Quince Transformation – My Dream Quinceanera – Luz Ep 1

Quince Transformation – My Dream Quinceanera – Luz Ep 1

Meet Luz Cruz! As the baby of the family, Luz will be the last Quinceanera. Little Luz struggles with her shyness and awkwardness, but her older sisters will be there to help her every step of the way. She hopes to undergo a complete transformation for her Quince, overcoming her shyness and getting her braces removed. This family is no stranger to transitions, will Luz’s older sister be able to help show her the ropes of breaking into adulthood?

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

The Trevor Project creates safe, accepting and inclusive environments for LGBTQ youth. If you have questions, concerns or just need someone to talk to, please reach today.

Turning 15 is a rite of passage and becomes a major event when having a Quinceanera. There’s finding the dress, planning the fiesta, choosing your Court of Honor and the list goes on, especially when you are planning the Quince of your dreams!

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Created By: Autumn deVitry

Executive Producer / Director: Laura Flanagan

Director of Photography: Kevin Castro

Associate Producer: Ali Gould

Associate Producer: Jackie Merry

Camera Operator: Ali Gould

Sound Mixer: Chase Yeremian

Post PA: Anais Bergues



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so are you excited for your 15 yes yes my name is Luz Cruz I’m 15 years old and my quinceanera is coming up I’ve been dreaming about this for nine years since my first sister had her quinceanera my sisters and I are baking and we’re doing a dessert table for about 300 people I think it’s a lot to handle so we don’t usually bake that much so far we baked twice and it hasn’t gone that well but hopefully the practices will help us to correct our mistakes my two older sisters had acting Sabet my sister Ricky did not have a quinta and I feel like she’s living through miking day like experiencing it all because she’s with me like when I’m making every decision I’m Ricky one of this is alder assisters I think I realized that I was a little different at such an early age growing up I had very stereotypical gender rules since I was male I was supposed to Alda sort of boy stuff which I didn’t like so there was a time in my life where like I did try to live up to what I was expected to be you know you’re kind of trying to fit in with society and just appeal to everyone but you can’t really yeah I think seeing my older sisters King says I definitely brought this thought of like me wanting to experience the whole 15 like why of course I won’t ever be able to experience exactly what a 15 is but I would that kind of party showcasing you and that’s what I would have wanted to experience I’m glad I get to be you know a part of this with you since I didn’t get to have a king say yeah I kind of get to live my continue that experience for you something really hard for me has been trying to I guess break out of my shell be a little bit less shy and like nervous I’m really really nervous I’m scared the night I’m gonna mess up and like do something wrong like trip or like fall and I’m just gonna be really nervous I’m especially excited about the dress yeah for the first time trying it on yeah don’t get experienced having the perfect dress I think would be a really important part to just like forget about my shyness and just like feel like a princess like not be shy at all not nervous you know just be like confident doing this with Luce is such an amazing experience and we get to bond so much and because she is the baby horse you want to see her grow into this you know marvelous woman that’s why I’m very devoted to her 15 because you know she deserves it excited about getting your braces off uh yes yeah very I’m excited for you too you’re gonna look so beautiful today up so I can like take my pictures hopefully my braces come off just in time for my Quinta I have a dentist appointment coming up and they’re gonna tell me if I’m ready to get them off but there’s still a chance that my teeth aren’t ready to have the braces come off thank you so much for letting me be a part of your inside oh well I appreciate that you’re always helping with everything I love you I love you too yeah it’s gonna be great you know to see you in your dress help you with like your invitations the cup community I’m excited to see you the day of yeah I think it’s going to be like a great transition you know from you today and then you that I don’t even think you’re going to recognize yourself I’m being serious like 303 lose like 1 pound really it’s your invitation today I’m gonna look at my invitations for the first time are you excited are you a little worried what if like the guy didn’t even handle with care he just shook them all oh stop what if they are fine nervous okay well let’s find out now a bit nervous on how they’re gonna look like some people aren’t able to go because it’s too last minute and my thinks is a few weeks away for my invitation they really really look a lot like my second oldest sister’s invitations for her quinceanera oh my God look at these little flowers you got Griffin’s in here like it says you’re risking sadness that’s so cute yeah and then these are just like the twofer we’re gonna put in like then just throw it on it pretty excited make some invitations so excited to see that oh you little baby picture yeah you look so cute is there any instructions yeah fully so so we just have to water figure it out ourselves basically gonna put it like this I’m not that completely sure how oh wait maybe you have to roll it all the way and hold up let me try yeah you do this are you sure you’re not like supposed to tape it or there’s no like something else supposed to tape it but supposed to secure this too that’s why I don’t buy stuff all like my god what to do you want me to go look at hers I think hers is no oh I don’t know we still haven’t know I think I thought a lot of my extended family still hasn’t really heard anything about me and the ones that have heard about me are still is not having you but I feel a lot more comfortable confident and better as a woman the 15 will be kind of like my first time seeing a lot of my extended relatives as myself I think I got the answer to your prayer responded yeah so this should just make it a lot more easier this Daisy’s 15 invitation which is exactly like yours it looks like she’s taped up oh he did yeah let me see y’all just cut strip something you can now do I um I think so stressful gonna have great Harris between he’s gonna take hours and hours and hours well we did it we got one down by being myself and being comfortable with who I am definitely helped me to live vicariously through loose it allows me to just jump in with both feet and does the fairy godmother so how long did that want to take week I’m not sure took really really long we have hundreds of feet something worked out hopefully everything goes well because I’ve been dreaming for making Tanana for a while now and I just want everything to go perfect this is gonna take forever yup sure okay guys my dream Quinta is now casting nationwide if you want your king set featured on awesomeness TV send us a video telling us why King set at awesomeness TV calm and don’t forget to subscribe to awesomenesstv bye..

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Comment (9)

  1. Ricky Don’t let anyone bring you down , your an inspiration too a lot of young transgenders , yessssss girl work it !!!!

  2. I auditioned for MDQ but they said that my quince was way too long away ITS LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS AWAY I KID YOU NOT ITS THIS DECEMBER! And so I’m like damn okay but they said they would like me to keep them posted of how my planning goes so I’m auditioning again in two weeks lol

  3. Hi guys,
    I just want to make some comments.
    Like it was said in the video my sister Ricky was living the Quince experience through me since she didn’t have one. She’s a Transgender women and we felt like it was a good idea to bring the topic up: for those who feel they’re different remember it’s okay to be yourself, embrace who you are. She will be in most of the videos with me in this whole process. For those asking where my parents are ; they are both very hard working people my dad works two full time jobs and my mom works full time as well. Most of the time when we were recording they were working. My two oldest sisters work and go to school so they won’t be in the videos until the the day of my Quince. Please remember not everything is recorded so when the cameras weren’t rolling all my family members were working hard to make sure I had my dream Quinceanera. Everyone is free to have their own opinions but please keep any hateful comments away.

  4. I mean is good that Ricky is comfortable being herself but it seems like the episode was more about being trans than about Luz and her quince


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