How To Overcome Social Anxiety # 13

How To Overcome Social Anxiety # 13

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why are you afraid you have this social anxiety why are you afraid why are you afraid what other people say or think or care well what if they judge me what if they don’t accept me what if they put me down what if I like dumb what if this what if that what if it doesn’t go my way what if I look like an idiot what if they judge me what if they don’t like me what if I they hate me what does that matter who cares what does it matter does it matter no your mind is convinced too that it does matter but in reality it doesn’t matter like you have to see that man like how the fuck does that matter like that doesn’t affect you in any way and the only way that affects you is if your mind says it affects you like okay someone doesn’t like you they judge you they hate you they put you down they laugh at you they ridicule you they condemn you who cares who said everyone’s supposed to love you who said everyone’s supposed to like you who fucking cares bro like what the who gives a fuck man what does it matter it doesn’t matter just let it go man like why do you care it does it doesn’t matter dude who cares not everyone’s gonna like us there’s always gonna be haters bro the most fucking cool loving genuine people get hated on all the time that’s life who gives a fuck you see what it comes from is you don’t accept yourself you don’t like yourself you don’t love yourself man and also you’re afraid so those are the two things you got to work on you got to work on accepting yourself overcoming fear I’ve made plenty of videos on how to do that already but this video I just want to ask you man like heart to heart friend to friend mano a mano like who cares if someone doesn’t like you who cares if they judge you like what does it matter think about it why does that matter and when you’re out of excuses you’ll realize it doesn’t matter oh well it does matter because of oh well I don’t want that to happen I don’t want them to judge me it’s like but those are all just excuses dude it doesn’t matter like who cares who fucking cares why does it matter it doesn’t matter dude whether someone accepts you or judges you who cares bro honestly dude it’s like I always say if you’re just being yourself and someone is judging you for just being you what does that say about them like are you really concerned about what’s such a negative person has to say anyways think about it this way dude there’s always gonna be people that put you down there’s always gonna be people that admire you this guy is the fucking coolest dude in the fucking world and there’s always gonna be people that oh my god this fucking loser so that’s how it’s always gonna be no matter what no matter what there’s always gonna be people that laugh at you there’s always gonna be people that fucking love you that would die for you so that’s how it’s always gonna be so sooner or later you have to accept that okay that’s how it’s gonna be that’s the way this world is dude the most enlightened people people laugh at them and hate on them that’s life dude but there’s also people all the other people that love them fucking oh my god this guy’s the man I’m saying so that’s just it guys it’s just kind of just like it’s all about non attachment overcoming social anxiety is all about non attachment man that’s what it’s all about is just consciously choosing to let go you know what I don’t care you know what I don’t care if they judge me I don’t care if they don’t like me I don’t care if they laugh at me I don’t care if this or if that now part of being able to do that is yes you got to learn shit you got a obviously like there’s lots of things that are gonna help you to do that but at the same time it’s just a decision it’s just a choice in the moment you know what I’m gonna let that shit go I’m not gonna sweat it dude I’m not gonna sweat it it’s just a choice so like on one hand there’s a lot of stuff they can help you get to that point but you don’t need all that shit like it’s just a choice dude like you’re the one that says it’s a problem it’s your mind that says it’s a problem if people judge me it’s a pro it’s such a problem if I’m not accepted if people look down on me if this or if that that’s only you who says it’s a problem in reality what does it matter it doesn’t do anything it doesn’t affect anything like oh they don’t like you they judge you they laugh at you big fucking deal get over it dude like it’s about non attachment dude they’re just like you know what I don’t give a fuck I don’t give a fuck dude today I have no fucks to give bro I started my day with 12 fucks and I’m ending my day with 12 fucks and you are not getting one of them bow bro I have a limited amount of fucks to give and people judging me does not deserve any of them all right I don’t give a fuck about that shit okay it’s like it’s just it’s a level of acceptance and non attachment that’s what it’s all about dude acceptance you know what I accept it okay you’re gonna judge me you’ll laugh at me you’ll put me down all right okay that’s a huge part of non attachment dude because you cannot let go of something that you don’t accept let me reiterate that this applies to everything in your life if you have problems letting go of the past letting go of attachments letting go of people letting go of this or of that until you exit to something you will literally never be able to let it go there’s people that are still hurt by the past that shit that happened 40 years ago why cuz they never accepted it until you accept something you will literally always be bothered by it okay so until you just accept it okay they judge me maybe they won’t judge me maybe they will I accept whatever okay if people want to judge me dude I’m telling you it’s not like you have to become this person or go to this buy this ebook or go to this course or watch all these million videos and how to be an alpha how to be this you know you don’t gotta spend years doing no FAP bro it’s a choice let me I know cuz I fucking did this shit myself I’ve had social anxiety my whole life everything that I’ve told you guys is my own journey of what I did to overcome it so I’m not just like making shit up yeah this will work you try to grow this like all my shit that I did I used to be that guy and what I’m telling you is it’s a choice it’s a choice to just be like you know what whatever happens I accept it and I’m telling you bro I’m like a skinny dude because um well first of all I haven’t lifted weights my whole life I just haven’t really cared about it on one hand and on another hand I’ve been dealing with injuries my whole life dude like accidents and like injuries and like I’ve always just been like fucking injured for some reason dude like it’s not cuz I’m a vegan dude like I’ve been eating meat my whole fucking life bro if anything the raw food fucking speeds up all healing that I’ve ever been through but you know I’m saying I’ve been teased my whole life you’re so fucking skinny this guy’s long hair is fucking girly skinny fucking little bitch my whole life dude this fucking white fucking skinny little fucking haole cracker ass bitch leave this fucking loser my whole life bro ain’t know what this year I said you know I got no more fucks to give I got no more fucks to give man and if someone wants to judge me alright I accept it and yes no fapped helped me fucking tremendously and meditation helped me tremendously and having a success mindset helps me tremendously and there’s lots of shit that helps me but I’m here to say you can do all that stuff and still suffer from social anxiety it comes down to choosing it’s a choice that you make in the moment bro I’m here to tell you you could do a year of no FAP and still have social anxiety it’s a choice that you make in the moment to just be like you know what I got no more fucks to give whatever bro like dude I don’t give a shit anymore I just walk around bro I used to be so self conscious bro about being skinny and like always wear long sleeves and pants and I don’t want people to laugh at me I’ve been having people laughing my whole life but I got to a point where I just fucking I walk around without a shirt and shorts on bro I’m like I’m a cup of fuck dude I don’t give a fuck what you say look of a fuck what you think I fucking love myself that’s all that fucking matters and it’s not a judgmental perspective it’s not a an aggressive defensive thing it’s an acceptance like bro I don’t care whatever dude you judge me like you laugh at me I look stupid whatever bro I know I’m the fucking man and whatever bro it’s like I’m just me and you’re just you you’re not perfect I’m not perfect no one’s perfect so who for fuck cares bro I don’t give a fuck judge me laugh at me whatever bro and a part of that is learning to love yourself so the more successful you become the more you become the person that you truly want to be and make your dreams come true just develop the right the more you become the person you want to be the more you’re gonna love yourself and accept yourself and so on and so forth a there’s a lot of shit that you got to do and I teach you guys all about it in this video you know I’m saying all star mode all that stuff but yeah man it still has boils down to a choice of just like you know I don’t give a fuck whatever you whatever dude don’t fucking care because you just gotta accept it like bro it doesn’t matter like who cares you judge me you laugh at me you mock me I don’t care dude it doesn’t matter whatever I accept it bro it’s all about acceptance dude that’s the biggest thing guys it’s just acceptance you know I accept it I accept it man and you know what there’s gonna be dude there’s I’m telling you guys there’s so many people there’s always gonna be so many people that love you and look up to you and yeah this guy’s fuckin amazing and there’s always gonna be the haters and the naysayers and the doubters and the judgmental pricks hey you just gotta get over it man like who fucking cares bro like shit it doesn’t matter I started this day with a limited amount of Fox and I got no fucks to give for that you know I’m saying it’s just you got to accept it bro I just accept it like you know I mean if you’re sitting at a party or with your with friends or and wherever in your social anxiety what if what if they judge me man like who cares bro like why are you stressing it bro you know what probably not even gonna fuckin do that they’re probably not even gonna judge you you’re judging your fucking self bro like 90% of your fucking social anxiety bro 99% of everything you’re afraid of is never gonna happen write that shit down bro like write that down read that every fucking day 99% of the shit that I am afraid of is never gonna happen so right there that’s a great way to overcome your fears bro 99% of the shit I’m afraid of it’s never gonna happen wow that’s the truth bro think about it think about all this stuff you think about your whole life bro our whole life we’ve been like have these fearful thoughts what if that happens what if those 99% of that shit never fucking happened there’s all just bullshit that we were chatting up in the head bro like that’s what I’m saying you have this idea that everyone’s gonna fucking judge you hate you and what if I look dumb and what if this and what if that what if I look like a fucking idiot and what if they judge me bro 99% of the time none of that shit’s gonna happen there’s gonna be 1% of the time where you encounter judgmental assholes who gives a fuck 99% of the time no one fucking cares no one cares dude like just fine I realized that dude 99% of the time no one fucking cares we make up all these stories in our mind these scary stories of they’re gonna judge me they’re not gonna like me it’s all gonna go well I’ll look dumb there you’re not gonna accept me oh oh my god I’m gonna look like a fucking idiot 99% of that is just bullshit you’re making up in your head 99% of that’s never gonna happen and if that doesn’t help you I don’t know fucking what will dude like that’s huge write that down or mind it to yourself every fucking time your if every time you’re afraid you know what dude 99% of what I’m afraid of ain’t gonna fucking happen and then just do it bro remember every time you face your fear you get rewarded the cave that you’re afraid to enter holds the treasure that you seek bro remember that remember that and whatever you judge holds the lesson that you need so anyone that you make fun of laugh at ridicule mock judge they hold the lesson that you need when you let go of that shit you’ll learn a life lesson that will revolutionize your life whatever you’re afraid to do that’s holds a fucking treasure if you face your fear bro when you’re afraid remind yourself 99% of fear is fucking imaginary it’s never gonna happen and then face your fear you’ll get rewarded accept everything your life will be fucking amazing..

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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