If You Suffer From Social Anxiety Then Watch This

If You Suffer From Social Anxiety Then Watch This

I have had alot of problems with Social Anxiety ever since my teenage years. Hopefully this video is able to help someone out there 🙂

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

I’m a 21 year old massive mistake who tries to entertain the World and make your day alittle bit better 🙂


Love you all my Kings & Queens!

If you prefer to read:

what is up everybody and welcome back to another video social anxiety what a bitch guys today what we’re gonna talk about it’s something that I’ve had a lot of a lot of problems with myself and if there’s one person who knows what social anxiety really feels like it’s me kind of ironically the fact that I have two hundred forty thousand subscribers on and I’m suffering from social anxiety it’s it’s messed up it’s twisted you have felt it don’t lie to yourself we all know what a little bit of social anxiety feels like but this video isn’t really for you because you can’t cope with it you know you just feel uncomfortable in certain situations sometimes now this video is more for people like me so kind of like hardcore stuff from social anxiety alright guys so now before we dive into this video and I’m gonna tell you about my experience with social anxiety what I’ve done to like overcome it a little bit more and everything let me explain to you just briefly what social anxiety really is for a person who really really suffers from it social anxiety really feels like you’re just being thrown out on a stage just opening up the door and going outside can feel like someone is taking you by the neck and just throwing you out on a stage in front of thousands of people it’s really really wait guys I swear to god it’s so weird but it’s a claustrophobic feeling you get instantly listen if I go into a room where it’s ten people I pay attention to every single one I feel like everybody turns their eyes on me and is studying me up and down judging me think I’m stupid think I look stupid I’m like oh is there something wrong by my face like what is going on that’s what it feels like but in reality people don’t really do this yes people see you but it’s not like they’re judging you or anything so yeah okay another person and I’m not even kidding guys it’s very very uncomfortable feeling extremely uncomfortable I know a lot of people get panic attacks from this right I don’t think I’ve ever had a real real panic attack I felt it coming on sort of speed but I know myself so good that I know how to dodge the situation before it happens now you can imagine going to school with social anxiety can be a pain in the ass listen I was doing when I was going to school so this was a problem for me because when you have social anxiety you get so exhausted I mean literally just going to school for one day can feel like you wasn’t school for two days it’s like double the amount of stress you get so exhausted whenever I got home from school I was just so exhausted I just laid down and I couldn’t do anything and I still wanted to make videos so I was stressing you know like I tried to figure out okay what am I gonna do I don’t want to come off as boring I’m a perfectionist I don’t wanna post anything you guys not gonna like because I’m tired so I have countless videos that I haven’t posted because I wasn’t happy with it all right guys let’s go back a little bit okay when did I get social anxiety because it’s it hasn’t been like this forever when I was younger in kindergarten as some of you guys might know who has seen my draw my life video I had nine freaking people working for me buddy listen I have nine kids working for me there wasn’t any social anxiety involved in the picture back then kindergarten in school the first years was a problem I didn’t I didn’t even know what he was I was so confident in myself I was so happy just running around being a clown I didn’t care what people thought about me it was until I turned around 13 14 years old that I really hit I went from being in class with three students me Sebastian and Marius to go into a class with 30 students now that was a culture shock for me so everything was fine the first year I didn’t care you know I was being the class clown and everything but then all of a sudden I think in that age you know people are trying to find themselves and you know one of the toughest year ever in someone’s life you know the team’s 15 16 17 you know that those years are painful to anybody even people who doesn’t even have social anxiety you know there’s a lot of problems and you know things going on if people are nasty at that age I mean heck even I did things that was stupid to other people you know like you know people are trying to find out who they are themselves so that’s how I got social anxiety it got so bad that I couldn’t go outside by myself it actually got really really bad I remember I was at the bus one time by myself I wasn’t shaking I was just closed off claustrophobic you know that feeling I was just like shit please no one look at me I didn’t want anybody to see me I felt like the whole world was watching me again kind of ironically since I have you know a lot of subscribers on a big family that I really really loved and I’m gonna get back to that a little bit later okay but hold on so I remember one time I was sitting at the bus and then there was his old lady she started laughing or like giggling a little bit like I don’t know what it was she was also sitting in front of me I don’t think she even knew that I was on the bus it was just me and her on the bus you know and she started giggling a little bit I instantly thought me that’s how messed up I was at one point I instantly just got so phobic like I gotta get off I gotta get off um I just wanted to be home I didn’t want to do anything I didn’t want to go out to school I didn’t want to go work out nothing social anxiety is a pain in the ass and for you guys who doesn’t suffer from it you guys are so lucky like appreciate that every single day I mean again like I didn’t ask for social anxiety you know it’s just something in me like something in my body I think it’s some of my like primal instincts try to protect itself from the outside or something I don’t know what’s going on but it’s just really really uncomfortable now what I want to talk about you know it doesn’t look like I have social anxiety listen I do I have it but I’ve overcome it a lot I’ve been working a lot with myself and I do it every single day when it comes to my social anxiety you know I think everybody who has social anxiety you know it’s working on getting out of their comfort zone and that will use me on to my first point on what you can do to better your self confidence and overcome your social anxiety the first thing is try to get out of your comfort zone I know it sounds like Mission got them impossible when you have social anxiety getting out of your comfort zone are you stupid going outside of your door is going outside of your comfort zone you know it’s not that easy but just try it very carefully and just do small things try to talk to the cashier at the store when you go to the store and you buy condoms I mean when you buy gum no you go through the store and you buy a muffin okay and just try to respond with like oh thank you have a nice day take it and leave I know I know for you who doesn’t have socially excited it sounds like what luck you’re not even able to talk with people I know it sounds so stupid even for me who has it you know like you think it’s uncomfortable just saying something to a normal person yes and that’s the weird thing about social anxiety I know it sounds like there’s an impossible going outside of your comfort zone with social anxiety just try small baby steps it’s going to help you out that leads me on to point number two okay spend some time with yourself sometimes just disconnect from the world and spend some time with yourself and build up your self confidence don’t talk shit about yourself like oh no one likes me this photo looks so disgusting of me thinking about things that happen that day or has happened in the past like oh I know that girl in the gym she didn’t smile to me because she wanted to she smiled to me because she was about the laugh of my looks yo no no don’t talk about yourself that way you are got them beautiful okay shut up don’t talk to yourself that way you guys are fucking kings and queens okay yeah i debit Oh oh my god you guys are the best and I’m gonna keep on telling you guys until you got them no with yourself don’t ever tell yourself you’re not worth anything cuz I usually did that a lot but now I’m building up my self confidence I want to become the best version of myself and getting rid of social anxiety is the first step to that okay so a very famous situation when you have social anxiety is when you meet somebody and you get stressed the hell out listen the other person is also stressed most likely they’re not focusing on you they’re focusing on themselves as well like okay I should not you know do this cuz that’s gonna make me look stupid everybody’s focusing on themself in awkward situations no one wants to come off as awkward or look awkward it feels like an endless loop that never gets better trust me when I say this it’s going to get better it’s been taking me years but it’s getting better and better every single day and that leads me on to the final part of this video where I’m going to tell you what I have done to eliminate most of my social anxiety as I told you Danny out of my comfort zone has helped a lot you know just doing it over and over and over and over again telling myself that I’m good enough eventually when you said a hundred thousand times it helps a little bit and then it snowballs it’s a thing that’s like wait but just don’t talk shit to yourself okay that’s the point just you I got them King okay so yeah that’s that also one thing that’s helped me out a lot is talking about it cuz I never talked with anybody about my problems whenever I’m sad or I’m stressed or anything I don’t tell anybody like most of the times I just keep it to myself and I worked through it I’m very bad at talking with people by my feelings I think that’s a masculine thing like your guys think guys don’t do that thing but yeah talking about social anxiety to your friends admitting it to yourself that you have it and to your friends like hey I’m a little bit uncomfortable right now you know it’s just my social anxiety and that’s that you know people are going to understand and adapt to you it really helps out a lot now the final thing that gets me really really emotional every single time I’m talking or thinking about this this you guys say on camera that I you know have social anxiety and also you know at the same time I have 240,000 people watching me online it just doesn’t go together like it contradicts itself in a sentence you know but at the end of the day then one thing has helped me the most with social anxiety is you guys my amazing heated family my kings and queens you guys you guys let me be myself you know what I mean like you guys accept me for who I am in a sense and for a huge chunk of my life I didn’t even accept myself for who I was so being able to be the weird kind of character that I am on for you guys and you guys accepting me for who I am and liking what I do on top of it all um it has reduce my social anxiety I would say about 80 to 90 percent that’s also one of the reasons why I love you guys so much and I feel so safe making videos for you guys I’ve never worked harder on anything in my life that needs to be said I’m building up this family I’m doing this I’m dedicating my life to this you know because I love it I absolutely love making videos for you guys and it’s been kind of slow lately I know uh and that leads me on to the actually finally final thing that I wouldn’t talk about in this video yeah boy he’s working on something insanely awesome guys I think I’m going to release this and let you guys know about this whole project I’m working on right now within about a month it’s absolutely insane I can’t believe this is coming into reality now but yeah all I can tell you for now is this is gonna be freaking amazing and it’s all about becoming the best version of ourselves becoming the goddamn king and queen that we were meant to be mother fucker alright guys so I hope this video helps you out in one way or another if you suffer from social anxiety I know everybody does a little bit but if you have severe social anxiety I hope you can take something from this video even if it’s just you know like a little thing away from this video and then apply it into your own life to help you become the best version of yourself hey I want you to know this I am always here for you okay I’m here for you you are not alone a lot of people have it and I am here for you because you guys have been here for me ever since day one and I freaking appreciate every single one of you so much thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to watch stupid me little me making the pill talking a little bit about social anxiety I’m going on a TV show in two days to talk a little bit about it and and you guys can use the family exciting times guys really exciting times coming up so excited oh yeah thank you so much for watching today’s video I love you I love you I love you okay if you enjoyed if you learned something if you like this video if you liked these talking videos make sure to jump a little bit of a like on the video I would HIGHLY appreciate that also if you haven’t subscribed to the best captain family on yeah you know you know what to do hit that subscribe button and tap that Bell to be notified as soon as one of my videos from my crazy life comes out um and yeah I think that’s about it for today’s video guys I freaking love you and I’ll see you in the next video..

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Comment (15)

  1. I have social anxiety too! It sucks it happens when im going to social events like parties or just really any social event in general. It affects me so badly I usually start crying and it can get hard to breathe. Thank you for making this video!

  2. Omg, the exhaustion, no one gets it, it’s so bad. Like, I know I didn’t do anything-I went to the shop, bought some pasta, but I’m tired for the rest of the day.

  3. i really needed this video. i have been suffering from social anxiety for years now, it started around 5th grade and i’m now a sophomore in college. it has been improving but some days are worse than others. and i wish my friends would understand that it’s not that i don’t wanna hang out with them, it’s my anxiety that takes over me. thanks jarl

  4. When I’m walking outside I have to force myself to look up or forward, especially if I think someone is talking about me or trying to talk to me

  5. Thank you! I can’t even go out in public, I have a hard time paying at the stores even fast food places. hard time going out in public I feel like everyone’s staring at me and I burst out in a rash in my chest, and my face turns red. It makes me feel good that someone can relate

  6. I suffer from social anxiety and I don’t even pick up the phone when I don’t know who it is… I also start panicking when I’m in class, but I have to try and keep it cool… it’s honestly so hard

  7. I asked my friend what he thinks about when walking around the mall or going to school because I can’t even imagine what a person would think about when they’re not worrying about everything around them

  8. i get proud of myself when i successfully stand up during class to throw something away or if i have a successful conversation with a stranger

  9. My mind is a different person, It’s my own demon a rly negative thing, i hate everything about myself to the point that i can’t do anything about it because i never got the help i needed or found people who understood me, and that’s the reason to why i have to fake a smile sometimes

  10. Social anxiety makes me wanna fight and I hate everyone when people behind me laugh. Idk I have it in some classes and events but it usally is in one class only.

  11. I remember there was a time when I couldn’t even make eye contact with people. Ugh Horrible times… it made my high school experience garbage. Thank goodness I got over it though.

  12. Does anyone else with social anxiety hate compliments ?? Idk I just hate any attention towards myself and I feel like people don’t really mean it when they compliment me.


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