that can help you overcome your social anxiety well guess what when it comes to overcoming your social anxiety clicking on this video right here was the best decision that you ever made in your mother fucking life I promise you that and after you get done watching this two part video you’re gonna be thanking me because today is the beginning of a new life for you and I’m gonna teach you how to overcome your social anxiety I’m gonna give you all the tools and techniques that you need to know to help you overcome this miserable mental illness okay this is what I need you to do first up I need you to believe that you can overcome this if you don’t believe that you can never overcome this turn the video off don’t even waste my fucking time because one thing I do is I keep shit funky I keep shit motherfucking funky 24/7 I’m not gonna tell you a bunch of bullshit that these therapies out here tell you these therapist they’re waste of time they making money for nothing because they ain’t really helping us they really not they can’t help us because they can’t believe to what we’re going through I can relate because I have what you have and I suffer from it for a very long time okay I’m sure you wasted a lot of money reading these books that claim that they can help you overcome your social anxiety I’m sure you went to CBT I’m sure you went to therapy I’m sure you took medication then that shit work did it cuz it’s bullshit anyway just get to them by the fucking point okay let’s keep the shit funky and quick and sweet need you to get a paper okay and I need you to get a pen and own this piece of paper I need you to draw four boxes draw four boxes you should look like this at the very bottom you’re gonna draw a calls box at the very top you’re gonna draw a anxiety box in the middle you’re gonna draw two more boxes the top middle box you’re gonna draw a poor self image box and the bottom middle box the box right above the very box at the bottom you’re going to draw a negative self belief box let’s focus what you guys focus focus let’s talk about the top box and we’re gonna go down until we get to the cause the cause is the root of your social anxiety it’s what’s causing your social anxiety and the main purpose of this video is to help you understand what to cause in your social anxiety because a lot of us don’t really know what’s causing our social anxiety and if we can’t fix the root of our social anxiety then we’re never gonna overcome it you have to focus on the root of all your problems whenever you have a problem a problem in life you always want to focus on the root and the cause because the cause this was causing the misery okay it’s like the seed seed of a plant and zari fourth top box and xiety is a feeling the same emotion it’s nervousness it’s when you feel uneasy it’s when you feel tense is when you shake is when your heart beat we feel like this in social situations for some of you out there some of you may sweat so when you’re around a lot of people on social anxiety and how do people with social anxiety we get anxious on social situations when there’s a lot of people sometimes we get very anxious and feel uncomfortable feel awkward feel uneasy when we’re around one person this wise harvest of us to maintain relationships with a boyfriend or girlfriend you know what I mean because we feel uncomfortable around them we feel uneasy around them we feel awkward around them we feel embarrassed you know we feel shameful you know what I mean we thought since you started sweating our heart stopped pumping you know what I mean sometimes we feel nervous just walking down a block in front of a lot of cars we feel like everybody in that car is looking at us I’m pointing at us like look at them or you know look at her like how ugly she is mmm I’m attractive girl if she’s lucky we just feel like we’re under him and we feel like we feel like we’re aliens we feel like there’s something to be ashamed of we feel like we’re doing something humiliating or we’re doing something embarrassing you know what I mean um for some of us we have hard times getting on buses we feel like when we get on the bus full of people we feel like especially if there’s not a seat we feel like standing up everybody’s looking at us like oh he ugly or he’s short we just still we sometimes we can’t even you know we can’t even though drive in a car you know what I mean or we can’t do presentations and school were in college there’s a lot of people I know that dropped out of college to do the social anxiety but they couldn’t stand up in front of a whole group of people and do presentations okay you feel very awkward the heart start being some people get stiff intense you know if like people are looking at them some people actually start to shape some people start to sweat some people break out in hives for me it was always the heart palpitations I would just give her nervous when I thought like a lot of people were around when they were judging me and looking at me you know but that’s anxiety so what I want you to do when the anxiety box which is the top box is to write down every physical or emotional symptom you have when your anxiety is that is first when you’re having a panic attack in your social anxiety situation that goes in the fourth top box right here we’re gonna move down to the third box the third box is the self image now the reason that you feel uncomfortable all the symptoms that you have in the fourth box is caused by the poor self image the poor self image is the third block block in psychology they teach us that everybody had a class mirror mentality and that’s where we think people see us the way we see ourselves let’s say you walked out the house and us but as naked right um you want to be embarrassed that’s gonna cause anxiety because everybody’s looking at achievement judging you well that’s the way people with social anxiety to their the sub shame and insecurities and the negative self image that they have of themselves causes them to fill display in social situations they feel like um you need to write in their boxes what do you fill in that box that should get negative self image how do you see yourself as what you put in that box you can say I’m JLo I see myself as ugly I see myself as weird or I see my selfish range or I see myself as awkward I see myself as hideous I see myself as what causes the anxiety how do you see yourself what do you think that people are thinking about you it’s just something you may have to think a little while but you need to answer you need to get to that to that third block block drop and you need to answer these questions that I’m asking you because this is going to help you understand your social anxiety and overcome it you have to ask yourself what exactly do you think when you’re around people and you get nervous and uncomfortable when you are social situations and you’re with your friends at a diner you’re all sitting down at a table you gotta ask yourself what’s causing me to feel nervous what do I think they’re thinking about me so answer that question that’s the Destin the poor self image we have a poor self image we do you see and yourself what is it what is it exactly about yourself thank you ashamed of and what do you think that people see and you you know what I mean because what you think people see in you was ultimately what you see about yourself another thing that I want you guys understand is that we are our own worst enemy go down the box now the second box is what causes us to see ourselves the way we do in the third box okay you want to focus on this box right now negative self beliefs okay negative self beliefs is the negative things we think about ourselves okay this is ultimately we causes the anxiety we have to change how we think about ourselves okay because that’s the reason why the social anxiety is there is because I hope we see ourselves we see ourselves and such a negative light we see ourselves in such a negative way okay so in that box I want you to write down every negative thing you think about yourself or write down everything you don’t like about yourself okay or write down everything that you feel you’re embarrassed or causes your anxiety what makes you ashamed of yourself what makes you not like yourself what makes you uncomfortable in social situations what do you think people are saying about you you can say um I think people think that I’m socially inept I think people think that I’m dumb I think people think that I’m ugly I think people think that I’m less than a man I think people I think guys think that I’m an ugly girl I think girls think that I’m a boring guy I feel like people think that I’m framed I think that people can see my anxiety sometimes that’s one of our major things people with social anxiety you feel like people can see that you’re nervous that actually causes more anxiety okay um so after you do that and you finally understand all the negative sub beliefs about yourself you want to get down to the last box and that’s the first box this is the root of all your issues the calls so we talked about anxiety we talked about the poor self image we talked about the negative beliefs now we want to go down through the causes okay and in this box this box is a very important box because this is where it all starts I want you to think back to your I want you to think back to your childhood and ask yourself what caused all of the negative beliefs that you placed in the second block box what caused you to throw agree what caused you to fill a net would cause you to feel strange once you find out what caused you to fill these ways I’m gonna need you to watch the second video and the second video was gonna help you I’m gonna give you techniques to overcoming your social anxiety and changing the way you see yourself but in that box the very first box I want you to write down what calls you to fill everything that you fill in the second box we cause these negative self beliefs that you have about yourself what makes you think that you where right at them what makes you think that you’re ugly write it down whatever negative belief and we have so many it varies from person to person everybody don’t add the same negative beliefs everybody you know fill shameful about yourselves for different reasons what our insecurities are caused by different things but you have to ask yourself what makes you fill all the negative beliefs that you have about yourself why do you have these negative beliefs these come from bad experiences and failures you know what I mean if you feel like you are unattractive guy that’s probably because you approached a lot of women and you were rejected bad experiences if you feel like you’re strange that could be because when you were duplicated in school nobody wanted to talk to you nobody wanted to fuck with you you feel what I’m saying um if you feel like you’re weird maybe that’s because you have a different outlook on life than everybody else you know these are just some things that I’m making up but you need to write down the cause of these negative self beliefs so now that you do that if you get done doing this I want to I want you to do this for a week after you do that for a week let’s go back over what we talked about here we know that anxiety anxiety is basically the symptoms that we fill in these situations this is the I want you to write down how you see yourself when you go out in public what do you think that people see when they look at you the negative self beliefs is the reason why we see ourselves and negative a negative light you see yourself as ugly need to write down negative beliefs would cause and negative beliefs makes up the fourth part the third box the negative beliefs make up the third box you know what I mean negative beliefs there’s all the negative things we feel and think about ourselves in the first box is the cause these causes these negative beliefs I want you to write down all the bad experiences or all the things that you’ve been through that causes you to feel so negatively about yourself okay now what I want you to do is to click onto video part 2 how to overcome social anxiety peace..

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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  1. Throughout high school social anxiety and shyness was a real issue for me, so therefore I rarely even talked much as the years progressed and it continues even into starting college.

  2. im not hating but his techniques are stolen from cbt therapy. if this video helped you, then you need to go get cbt therapy 🙂

  3. I swear I suffer from this. It’s been very hard for me,because I have tried to overcome this,but not hard,it’s becoming difficult. Things went from bad to worse. I just can’t deal with it anymore. Thanks Jaylove47 for the video.


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