Social Anxiety Solutions – How To Get Lasting Results With “Eft” And Overcome Social Phobia

Social Anxiety Solutions – How To Get Lasting Results With “Eft” And Overcome Social Phobia

Become Confident In Social Situations

Without Awkwardly Facing Your Fears

On my homepage I sharewhat didn’t work to overcome my struggle with social anxiety and what DIDwork for me to cure social anxiety for myself and assist others feel more confident around others.You may think you need to improve social skills in order to be getting over shyness and social anxiety but I’ll show you how to overcome social anxiety step by step and become EFFORTLESSLY confident socially. I demonstrate thisto you visually with easy to understand graphics.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

You’ll find out how to get rid of social anxiety around people, how to get over shyness and how to get over fear of talking to people so you can feel more confident around others and talk to people with ease.

I’m a personal coach specialized in helping people overcome shyness and social anxiety disorder. Since Oct 2009 I’ve solely been coaching people in overcomingsocial anxietyand shyness using EFT.

I discovered EFT out of sheer desperation. I feared I’d have to live anxious, feeling like a loser, ashamed of myself and lonely for the rest of my life. Thanks to the EFT technique and with the help of a lot of specialists I’ve been able to overcome my severe social anxiety.

Ipersonally had tried anything I could findto overcome my low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and fear around people. I even had fear of talking to people on the phone around others and I just didn’t know how to deal with social anxiety in the right way. So I studied psychology, self-help, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), did famous online programs and anything I could to overcome it. I faced my fears, did affirmations, visualizations, and so on. And yet I was managing anxiety rather than getting rid of the causes of shyness and anxiety within me.

I’ve been now anxiety-free for years. I no longer have fear to talk to people I think are cooler than me. I’m grateful to feel free, comfortable and at ease around others. It feels normal now. I make friends easily, have a satisfying social life, and I enjoy connecting with people. And I’m beyond grateful for it because I was sick of dealing with social anxiety. It wasn’t easy, but I made it. And so can you. How?

I have received over 400 therapy and coaching sessions from high-level coaches. I have studied for thousands of hours, travelled to take workshops from the best therapists and coaches all over the world, and I’ve invested 40 000 euros to be able to get results for my clients and to offer you the best of what’s out there. I’ve put the best of all that I learned in a series of life-changing emails that I’ll send you for free. Click below and keep reading:

I’ve been committed and passionate to bring solutions to beat social anxiety using the effective approach of EFT since 2008. You can sign up for my newsletter to get the golden nuggets, a-ha moments, insights and “secrets” that I’ve learned from 1000’s of hours of being coached and coaching social phobicshere (read along):

Some questions for you:

Do you sometimes (or always) feel ashamed of yourself? Are you avoiding social situations? Are you afraid of the weekend? Do you come up with excuses to avoid having to attend awkward social gatherings? Difficulty talking to people? Do you freeze up? Get a lump in your throat and are unable to speak properly? Does your chest get tight? Can’t connect with others? Feel others are judging you?Are you desperately looking for the next social anxiety disorder cure?

Do you have any of the below fears?

Fear of rejection, Fear of looking foolish, Fear of being bullied, Fear of being teased, Fear of criticism

Fear of disapproval, Fear of conflict, Fear of not being liked, Fear of embarrassment, Fear of being ridiculed, Fear of being laughed at, Fear of being made fun of, Fear of being ignored, Fear of not fitting in

Fear of not being accepted?

Do you think thoughts like:

I’m a loser, I’m different, I don’t fit in, I’m awkward, I’m stupid, I’m weak, I’m weird, I’m not good enough, etc?

Do you feel unsafe socially? Does “facing your fears” simply not work for you? I’ll demonstrate on my site that there’s a far more effective way to break out of your comfort zone. You can face your fears in a way that’s not scary. If you’ve been looking for a way out of the suffering and frustration, then this can start you on a journey to social ease. It won’t be a overnight success, though overnight progress is common, massive progress (less anxious, more confident) in weeks, and with persistence you can become completely anxiety-free. No matter how bad your anxiety is, or how long you’ve suffered from it. Big promises, I know. I follow up on those on my homepage:

Sebastiaan van der Schrier (Pro-EFT Level III, NLP, PSYCH-K)

Prefer to read?

hi this video I’m going to talk about how to get unstuck so someone asked me the question hey I’ve been stuck for a long time and I’ve been doing this EFT and 1 to 5 rounds every day and you know I’m moving forward but it’s it’s so incredibly slow and why is that and I don’t seem to like other people and I don’t seem to like myself why is that and what can I do rather than write a really long posted it on their video I thought I’d answer it on video so alright so first off I’ve been doing EFT for a year and a half this guy said and one to five rounds every day okay so when you’re doing EFT just like any other therapy or tool technique you need to do it in the right way otherwise your results are limited so when you’re doing EFT you’re tapping on just the symptoms of the problem so you know I feel anxiety my heart is racing so even though I’m going out of the door and my heart is racing I people even completely accept myself when you tap my heart is racing this anxiety this anxiety this anxiety of habla your anxiety will get a little bit less but you’ll still have it you need to deal with the underlying reasons of the anxiety need to deal with the underlying reasons of having the problem okay so when you’re just dealing with the symptoms the racing hard the racing thoughts the fears that you have and so on and so forth you’re only just chipping away at the problem tiny little itsy bitsy mini bits at a time what is the problem the problem is that you don’t feel safe and because you don’t feel safe in social situations your subconscious mind is like whoa there’s danger there are all these possible things that might happen and as a result it fires up the fight flight freeze response and that makes you feel anxious okay so the problem is that you don’t feel safe now why do you not feel safe I don’t feel safe because you have all these negative limiting beliefs and social fairs so you might believe no I’m not good enough or I don’t like myself or I’m not likable or people don’t like me or you know I have to be perfect to be accepted and because of these beliefs it’s through these beliefs that you’re seeing the world through these beliefs you’re in a social situation and then your subconscious reads it as a not safe because I might get rejected I might look like a dumbass I might become embarrassed people might be mean to me I might become humiliated like you know my turn into conflict and so on and so forth it because you’re not saved your subconscious mind is like whoa by quite freeze response the built in response to danger and boom what do you get you feel anxious so when you only tap on the symptoms of the problem when you only tap on the social social anxiety symptoms you only get like mediocre improvement even when you use something with with the power of that’s a great sentence even when you use something as powerful as EFT so what do you need to do you need to deal with the root causes of the problem so the big problem is not feeling safe because when you feel safe in a social situation there will be no anxiety whatsoever okay you need to get yourself to the place of feeling safe why don’t you feel safe because you have these negative limiting beliefs well why do you have these negative limiting beliefs well because you have experiences in life traumatic experiences where you learn them okay and now when you’re in a social situation your brain is like remembering it’s generalizing what’s going on and it’s doing that based upon traumatic experiences in the past you know think about it you’ve had a lot of experiences likely where you felt rejected where you became embarrassed where your face got red where people saw you anxious and so on and so forth and that was pain full and your subconscious mind is trying to protect you from that and during these painful traumatic experiences in the past that’s where you learn these beliefs so as an example when you’re 11 years old and you’re reading out loud in front of the class and you already feel a bit uncomfortable doing so you stutter you’re like people laugh for you people make fun of you you become really really embarrassed that’s a when that becomes a traumatic event then your subconscious mind stores all the information locks it into memory and from that experience it also makes it a split second decision about what that experience means to you well in that moment it might learn that hey it’s not safe to be the center of attention because you know when you’re the center of attention you might embarrass yourself people might laugh at you and so on and so forth and because it learns that belief not when you’re in situations after that traumatic event and when you’re dead in social situations it’s like it fires it realizes hey you’re not safe because you’re you could be you could become the center of attention here so here’s the fight flight freeze response because you’re not safe so now be careful be aware because you might become the center of attention and that’s dangerous well how do I know well that experience in the past happened that was traumatic where you read out loud in front of the class and you became really embarrassed and this social situation reminds me of it you might you know you might become the center of attention and then if you actually become the center of attention you your to your subconscious mind that situation is similar or the same I’m not similar the same to the one that happened where you read out loud in front of class and you get all those feelings from a traumatic event back you get the embarrassment the humiliation that’s why sometimes you feel embarrassed even when there’s nothing to be embarrassed about it’s just those feelings from old memories old negative Tron that can’t trigger so long story what you need to do with Eve teams you need to go back to these traumatic events where you learned those negative limiting beliefs get rid of the negative emotion out of them that way you’re systematically getting rid of the triggers of your social anxiety you get yourself to a place of feeling safe once you feel safe there’s no anxiety and you can feel relaxed but to answer the second part of your question yeah I don’t like people and you know people don’t seem to like me that is for one reason only that’s because um you don’t fully like yourself and that has roots to it also experiences and this likely comes from earlier on in childhood so certain things happen to you that cause you to not like yourself and same story you need to go back there treat that with EFT change it around and make it positive and as you do that step by step by step you’ll start to like yourself once you like yourself you feel good about yourself then from that you interact with with people in such a way that you’re more like a bowl and then people will like you and people like you you like yourself you’ll like them trust me it will be all right so that’s really quick what what my answer was hope that’s been helpful for you if you want more detail on the whole thing that I was just rambling on about I’ve written an article about it on my website you can find here and I’ve created a webinar around this I’m gonna give my first webinar around this pretty soon where I explain everything in detail with images and you know become a lot more crystal clear rather than just hearing me do the whole ramble here right so hope that’s been helpful and my name is busty I’m from social anxiety solutions calm hit subscribe here or there or wherever it is and leave a comment and I’ll comment and I’ll reply to it and I will talk to you soon bye..

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  1. What if you can’t remember those traumatic, negative experiences? I’m honestly not sure how I developed social anxiety. All I know is that I suddenly found it hard to socialise properly.. I always thought it was genetic.. thanks for your vids though 🙂

  2. this video is helpful but what if now, you want to be safe to yourself, you want to accept your imperfections but…there are mean people around you ..THOSE BULLIES in your present life that they are the reason why you can’t get over? I can’t play cool with them.i ‘VE ELIMINATED THOSE NEGATIVE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES BUT I CAN’T DEAL WITH THEM IN THE PRESENT :(that’s why i feel anxious in the class:(and i hate them and i hate myself too… sorry for asking many questions D.


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