How To Overcome Shyness Fast | Psychological Tricks To Overcome Being Shy

How To Overcome Shyness Fast | Psychological Tricks To Overcome Being Shy

Find out how to overcome shyness fast using these psychological tricks. You’ll learn how to stop being shy and find out what makes a person shy to begin with. The tricks in this video can even help you to be more confident around girls and less shy around women.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

Write up:

let me ask you a question have you ever wondered what it would be like if you weren’t shy maybe you’ve imagined how good it would feel to walk up to that pretty girl and leave the experience feeling accomplished and excited if you consider yourself a shy person even a little bit I Got News for you you are not alone some of the latest statistics show that one out of every two Americans claimed to be shy what’s even more interesting is the fact that this number only appears to be growing and experts believe it is due to our highly technological culture which is getting more advanced every year if you’re shy I know how easy it is to feel like the only person on the planet who feels this way what you don’t realize is that nearly 66% of the people around you are also ashati in fact if you take a second to really look around it doesn’t take long to see that most people are shy when you’re walking through a typical American grocery store there are only a few people that you’ll actually notice and everyone else seems to fade into the background you notice this handful of individuals because they’re in a small percentage of people who aren’t shy studies show that the typical shy individual is constantly analyzing themselves and noticing everything that is negative about their appearance and behavior they are also thinking too much about what others think of them while others are talking and greeting each other you are probably trying to think ahead and constantly trying to manage your impression and how you appear to others people who are shy tend to have problems meeting others and making new friends they tend to freeze up during conversations with others the typical shy individual is constantly living between the fear of being visible and worthless or invisible and insignificant now before you start to think that it’s all over for you it is important to know that you’re not some terrible zombie that’s going to take part in the apocalypse you’re also not some diseased individual who is beyond a cure in fact socially you’re just like everyone else but you are stuck inside of a temporary cage with the psychological tricks you are about to learn you can bust out of the cage and show these people what you’re really made of now before we get into it you should know that most shyness is developed over time through life experiences although some of it might be due to genetics shyness isn’t something that you just wake up with one day like the common cold or something when shyness kicks in three parts of your brain that control anxiety and fear turn on and they produce an over generalize fear response in other words shyness causes your brain to think you’re being chased by a hungry tiger when you’re really just having a conversation with another person studies show that Israelis seem to be less shy than the rest of the world and culture is believed to be a major contributing factor for this before we can fight back against shyness we have to address the 800 pound gorilla in the room most shy guys perceive themselves as losers and this limiting belief is created by basic psychology as guys our personal confidence is strongly linked to our status and success men care about these factors way more than women a man is results an achievement oriented and by nature we’re competitive with other men you’ve probably seen those nature videos where two giant rulers are pounding on their chests and fighting for the female real life is like a slightly less dramatic version of gorilla fighting the basic definition of shyness is an overestimation of the risk associated with social situation for some these are seems significantly greater than for others any major reason for this is based on how long you’ve been living your life as someone who is shy if you’re currently 25 and you’ve lived the last ten years of your life being shy then it will take more time to undo the last ten years of psychology within your brain with that said let’s get into the strategy and talk about psychological tricks that you can start using right away to overcome shyness now the first trick is to ask 20 strangers for the time and make sure to wait three minutes in between requests what this does psychologically is eliminate the fear of getting rejected by strangers since everything in life is a numbers game we can assume that a small percentage of people will completely ignore it all this might be rude and so on and so forth based on statistics a percentage of the people you ask will also be shy and you need to make sure that never mistake they’re offering is that something you’re doing wrong when you first start using this trick you’ll probably be very nervous especially if you’ve been living your life as a shy person for many years although asking someone for the time in our modern world of smartphones and digital devices might seem a bit weird it’s one of the best ways to start eliminating the fear of rejection to keep this trick like all of the others is consistency and you should try to do it every single day the second trick is called radical explosion and it’s reserved for the bravest individuals like most things in life the greatest risk carries the potential for the most lucrative rewards and this psychological trick is no exception the trick was actually pioneered by a legendary psychologist by the name of Albert Ellis when he first created this strategy he told himself he was going to sit down at every bench within the New York Botanical Garden that had a girl sitting on it alone out of 130 girls 30 of them walked away immediately but he ended up talking with the other 100 he followed through the exercise no matter how anxious and scared he was and when the experiment was spinning she noticed something very odd despite all of the worst case scenarios playing out in his head Albert found that none of the girls called the cops on him or called him a loser while laughing and walking away in fact well known actor Will Ferrell got over his shyness by pushing a projector across a campus with his pants hanging out enough to show his bare ass and others have achieved great results by doing crazy things in public another really cool psychological trick is to think of life as a giant game you ever notice how almost anything can be fun when you turn it into a game this concept works wonders for people who are shy and it’s very effective because it helps you to stop overanalyzing yourself and thinking about what others are thinking of you many years ago after I was tired of being shy I turned the tables on my shyness by turning it into a giant game on any given day I would play a game with myself and I would have come up with a number of people I was going to talk to that day most of the time the number was 10 if it’s less than 10 you run the risk of engaging with a small handful of rude people who will only reinforce your attendance need to be shot once it was a game I actually looked forward to talking with someone if not for any other reason than to view it as an achievement I also started to realize that the real world doesn’t work like all the worst case scenarios that constantly played out inside of my head I also realized that by being shy I was more likely to act in a way that increased the odds of one of the worst case scenarios actually happening you have to remember that at the end of the day energy is never lost it can only be transformed with practice the fear and anxiety that you might currently have when meeting new people will fade away and with every successful exercise the negative energy will come back as confidence like everything in life you need to build momentum to see the best results so you’ll need to practice these tips at least every other day even if you start small by forcing yourself to talk to one stranger per day you’ll create a foundation of positive experiences and reference points that you can build on over time you’ll transform into a new person and you’ll begin to wonder how you live as a shy person for so long and if you just faced your fear you’ll realize that it’s not that big and once you beat it back it will come back as confidence until next time thanks for watching..

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Comment (14)

  1. damm i was always shy since my earliest memories. Before kindergarten i was shy around aunts, and all my schooling life i was shy around strangers. Dunno what life experiences i had since i was like 3 when i first remember being shy.

  2. Shyness is a mental health issue and no one can blame you for having it. You have some false beliefs and you believe them and they make you behave in some way. The cause of shyness is being sensitive and fearful.
    I will say to any shy person, don’t fear others, you are strong. You are just like your confident counterparts, not better and not less than them either.
    Write many positive beliefs and statements and say them and repeat them several time per day. They work.

  3. It’s funny because sometimes i fell like I’m a shy person and have some trouble initiating conversation. But on the other hand I fell confident and always walk with my chin up and a straight back.

    I think the fact that i don’t talk to more people and engage in conversation with strangers is because for me small talk is boring. I like deeper talk, philosophic perspectives and meaningful matters, which I don’t get from many and that depresses me a bit. It’s like a hard match to find. I just might be assuming most of the time by the cover of the book.
    Got to lose that bad habit

  4. I feel like I’m irrationally shy because I don’t think little of myself (but I do recognize my flaws) and I don’t really fear being rejected that much. It’s just hard for me to talk to new people after I already established a quiet persona for myself at school (or at least I feel like I have) (I’m not quiet to friends, but quiet to those I am less than comfortable with. It’s not like I can’t talk to people if they approach me or ask me something it’s just that I rarely will ask them anything or show personality in my responses). I guess I’m scared of awkward scenarios and I overthink things. Any observations or advice or anything I need to clarify?

  5. If you’re shy ask yourself this simple question: What parts of me do I not want other people to see?
    and when you get the answer, keep going deeper, asking yourself: Why? What if they saw those parts?
    Get to the core and accept the feelings that arise. Meditate with them.

  6. Shyness is pretty much a disease that takes a lot of work to be cured, it can rob you of opportunity and a happy life. Shyness = insecurity

  7. I’ve been shy as far back as I can remember. As a young kid up until before starting kindergarten, I didn’t have many social interactions with anyone besides my own family. The lack of social interactions had given me social anxiety whenever I finally did experience them. It was a foreign feeling, especially walking into my first class and everyone looked up at me, expecting me to say something. I froze up because I wasn’t sure what to do or how to react. Not knowing anyone generated a huge pressure on me mentally and it kind of stuck ever since, at least up until senior year of high school is when I started breaking free from my shyness. It’s more of a progressive thing but I went from having a handful of friends to more friends and many acquaintances. I still can’t do public speaking well but I can preform live on stage.


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