.:Its Just Shyness Comic Dub – Read Description:.

.:Its Just Shyness Comic Dub – Read Description:.

A comic dub I’ve been working on for a while. HOWEVER, this does not make me a Sonamy fan, I just find this comic cute and that it’s nice treat for the Sonamy viewers that I have. I still hate this couple and find it very overrated in the Sonic fanbase. I also don’t believe the opinion that Sonic is “shy” of Amy, sorry but that’s just me. I would also like to apologise that my Amy voice was quite shit in this comic dub. Enjoy!

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

The text:

uh oh now what happened her again ah she was following me again but I was able to evade her huh Amy well I guess she’s a very insisting girl but I bet she would insist so much if you weren’t so shy what what did you say oh nothing no seriously repeat that Sonic are you all right oh you’re back huh what panic hey Sonic wait please oh shit let’s go ahh Sonic wait he’s mean can he give me a chance huh you’re back huh well that was a close one so tell me why’d you come back to this time huh what where huh huh I still don’t get why you just give me a chance do you I mean you don’t think I’m a bad person or do you you don’t think so oh thanks hey I’m in a cake I don’t above you but would you like to spend some time with me oh no the evil witch is taking him huh I see he’s going by his own hurry up we have her name him okey now open sa is it good mmm ah you’re so sweet you know psyche never wants to try you think I cook do you understand him you little son of a hey why are we doing this huh I mean isn’t that advantage for you I mean after all she’s not going to be bothering you anymore what are you talking about we are here to stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life ah I get it what’s up with that face nothing nothing yeah stay still ah yeah so cute oh this is getting interesting don’t do you think this huh I’m going to kill him huh Sonic what are you doing this is not going down well huh sonic hi what’s up Amy tails you too yeah me too do you want to join us I made a cake that I like you to taste um to be honest no I’m here for him oh okay what about you tails do you want cake okay okay open up and say ah he has hands you know I know but he’s so adorable that I can’t resist it Oh besides what am I gonna have the opportunity to spend time if you like this again it’s best if I enjoy now to be honest I just finished checking it and it looks like there are still small portions of the particles of that energy that brought them to our time and if my calculations are correct it’s most likely for an hour pearl to open later on really great that means to sell some time he’s fine would you like spend some time with me this afternoon no sorry I’m busy this afternoon I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to him huh don’t worry I know you don’t want you that’s why I asked him so what do you say oh thanks you’ll see we’re going to have a great time and so Sonic spent the whole fucking day stalking classic Sonic with Amy hey why am i narrating my son of a fucking fool oh thanks this is totally ridiculous hey so that’s how it’s gonna be huh fine can you wait here for a minute I want to bring you something are you having fun you’re having a lot of fun right now aren’t you think this is all a game don’t you psychotic disgusting worthless piece of shit that’s it you’re going back the way you came Sonic Sonic what do you think you’re doing what does it look like I’m doing I’m taking him back where he came from Sonic that’s not why I’m talking about I mean don’t do you think you’re doing this because of something else in hey I’m talking to you what can you listen to me for once in your fucking life mmm huh what you think you’re the big deal Punk no you’re making signs well here’s a sign for you you little bastard look I brought Sonic huh is your happy flee for the reason I think it is huh and what if it is I’m here to take him back it’s time for him to go back where he belongs what it’s time to go back no you simply can’t be here anymore what hey Jew heart tails he said that he was going to go back by noon what’s your problem what’s your problem oh come on what has he done for you well more the way you’ve ever fought two of me that’s what you’ve done what what wait are you mad oh yeah Wow it’s as if she said screw you just by looking at me you’re coming with me Sonic can’t ask you a question what why are you so scared of girls what what Sonic I have known you for a long time you know did you seriously think I didn’t nurse I don’t know what you’re talking about well as far as I know you only act like that with the girls you care about huh huh and why are you blushing you bastard hey Sonic why don’t you listen to me fine I’ll make it easier for you huh you go for her I’ll stop him here huh huh fine I’ll use your language go fix what you broke okay you fine I’ll be back sooner than what do you think hmm huh what’s wrong with me what why am i hiding why are you scared of the girls what that’s ridiculous so it was you ah what’s wrong why are you here I’m not scared of you huh what’s wrong with me why am I so nervous have you come to apologize I I it’s okay apology accepted huh what wait huh I’m not gonna stop hating myself until I say it I I’m sorry it’s okay it doesn’t matter anymore no I don’t think I’m expressing myself well enough I’m sorry for not being there when you needed me huh but you always there for me huh you forgot already fine it doesn’t matter but the Piney is that you’ve always been there for me when I needed you from the beginning you’ve always saved and protected me since that day I knew I loved you and since then I haven’t stopped loving you you’re my hero did you know that it doesn’t matter what you do to me a tell me because I’ll always love you I now you’re not the emotional type but I can live with that because I love you but still he has done more things with you that I’ve ever considered doing with you does that bother you well well there’s one thing he hasn’t done for me all right uh it’s okay it doesn’t matter just ignore me no wait I I want to do this for you just this once I want to do something in her sorry what what sorry I couldn’t stop him oh you fucking son of a bitch I’m gonna kill you I don’t ever want to see you around here ever again stain your gut done you hear me man at least everything will go back to normal now yeah but I just helped you find some friends soon you Oh so safety I knew I loved you you..

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