How To Speak Effectively Over The Phone? – English Lesson – Telephone Skills

How To Speak Effectively Over The Phone? – English Lesson – Telephone Skills

How to Effectively Communicate over the Phone?

Effective communications over the phone require clarity of speech, knowing what you want to convey, and a willingness to engage with someone using good listening skills and prompts. This article provides some of the basics required to effectively communicate during a phone call.

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1.Answer the phone specifying who you are.

It can be disorienting for a caller when they don’t know with whom they’re speaking. Try to have a bright, happy voice when answering too, as this gets the conversation off to a good start.

Pronounce your words well and try to avoid mumbling, gushing, or speaking too quickly. If the person on the other end is hard of hearing or speaks a different language from your own, speak slowly and either raise your voice or speak more clearly than usual.

3.Use words that make sense to the person you’re speaking with.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to speak teenspeak with an elderly grandmother. She isn’t necessarily going to “get it”. Adjust your language to fit the listener.

4.Use good & descriptive language when you are trying to evoke images in the listener’s mind. If you need to describe something well, try to choose words that identify its shape, color, size, etc.

5.Write down important points before making a call. If you’re worried that you’ll forget something when you call someone, or that you’ll get tongue-tied and not say what you meant to, write a prompt sheet before the call and keep it in front of you. Refer to it if you get flustered during the call.

6.Repeat important points during a call.

The text:

hi my name is Niharika and welcome to a new lesson how many times have you spoken to someone over the phone and thought that oh my god this person is so unprofessional or so uninterested well I’m sure many at times isn’t it now make sure that others are not talking the same about you right do you think that phone skills are not important you think it’s pretty easy to talk over the phone well let me tell you that effective phone skills are extremely important because it maintains a level of confidence with the other person that you’re talking to well of course you are invisible to that person isn’t it so like a simple nod or a simple grin would not help right so it is essential to have these effective communication skills so that you speak right and people enjoy talking to you so I’m going to help you with couple of ways that would help you to talk right over the phone so the first trick that I have for you is mention your name when you answer the call now it can be really disorienting for the caller if he doesn’t know who he’s talking to so it is important for you to mention your name and also make sure you have a nice happy friendly tone when you answer the call now this doesn’t mean that you overdo it don’t sound really excited oh hello how are you okay that would be too much just have a nice friendly tone so that the person feels positive about talking to you and this would get the conversation start off well trick that I have for you is speak clearly now it is important for you to pronounce your words well of course please do a wide mumbling or talking too fast or gushing okay this would not help the caller to understand what you are saying so it is important for you to pronounce your words correctly also there’s a possibility that the caller may be must be hard on hearing or or maybe doesn’t understand the language really well so make sure you talk a little slowly okay and also raise your voice so that you are a little more audible to the caller now raising your voice doesn’t mean that you start screaming okay just raise it a little so that your audible enough right the third one that I have for you is use your words right now it doesn’t make sense if you are talking to your boss or if you were talking to your grandmother and you use the teen language or you use slangs like you would go hey what’s up so are you having fun a hardcore fun doesn’t make any sense isn’t it your boss or your grandmom would think you are completely retarded so make sure you use the right language the right words if you are talking to someone professionally please use the respectful and the professional words right you cannot end up using these flags so use your words right oh that fits the listener the pork one that I have for you is listen actively now what’s the point of having a conversation if you are not listening to the person right well if you are not listening to the person and you’re not trying to understand what he’s saying what are you gonna answer him so it is important for you to listen carefully understand so that you can answer appropriately also make sure that you acknowledge let not the caller feel that he is talking to a wall always acknowledge whenever you’re listening to the person write to the color okay and also please do not interrupt interrupting people can be really really rude at times so avoid interrupting too one that I have for you is use descriptive language now of course if you have to explain something to the caller you need to brush up on your communication skills isn’t it so please do that so that it helps the color to understand what you are talking for example if you have to describe something use make use of examples because you are invisible to him right so hand gestures would not work so try giving examples examples of some shapes some colors etc imagine this is the best way imagine that you are on a radio and you are the one talking and people are listening to you that would kind of encourage you to sound a little more interesting isn’t it like the way we listen to the radio we can’t see the person who’s talking but we really enjoy what they talk because the way they described the way they talk it’s super fun isn’t it so that’s what you need to follow to try to be a little more descriptive so that the caller understands and enjoys talking to you and the last one that I have for you is always keep pen and paper handy now there are times that you might just forget you would get tongue tied and you don’t know what to talk to the person so it’s always best to keep a prom seat in front of you or you might also forget what the caller talked to you about so it’s important for you to just note down things that would help you to remember right so if you follow all these ways trust me people would love talking to you and you would never have a hard time communicating with people over the phone right now that brings me to the end of this lesson hope this lesson is useful for you to speak effectively and professionally over the phone and now something important for you when you see this link flashing out here well please go ahead and click it it will take you to our website and what you need to do is you need to subscribe well once you subscribe you will be notified by emails you would not miss out on any of her lessons okay you would directly get all our new lessons on your email so please go ahead and do subscribe we have lots of videos for you that’s a drama vocabulary business English and lots more okay and you can also watch our other teachers that’s Rachna and fema so please go ahead subscribe I would love to see you in our subscribers list till then you take care and have a great day..

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  1. i was planning on using this in a training for employees outside the US … but the term “retarded” has made me change my mind!

  2. Ms Niharika is a very good teacher. Her lessons are extremely useful. I do not miss even one. It would be better if we could ask some questions and get answers somehow. Walmir – Divinopolis city – Brazil.

  3. Excellent and very useful video lesson. Madam, I like your way of teaching English and giving various tips for improvement. Your face expression, smile, hand gestures and your sweet and clear voice are really so great when you are teaching the lessons. Your lessons are improving my english skills and at the same time the video is so enjoyable. I wish let your service continue forever to the society and I wish you all the very best in your life. Seema and Rachna also doing great job. Many Many Thanks..

  4. I’m not an English. If you guys know a lot of English so why you don’t upload a video with the perfect English??? Try to learn something, If you see something wrong skip it, don’t give a negative speech against these… Hop u got it…

  5. One thing to note, Niharika:

    “Retarded” is a very strong word in certain circles. I find it ironic when you mention appropriate syntax to a situation and use such a term. Many people will be highly offended by even hearing such a word. I have several friends who have disabled family members who do not take such words lightly. Your videos reach a wide array of different kinds of people. Furthermore by including that phrase in your video you are teaching a whole generation of ESL students to parrot your phrase which may cause HUGE social stigma. I recently made the mistake of using this phrase in front of my friend who has an autistic brother. He was not pleased.

    Perhaps “Are you crazy?” may be a better rhetorical phrase to express their mortification.


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