How To Overcome Social Anxiety & Living With It (My Story)

How To Overcome Social Anxiety & Living With It (My Story)

How to overcome anxiety, me dealing with social anxiety and overall living with constantly being anxious? Here’s my story.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

Social anxiety and how I deal with and overcome anxiety has always been a struggle for me growing up. You would be amazed how far I have come from having people tell me ”do you talk?” to where I am today.

To overcome social anxiety – it is a battle and no one’s person story is the same and we all deal with it differently. For me, I had to reach a lowest of low to realize that something needed to change or I was going to spend the rest of my life not having a voice.

After watching FreshBlush video on the same topic it made me reminisce these two incidents that defined who I was when I was younger – so here’s my thoughts on me overcoming my struggles.

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do you talk those three words yeah I might seem a little awkward a little cringy you might say and I stuttered here and there but little known fact that you probably don’t know about me is I used to be that mute kid that kid in elementary school and especially high school that just followed the crowd the person in the corner of the back that no one really know who his name was no one even knew that I could open my mouth and talk and during those days those were one of the darkest days in my life because these three simple words do you talk those three words made me feel like I was worthless for some people you might feel and not deal with things like social anxiety on top of that just overall being anxious and having anxiety in general things of like when you’re in a room full of people that you don’t know even me I tend to freeze up nowadays and revert to my old ways but if there’s something that I will never do now is not have you know the ability to speak up right I remember I’ve attached so much pain to these type of incidences and experiences when I was growing up that I promised myself ever since I finished high school that I was never ever going to be that person again because I felt helpless I felt that I didn’t have a voice like to have people point fingers at you and tell you who you are you know put you down in condescending way and for you to not be able to respond or react in a way that you could truly be yourself here’s a little story time so pretty much the first incident that happened which I talked about in a previous video is during math class where it was in the middle of the year what everyone should have like known each other by now and it was tell me about returning a test and I gave the test back to the teacher and hedron’s like oh thanks Peter and some kid in the back was like who’s Peter and the teacher goes something along the lines of oh he’s he’s your class but you know the guy that sits there the one with the hat and the kid in the back go something a lot like I haven’t heard him talking before who’s this kid I don’t even know who this Peter is and then the whole class starts laughing and at that time and age I don’t think I could have like felt any smaller of a person in terms of like my confidence and my own ego and that just made me want to hide in a little shelf and run away forever and ever but there was this second incident where I haven’t talked about yet but it was during this extracurricular activity kind of Club and we had a meeting at someone’s house and this is my first time going to this meeting and I didn’t know anyone and we have social anxiety you go in a room full of eight seven people and you don’t know anyone that’s when I just begin to like shut down and you know smile and stuff but not really have a voice and talk and first we have this big meeting of all eight and then we broke up into two groups of like three and four and then we’re brainstorming about something and this one girl is like looks me dead in the eye and it’s like do you even talk and I just went like and for someone who deals with social anxiety especially during those age it’s like what are you posed to say yeah even nowadays I remember still a couple years ago in University when you go introduce yourself yeah and they would go around the corner like the room like a circle and yeah think of like some thing of like introducing yourself or talk about yourself or talk about something you’re interested in and yeah some people might get a little nervous when you know it’s going person to person and then you’re like oh god I have to think of something but for a person with social anxiety my heart goes like 300 miles an hour and my palms start sweating and that still happens to me here and then even when I’m like going to a restaurant and I’m walking up the stairs to that restaurant knowing that there’s gonna be a host there standing you know my heart still races because I know that I either have to talk to that person say hi or smile and those are some into this is where my social anxiety still is there you know it’s still lingers but I’m proud of myself because I’m able to put myself on the camera to millions of people in the world well hundreds and on top of that I’m able to talk to random people and strangers I’m able to like connect with people that I don’t even know personally but I’m able to talk to them if I knew them personally and I’m able to create a relationship and a community with you guys and if you asked me ten years ago when I was fourteen years old you know known as that quiet kid that kid that people thought was mute that follow the crap we all missed a tough guy and being an aging gangster is that I didn’t have a voice I was constantly falling the crowd and I thought how do I because deep down I knew I was this crazy person this crazy weird awkward person that I couldn’t really be myself because whenever I was in school around kids that I thought creates some crazy situation I had that they were always judging and looking at me is that I couldn’t be myself and for me how I dealt with my own social anxiety is that I went through such a lowest of low you know AB rock bottom that I remember you know after you know senior year of high school I promised myself that it was time to change and I needed to do something so I could break my own habits and that guys is my story and situation with my own social anxiety but don’t get me wrong you know I still have it here and there with things like when people when I get invited and to big parties of like person I don’t know I’m like yeah cool I might be busy that day well some will sometimes I am but if it’s a one person that invites me to people of like ten people I’d like some kind of party and I don’t know any of them I just freeze up and I’m like a deer in the headlights more so than your typical person right that’s what having social anxiety feels like and it’s something that I deal with every day and I try my best to pull on up front sometimes you know that’s when it comes to but I have flaws it doesn’t security it’s just like everyone over you guys right no one is perfect but I want all you guys to know that people that you know deal with social anxiety deal with being the person that couldn’t speak up dealing with the you know who you are but you felt like people labelled you and didn’t mean oh your name well guess what a part of me has a little chip okay maybe not a chip but like I don’t want you you know those kids in elementary in high school you’ll know my name you best believe that check back in a couple years I’ll see you the next one doses you ..

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