Social Anxiety | My Story

Social Anxiety | My Story

My story with social anxiety.

In this video I describe:

-What I believe social anxiety is

-Honesty as a key

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Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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hi everybody what is social anxiety I feel like because of psychology essentially and the Internet people is so easy to diagnose you look up symptoms you associate the fear with a certain thing and then boom you have social anxiety once you have placed that belief it kind of builds into this whole thing the reality of it what I know now is that it’s really not social anxiety it’s always pain pain and the fear of feeling that pain again and yeah we can associate it with generalized anxiety anxiety of a specific event but really it’s just this kind of festering of PTSD like scenarios that cluster up you just have to be weary of where you attach your diagnosis or your fears so for the purpose of this I’m calling it social anxiety but it’s much more energetic than that is kind of what I want to portray but having said that I do believe that most people in the spiritual field if not all are empathic that’s a given and when it comes to empathic people there’s an extreme sensitivity it’s a sensitivity to sound sight touch energy feelings and from a very early age we know immediately when someone or something you know something that we said made somebody feel bad or a certain I glanced a certain behavior we know every single person in the room the way they’re shifting the way they’re speaking what’s affecting them so what happens then you’re suddenly that’s like radar and you’re sensitive to everything so you know your awareness of the self of scrutiny towards your output versus how that’s affecting people makes you a little weary because you know that it’s so easy to make somebody feel a certain way so what happens you become extra cautious you become extra aware always noticing how you’re betraying yourself it really isn’t normal for someone that’s very very very sensitive to be the person who like walks on a stage talks to thousands of people like the reality of it is that sensitive people do have a better time one to one and when it comes to you know a group of beings that energetic input of information can make that individual feel uncomfortable I just want to say that it’s completely normal like when you see people who have amazing extroverted personal skills which I believe we all have inside of us sometimes what you’re seeing is a person who actually has taken that to the extreme and then cannot connect with people on an interpersonal level you know we look up to people who are extroverted that’s our nature in society people who have mastered social skills instead of putting other people on a pistol let’s just understand that this is very very normal if I go a little bit into my story and I must say I struggled a lot with anxiety and I really linked it to social and I think that that was a detriment to myself because then I just built it up in my head when in fact it was just symptom ology coming out through my physical vessel and I immediately thought okay that is coming out in this scenario that I’m scared of this or I have a phobia of this I made a world and it’s very easy to make world to make up fake stories we do it all day we link two pieces of information and just build sandcastles from them of course it was 15 I was very young when this started so you know no blame to me there but it’s very easy to build these kinds of faulty perceptions I was an extroverted person kind of my whole life everyone always commented on it but I was that extroverted that was so so scared to be seen and know the reason why it was because I was carrying so many secrets so much shame and the the idea that someone could catch my eye and see really see into me was terrifying by had all of that anxiety just present but it really kicked off and I was 15 and I have already told anybody about this now I’m thinking about it I had what I now understand was a shamanic initiation whatever you call it pre awakening you can call it a million things but it does usually tend to happen to people in their teenage years they can get extremely sick like there’s loads of things come up for them and that happened to me from one day to another and it only dawned on me recently that that had to happen to me when I was 15 now looking back once you awake and you look back at your timeline and you go oh that makes sense now that event actually has meaning but I got very fearful from one day to another I got very ashamed of myself in my personal life you know my my stepmother and my father were splitting up and we were in Spain and I felt felt very isolated didn’t expect that well and I just started missing school and I was just I remember one day as in the back of this like feeder responses started like out of nowhere and I didn’t I didn’t understand that that like PTSD kind of thing was was happening but I would just be in a normal setting and I and be terrified like lit like so scared and I started thinking that I was scared of people one day I just lost my mind I remember I was like I can’t go to school ever again like I could not fathom ever living as a human being again because I thought that I’d be so scared of people and they forced me eventually to go back to school but I always like it worked in my head that I was scared of certain situations and as these initiations ago you kind of go back into normal life and things were normal for a while but my head always kept in my head like you’re scared of people or you’re scared of being embarrassed and people figuring you out I led a normal life but I had built up so much kind of fake extroverted mislike people in college used to introduce me as hey this is Laura she has no social anxiety whatsoever like as a joke because they I was the most extroverted person that anyone had seen and I think that’s sometimes a symptom of shyness you kind of build yourself up then of course in my pre awakening at 23 all of this hit me again I could not run from any more I could not run hide from the anxiety and it started bubbling up and I became terrified again I missed college I was in my last year I was living alone and working and I I didn’t know how to do all of that anymore I realized that like when people would give me a contact now I understand like I was receiving so much energy from pure eye contact that it just sometimes it just felt like it was just too much and of course I didn’t have any spiritual understanding so I you know you google it you look online you’re like I have anxiety disorder I’ve had a lot of painful rejection memories in my childhood a lot of painful social memories and of course they just got stockpiled in my body this is symptom ology it’s the body’s way of getting you back in to realize that there’s some hurt here so there was a lot of pain and undischarged energy when you have a lot of adrenaline and a lot of these kind of hyper vigilant moments your body doesn’t discharge them and so it keeps them and if you keep keep keep keep adding on to that throughout a life at some point in your healing journey the universe will make you kind of split and start discharging that energy you can see it as a crisis but really it’s healing now in my understanding I do not associate this kind of anxiety with people I associate it with trauma these are all sensations and these sensations come from symptoms and the symptoms come from press energy and that energy is what we have to work with any healing modality that you use to discharge this energy whether that be soul retrieval whether that be body work there are a lot of ways to get this stuff out I realized that a lot of the fear was you have something thing you don’t want the other person to know about you whether it is that you are insecure and you don’t want them to know or whether you’re nervous and you don’t want them to know or whether you’re not as confident as you as they think you are or if you think you’re stupid you don’t want them to find out I think that you’re a fraud and that you don’t want them to find out you know the imposter syndrome it’s really this fear being caught out exposed for something luckily and doing what I do and being able to do what I do at all it all started from this point of honesty like if you come at any situation with exactly how you’re feeling and exactly the way things truly are inside there’s nothing to hide anymore and from that platform from that place suddenly there is no sense of fear because you already put everything out on the table I do believe that always coming from a place of honesty will eliminate a lot of that fear even though it’s beautiful to say at the beginning you’ll have a much easier time from from then on you just want to identify what is it that I don’t want people to figure out in that moment and you become comfortable with actually being that right so you can accept embarrassment just ease uncomfortableness ashamed feeling of not being worthy if you can accept people knowing that you feel that way then there’s nothing left there are million tips in psychology to change your thinking exposure therapy go out and to be perfectly honest I feel like your spiritual do you know through your spiritual journey you’re gonna get much much more out of that side of the spectrum then change your thoughts like oh yeah now I’m doing loads of social situations pushing yourself I did all of that I got amazing at it I would go to every thing I would never decline I would never run away from anything and I was terrified and the very beginning every single time and and never lessened so you can do exposure therapy when it comes to social anxiety you wouldn’t try these psychological tips but in my experience it’s always the energy that we need to work with thankfully the kundalini has done a lot of it because I would not be able to do things as confidently as I do them which surprised me from the very start that I was second to certain roles and it would just come naturally I honestly looking back like 23 year old Laura I would never believe that this would be what she’s doing but there are so many things that I fear there’s so many things that I feel very uncomfortable with them I’m not comfortable you know speaking to a lot of people just because not necessarily I don’t feel like I fear that in in actuality like I would love I would love to be able to speak to a crowd and and because that’s that’s where I’m in my element to be honest like I am good at that performance you know that that promise symptom ology is what scares the out of me like I did a presentation in college when all this stuff was coming out funny thing is I would do presentations and I would be still scared I would do them and then I out of a class of like 100 I would get the highest mark and I couldn’t believe that I was like what that if anyone knew how scared I was and when pre awakening everything came in and I was a wreck and I had to do my thesis presentation in front of all the professors in college at nobody at the time to console me after I just felt like I was I was the only person that was as that scared it took me nearly passed out halfway through I turned both white and I said I just stopped and I thought I was gonna throw up I said I need to chair and I just felt so humiliated like that everyone else could do it and I couldn’t I just had to realize like you are so traumatized like everyone in your class has come from you know good families have had a fairly stable upbringing everyone has trauma but the extent that I had and that I had not acknowledged him very scared of that symptom ology became very scared of it coming up in situations and basically just the loss of control of my own body that’s really where the fear if I had to pinpoint it through sifting through all of the reasons it could be being figured out social everything it’s really that my thought is gonna fail me in this moment and I’m gonna be ashamed of it afterwards and I won’t be able to explain why did that really anxiety that anxiety is always the feeling right before the feeling underneath it and that’s why I mean that there’s something much much deeper going on than what you think it is xiety is like huh but if you really sink in what you’ll find underneath that most often than not is deep sorrow deep rejection deep shame deep powerlessness these hard core emotions that we rarely ever go into because we have these safety mechanisms that make us not go there it’s always a sign that you’re not going deeper than what’s actually there biography always writes your biology and I couldn’t control my body but I had to look at my biography why can’t I control my body what’s gone here what has my body stockpiled a very interesting note if you do have it social anxiety you’re watching this is that a lot of people that struggle with this throughout their life actually have communications and dealing with people it was like has their life passed and it’s this challenge that they’re meant to overcome so much richer when you’re able to show up and be present in those moments that you used to be so fearful and that’s why it’s actually a very juicy unfoldment so be weary of the perception and the constructs that you’ve made up because anxiety and energy is just energy it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s anything else and lastly I do want to say that I I’m excited to deal with people with social anxiety as well because I know a lot of people who come to me they can get really nerve for the Skype call I know I wouldn’t have done it if I was going through things I would not have met with somebody who I watched no way so I do want to include people who struggle and know that I know the feeling cameras can be off anything in a way that can make somebody comfortable and not feel like they have to be strong even in my eyes that you can be completely weak in your social anxiety and I just wanted to leave saying that and that this is part of being an energetically sensitive soul I will continue on this journey and learning how to be more president headed how to express that energy in a way that’s my goal in life really is to help people to heal and how we can get this pain integrated into our bodies and that’s my mission you know I’ll be trying out in the next few months different types of therapies and modalities and seeing what works what doesn’t work so I can bring the things that do work to to you guys just to continue on this journey with you and share whatever I keep developing in this area but it’s extremely normal and it’s not a psychological condition you’ve just been really really hurt and I’m very sorry that you’ve had to deal with that pain because that’s all it is so I will see you guys next week and I love you you..

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  1. My goodness you are a beautiful soul!! I have been watching your vids loosely for a couple of months and find you to be incredibly refreshing, credible and real! your uploads are very timely! much love, light and preferred timelines lol xx

  2. Love you so much for being you…when you got tears i already felt your soul and cried too, and i wanted to give u a hugh,…thanks for your videos, and channel…i vill go to make videos myself soon i hope,… 😉 <3 love from Sweden

  3. You are my favorite on Youtube. I watch you everyday. I’m from Paris, you know me by mail already. You are so much helpine me Lau. Love you !

  4. Wow, understanding this is one thing, but being able to articulate it this well in front of a camera is another Congratulations on your journey so far

  5. I just noticed that you have light orbs around you in several of your videos. I think it’s really awesome! Thank you for your messages. You are helping many, including myself. I relate a lot. Love and Light

  6. I resonate with your story in so many ways. Growing up I never talked and was considered shy but during my college years I became really confident, at least in other people’s eyes and could go into social situations or be on stage without feeling anxious. It was actually a really fun time when I was so unaware of my own truth. Once the Kundalini started getting into deeper stages, I realized how much I had been numb to things and all the old traumas from my past came up in my awareness.

    Now I don’t consider the label of social anxiety. My personal experience with what I used to label as anxiety is that I’m feeling energy in my body that comes up when I’m connecting with other people and it always is centered around areas of my body where I was traumatized or abused by others in the past. So I will be in someone’s presence and I will immediately feel in my body the area where I am holding A LOT of tension as a way to guard myself against further trauma or abuse that I am anticipating.

    Adding to that is the empathic feeling of other peoples energies, emotions, and unresolved issues. I think everyone has been traumatized to some extent in relationships with others so we all carry around a certain amount of anxiety and more empathic people pick that up on top of their own anxieties. It’s often overwhelming to deal with all this stuff but I think going on our own healing journeys opens up the possibility for positive, healing relationships with our own bodies and with others and maybe one day we will not feel so overwhelmed and will instead feel excited to engage in larger social situations.

  7. I tend to blame my Kundalini Awakening for a lot, but as someone else mentioned, my social anxiety magnified after the Awakening. Being somewhat of a peacemaker, I am very sensitive to how I affect others and vice versa.
    I am also not shy about explaining to others why I don’t attend social gatherings. I just plain don’t feel comfortable with them, nor do I enjoy them. And others need to accept this about people. We are not all designed to enjoy the same things. I do however, as you said, enjoy immensely one on one meaningful conversation.
    But for some of us, we came into the world this way, and for many of us will exit the same. Not to say we can’t change or heal.

  8. Another wise, insightful, and honest video – thanks again 🙂 I particularly resonated with what you said about feelings of sorrow, hopelessness, powerlessness, despair, etc., being underneath the anxiety, and how we don’t tend to feel those things due to our defence mechanisms that are designed to stop us from feeling them – YES, dear God yes! This is exactly what I’ve discovered!

    And those feelings are also below the surface of ALL negativity – anger, resentment, bitterness, self-pity, victimhood, depression, etc. But again, we don’t tend to be conscious of them because we’re stuck on the surface, unconsciously afraid to go deeper, and so when you tell people you feel these things they get uncomfortable and act like they don’t know what you’re talking about, they never feel emotions like that – except that they DO, it’s just that they don’t yet have the courage or self-honestly to go deeper into the feeling.

    BUT, of course everyone’s journey is their own, and it’s not for me to tell them what they should or shouldn’t be feeling even if I find it a little frustrating sometimes. Anyway, thanks again, I say it most videos but I mean it – you’re great 🙂

  9. we all go thru similar experiences 😀
    Just continue to kick it from the heart 🙂
    we are already what we are, it seems that we just need to go thru game of detaching ourselves of our point of view.

  10. Thankyou so much for sharing your story with us. I believe everyone has a hidden dark side to themselves, which first begins when we experience humility in life. Feelings of guilt & sorrow then grows, multiplies & expands in our mind. When teased or reminded of faults, we feel unloved & alone. If we have alternative thoughts & ideas, we become more afraid to express ourselves, worrying that we’ll never belong. This continually eats away at our subconscious mind, causing anxiety. Our confidence can’t grow, which then leads to so many different social probs, emotional misfunctions & medical conditions. If others would just accept different opinions & ideas, we’d feel loved & supported. There’s no need to judge anyone else cos we all have different personalities. If we believe we must be perfect & blend in with everyone, the emotional stress only builds more. The nervous system breaks down first, leading to psychological probs, then medical conditions. We shouldn’t be afraid to show our sensitive side. Our lives would then be much happier & healthier.


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