How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You

How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You

How I accidentally discovered the simple answer to the question: “How can I stop caring what people think of me?” and how you can use it to stop worrying about what other people think from now on!

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

So…”How to stop caring what people think of you”…

…is this actually the right question? Do you REALLY want to totally stop caring what other people think of you? And what would happen if you got your wish?

I believe you’d become depressed and lose the will to live. Truth is as humans we are obviously connected to other people and many studies have shown that without contact and emotional involvement with other people we deteriorate….

Turns out the problem is not to pretend that other people’s thoughts don’t matter…but WHAT YOU THINK OTHER PEOPLE ARE THINKING ABOUT YOU. And if you worry about what people think about you it’s because you secretly think they’re thinking NEGATIVE THOUGHTS about you!

After all, if you thought that people think you’re fantastic and admire everything about you….you wouldn’t worry about it…you’d LOVE IT!

Truth is: What you think other people think of you… is completely reliant on what YOU THINK OF YOURSELF.

See I learned that when I developed a POSITIVE SELF IMAGE…learned what MY VALUES ARE…and lived by them more and more, focussed on how I wanted to be and become more and more self confident and authentic in the process…

I started to think more positive things about myself more regularly. Turns out when I did that, I stopped assuming that other people had negative thoughts about me….and I started to assume that other people also had more positive thoughts about me most of the time.

And when I realised that someone didn’t…it was a surprise that was quite bemusing, but nothing else. No worries…it doesn’t really upset me at all…

So the key to “not worrying what people think of you” is to learn to think positively about yourself, by developing your self confidence, inner game and self esteem…by living in accordance to your values and develop authentic self confidence…to start having the positive thoughts about yourself that make you assume other people will think positively about you just as well!

Then you never stop yourself anymore from going for something you really want to do like you used to.

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Hey it’s Stephan Erdman here how are you doing very recently I was sent an email from one of my subscribers who asked a very simple question but I believe a lot of people ask themselves and it’s this how can I not care what people think of me? alright and it comes from a state of self consciousness and a state of holding back from doing what you want to do because you’re worried about what people will think of you now is this really the right question to ask or is the problem actually something else let me quickly explain what I mean by that I believe the problem is something else because the problem is is that why you worried about what people think you is because you think they’re thinking back courts you’re assuming having negative thoughts about you becoming it if you thought they had great positive thoughts about you be excited right you have a great time you wouldn’t worry about what they think that you right so let’s get very precise with this you worried about it because you think that negative thoughts and it’s a very much easy it is so is a mystery isn’t it clearly the key is that you need to think that other people have positive thoughts about you you need to know what the that other people’s thoughts about you up positive then you won’t be worried about you know what they think that you right and how’d you do that how can you make sure that you think other people have posted talked about you well something i dont my own journey from going from the first to the second is that when II have a good opinion of myself and a strong opinion of myself I think positive thoughts about my cell in stock to assume but other people’s courts about myself are just as positive it’s just something we do with humans when I start now cause the thoughts about myself most most the time when I’ve good self esteem when I think good things about myself I start to assume that everybody else does too alright that’s just how it works and I’m telling you this but my personal experience all having been on the side ok having very negative thoughts about myself most of the time and to sue me everybody else without you get me to feeding very good about myself now and also with facts had starting to just believe that everybody else in general will have positive thoughts about me as well so what’s the solution to basically the original question not caring what people think of you and which we’ve no kind of taken apart a little bit it is it to actually develop a really strong cause that really relationship with your cell a good opinion of yourself and backs will basically make the project other people will also have a positive opinion of you what also helps with this which is even more fascinating as when you develop more positive opinions about other people and yourself but also other people it also affect your own opinion of yourself in a positive way so this is a this used to be a vicious cycle what you thinking oh what I think picking up me and you worried about because you have secretly low opinion of yourself and now when you develop a better opinion of yourself also you start to assume everybody else does and you can also basically go both sides at the process by starting to focus on other people in a more positive light and that makes you feel better about yourself and everybody wins are you following him now how can you develop better opinion of yourself do things that you respect you can’t live according to your values and have a strong set of values that means things that are important to you is at your own guy to be abou code of behavior and when you follow that you are going to develop slightly stronger self esteem higher self esteem and more confidence and more more of a sense of authenticity and congress you can work on your confidence you can do my program for example the six week up you can’t this challenge yeah you could do that and you which shook up the process that would make you confident and make you feel in tissue in with your own values so there are many things you can do to enhance your own opinion of yourself ants call it what you want fix you in a game and develop real self confidence you know you good about yourself because that essentially is the key to not caring about what other people think which we have now found out actually of course we care what other people think otherwise be just as well be able you know we could just die right because why would you live on a not care what other people think the key is to think and expected to think positive things about you and I can tell you from my own experience once you do develop mindset about yourself you to issue other people like he was well because you like your cell alright and then sometimes they don’t but it’s more like it surprising no why don’t they or and then you realize it’s usually something to do with their background with a prepared eating with and it’s no big deal alright so I’ve already talked briefly about my 6 week W conference challenge is a great program guys that were developed the conference extra in a game it sets a W confidence challenge the call you could also join my newsletter or frantic game dot com this also links to programs in So. Cal so that’s my solution to caring too much about what people think of you it really is and be becoming positive about your cell and with back you learn to issue other people are positive about you as well and it doesn’t hold you back anymore..

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Comment (9)

  1. stephan, please add english sub into your video. i think your video very very usefull. But i am not good at english. with english sub, i can understand your opinion clearly. Have i good night, my idol. From VIET NAM. 🙂

  2. this is harder for me because i have aspergers and obsess over my looks everyday. i tend to compare myself to other people too much and i worry about not being skinny enough or in shape enough.

  3. the part about increasing your own positive feelings toward yourself and living up to your values is a solid piece of advice. I’m not a fan of the note to think others are thinking positive thoughts because sometimes no matter how great you are some people are just dicks and will hate you. So I would rather just accept that and be confident any way

  4. Stephen the point is if you’re negative you can care what others think about you you have to be positive don’t think you are better than others and don’t think they are better than you,

  5. This video is really encouraging, It’s weird but after my alarm goes off in the morning I let this play as I wake up so it sticks in my brain for the rest of the day!

  6. I can relate to a lot of what you said in this video. I know the feeling all too well. For years, I was trying to copy or mimic other people by getting involved in the same activities or the way I present myself. I was afraid that people would not like the real me because I had some funny habits. I tried so hard just to be liked. I would do anything to not to be a target for bullies and have a quiet life. This was my struggle throughout childhood/school life and to some extent now. Looking back I wish I had the courage to not give into conformity.

  7. Me I think people who care what others think about him/ her they’re stupid why you care what they think about you i don’t care,

  8. This is really great advice, i find my self knowing many of these things that you bring up already and im 16. This being one of the most important and essential ones as many people do not comprehend this or much less live it. I can tell you that by doing so you become so sure about life on a daily basis and many fears that anyone would regularly have go away. Bringing a more relaxed charismatic you. But also becareful theirs always people that want to bring you down and put a label on you for being like so, but one must remember that it is vecause they have probably have something in their life that brings that insecurity later leading to hate/envy for you being so bold and happy.


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