Is Dating Nowadays Rigged Since Women Never Go For The Shy Introverted Guys With Poor Social Skills?

There is nothing wrong with being a bit shy and introverted. Poor social skills is something entirely different. It does not matter too much, if you are not a wisecracking comedian or some undiscovered one man show. But even as an introverted and shy person, one does not need to be a cynic or a full-blown asshat. You can find out by yourself how you are perceived by others. Do people enjoy your company even when you do not talk much? Then your social skills are adequate for making friends. And that is what I did when being a shy and introverted guy with hobbies nobody cared about.

What about dating? Well, that is another matter entirely. But if you want to twist yourself to become more dateable or likeable for women, you will only get a relationship you will need to work on for its entire duration. Because you are pretending to be someone you are really not. Just look how long those actor-actress marriages last. I stayed true to my inner self. And guess what: Some women actually like those “still waters”! Maybe not many, but they are out there. And true it is: “Who already has – to whom will be given more!”

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Shyness.

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