How To Get A Social Life And Make Friends Without Rejection!

How To Get A Social Life And Make Friends Without Rejection!

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hey it’s definitely you listen thank you for your comments and a lot of emails I’ve been getting on my newsletter but also here on I’ve be getting messages asking me you know what’s my first step basically the situation is you know I’m I am very shy or I have been in a relationship for a long time I tend to be by myself a lot I tend to be at home a lot I tend to not necessarily get out much but I also tend to be you know quite uncomfortable going out and you know how can I start meeting women if I’m not even you know out of my house and I absolutely think that’s a you know I that’s a great question as it’s it’s a great point because the first step is often the hardest the first step is often the harvest and you know if you can take the first step you usually will create momentum at the same time it’s really important that you take the first step now the first step is important yeah you want to create momentum so you want to take action right after this video but here’s the thing what I always say to people before you can start you know chatting up supermodels yeah if you are SHINee right now you’re introverted guy before you can learn to you know talk to girls that you are really attracted to have you already mastered the skill of just talking to people and come out of it feeling good and comfortable and for them to also feel good and comfortable in the process because that’s really for me the number one skill you need to learn first okay and very often people want to go to the third stage straightaway now what’s the easiest way of learning that if you are at the moment standing staying at inside maybe watching a lot of TV on what you know playing Play. Station you know those activities that really don’t get you closer to people what’s the easiest way of doing that well there is a 21st century solution here which i think is absolute genius and it’s personally changed certain aspects of my life and I know of many people who it’s been absolutely amazing for and that’s a website called meet up meet up comm meet up comm all right and what is it about it’s basically you know like Facebook or or River but the focus is on meeting up of people with with similar interests so when you put on your name whatever you create your little profile you put your interests so if there are comic books or if they are Marlon Brando or if they are dating tips or if there are web 2.0 or if they are football or take Wando or you know American history you put your interests and what happens is once you’ve done that you will get emails telling you Oh a new group around American history has just been opened and it allows you to join that group okay and then basically people in that group they get the somebody organises the group and you then basically get invited to a meet up so where you can meet people who have the same interests as you who have this passion for whatever it is be it football whatever or American history or you know comic books and you meet up with them and you hang out with them and do whatever you know that the meetup is about I have a good time you’re meeting all these people you’re interacting with all these people you’re talking to all these people you meet women you meet guys and you’re just hanging out with people who are like minded who have a good time do you see where this is leading I mean this is the easiest possible way that you could possibly fill out your whole week if you want with social events okay without having to initiate anything without having to go call up somebody that you don’t know yet or cool up an old friend that you have you’ve been out of touch with without wondering or what are you gonna do ole maybe just go go have a coffee again all this or that you’ll actually do interesting things with people who want to do the same interesting things that you love okay and that tell a personal story I mean for years I’ve been looking for people to play table tennis with cuz you know quite frankly I was a very good table tennis player my youth have you can beaten a certain very highly skilled Chinese people who as we all know are pretty much the best in the world at table tennis because they played from the age of like one and a half and and for years in London I’ve been looking for you know the Table Tennis Club or something but there’s only one and some really weird place of London somewhere which is really inaccessible so for years I’ve been like oh I wish I could find a group of people people to play table tennis with there we were I get onto this website up comes table tennis or ping pong something and I mean I I go to one of those things and I have a great time I got so excited playing table tennis again there were some really good people there so from that I’ve already met a few friends now I also play football with some of them I’ve got a guy now who I really like anyway who’s great to play with as well who wants to play with me more like in other another closer to where we live and this and that and great stuff so I have made some friends from it I mean there were women there as well if I was dating at the moment I’d be I’d be chatting with them so do you see where this is leading I mean my personal experience there were guys there that said you know this has to change my social life I used to have no friends in London and now I’m having something else every night and I’m you know it’s so amazing yeah there are people telling me all these stories and it’s been fascinating because you know it’s the setup that makes it so easy and pretty much rejection free because you know you get there and there’s also a good vibe around the whole thing and this website is global I think you know I’ve I know it’s in Canada it’s in the u. s. of course it’s in other parts of the so I think it’s it’s here to stay so that website is your first step go on there set up a profile right after this video go to meet up comm set up a profile if you haven’t already who knows maybe this is all I was hat to you and you’ve done this before but if you’re watching this I assume that you may not know about this otherwise you would already you have a social life that is absolutely full of exciting events so go set up a profile put all your interests there as obscure as you want put in there about what what you want to learn more about what you’re passionate about whatever and see what happens next and search around around the site as well but there really isn’t much that you need to do to be honest for this to to work for you and then go to some events and if the first one doesn’t you know isn’t completely hitting the spot you know obviously you’re still dealing with human beings here and this and that then you just go to another one you just you know and there’s no there is no problem if you don’t turn up the next time do you see where this is going it’s absolutely brilliant to start meeting people again to you know own your social skills to have conversations to get used to you know flexing your social muscles again and you know having a social life which is so important and very often I mean you’d be surprised you probably already meet women there but having that as a background will help you also to become more confident with women okay obviously there’s lots of stuff that do you still need to learn and lots of that stuff is here a too shy to date calm if you want to get there and download a free report as well it helps you with nerves you can use that of course as well so I recommend you get that will so please subscribe here but this is the first step that anyone can take okay that makes this totally easy and you are lucky ok this is 21st century 2010 you know this is all pre done for you in a website I mean years ago you would have to you know I keep saying you have to go to the next village yourself but you see what I mean okay so it’s really easy so you know the only thing that you can mess up with is not do it okay so do it right now go there check it out and put a profile up okay okay I’ll speak to you very soon thanks for being here thanks for checking this out and thanks for leaving your comments and letting me know your stories of course and get in touch if you really need my help on the bigger scale..

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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  1. Im in a tough position. I am very lonely, I barely have true friends, I also can get quite shy and I have never been in a relationship and as a result I barely leave the house. Im 16 years of age 17 in may and I have no clue what to do what a wonderfull world.

  2. The thing is that we “loners”, we feel things in a different way that others do, so for us to get spontaneous is something that requires a trustable and close person to be with. And “new” people actually don’t understand what we feel so If we get akward because of our anxiety they just move away or think we’re disgusting. Sad but true. Related to what you said, I think it’s your experience as a person who has already confidence and social skills. And it might work. But for us. it requires something more. A different mental state, you know what I mean?


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