How To Overcome Social Anxiety In 2 Steps I Christie Allison

How To Overcome Social Anxiety In 2 Steps I Christie Allison


Hey guys!! This video is about social anxiety and how to get rid of it! Anyone who has experienced social anxiety knows how nasty it can be. These two steps have been (and yes I made up silly names for them :p) proven to help decrease social anxiety dramatically.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

Anxiety is something that flourishes on avoidance. The more anxious you feel naturally in a social situation, the more you will want to avoid it. The more you avoid it, the more anxious you become! It is a terrible cycle that can get worse and worse over time. Here is how to reverse it 🙂

If you are suffering with social anxiety and want to be able to feel more comfortable in social situations, please watch this video!

Hope it helps :*

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everyone I’m back yay okay signal what’s been going on please tell me what’s been going on in your lives and just things as usual I always want to hear from you I want to know what you guys want to see videos about so please please please get me in the loop let me know comment below please hear from you video is going to be about social anxiety do you have any anxiety and social situations please watch this video because I hope that it will help you well two tips on how to get rid of your social anxiety names it’s to be P&F and all that kind of sounds weird but just just bear with me please just bear with me what I mean for that is push yourself so if you are someone who has bad social anxiety where you feel extremely anxious to where the point you don’t want to go to any social events you don’t want to network with people you don’t want to meet you people you want to do is push yourself you’re literally gonna do the thing that makes you the most anxious which is to go to as many social events as possible and these are all events that need to be people that you do not know and you need to go by yourself so yes that probably sounds like complete health to you or the complete opposite thing in which you would ever want to do and a lot of you might just even shutdown with that idea be like re is she crazy like she’s out of her mind I’m not gonna do that well if you want to get rid of your social anxiety that’s what you have to do I would say make attainable goals so do something where it’s like okay one social event week and then after the next month of be two shal social events a week the next month three social events a week you have to get past that initial shock factor almost the initial the initial leap you have to get over that part first and then it gets so much easier from there when you’re at these social events right this brings us to and the F is fake it so for for the F part if when you are in a social right you’re feeling anxious you’re feeling like I mean your hands are sweating your hearts beating out of your chest you’re all these thoughts are going through your mind like oh my gosh that’s just probably I probably idiot I don’t know like I don’t want to be here I just like this is a you know I just feel so uncomfortable right now that you’re you’re gonna want to just run away I want you to fake as much as you can so even though you’re thinking in your head I the last place I want to be is here I’d rather be like pulling my hair out then being at this social event what I want you to do is fake it so smile look like you know just even if you feel like like you you can’t even force yourself to smile even if you wanted to still smile smile and posture as well posture is everything so nonverbal communication actually communicates more than verbal communication you’re at this social event let’s say it’s a you know event per your school right and there’s no one there that you know so if you’re sitting there if you’re sending it on like this you’re on your phone like like looking around you are making yourself look on a perch upon you’re making yourself look unapproachable and therefore no one is going to approach you so if your goal is to make new friends or meet new people or be able to go to social events without feeling anxious or feeling like super super nervous you are going to have to fake it you’re gonna have to smile you’re gonna have to introduce yourself to others you’re going to have to watch as well how you are portraying yourself to other people and they miss out as little because they don’t get to meet what grateful person you are and you get to learn absolutely nothing about you you’re going to take that first step and approach other people introduce yourself tell them a little bit about you try to learn some things about them it’s easier and easier the more that you do it the more social once you go to the more people that you talked to just you’re going to become so much more comfortable and you’re just going to feel that anxiety go down and down and down and down to the point where it’s going to be almost non existent hope that this is helpful to you I love you guys so much until next time..

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