How To Get A Girl To Notice You – 7 Tips For Guys Who Feel Invisible Around Girls!

How To Get A Girl To Notice You – 7 Tips For Guys Who Feel Invisible Around Girls!

Feeling invisible around girls? Wondering how to get noticed by beautiful women? Can’t get women to check you out? Always feel like everything is a “cold approach” when it comes to women?

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

I know it’s not easy. And it doesn’t feel good to feel invisible around beautiful women. I felt the same way just a few years ago. Until I realised the things i am sharing with you in this video.

So watch the video to learn exactly how you’re currently making yourself invisible around women and how to get girls to notice you and often even start conversations with you.

At the very least you’ll notice that women will be more open to you starting a conversation with them when you follow the simple tips about how to get a girl’s attention that I am sharing in this video.

So if you’ve got a specific girl you want to notice you, or you simply want to attract more women in general then try out a few of these tips and notice the difference.

And if you’ve liked what I’ve shared in this video you’ll love the video I’ve told you about at the end of this video. It’s giving you the perfect formula to start conversations with women that works really well in most situations.

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hey a lot of guys feel invisible around women and frankly it’s pretty infuriating I have to say I mean come on can’t you see me all right well in this video we’re going to be talking about how to get women to notice you so if you currently feel invisible around women or that women don’t hear you don’t notice you at all then literally this is going to be a great video for you to watch so there are three big reasons there is what you’re wearing that’s how you’re moving and there’s how you’re communicating let’s talk about what goes wrong and then what you can do to fix it first of all if you want women to notice you the very obvious first step is to look at what you’re wearing now very often people that say women don’t notice me when you look at what they’re wearing they’re wearing basically shades of grey if you wear colors which are all extremely safe that are all basically designed to make you blend into the background to be just like everyone else chances are people won’t notice you literally because they don’t really register anything unusual in the place where you are the trick with us really is to have one piece of clothing that you’re wearing at a time that stands out that is a little bit unusual that it has a stronger color or that has a very specific design secondly fix your body language what I often see with people that they don’t move with purpose they don’t move into a room with purpose they don’t seem to know what they want so they come into a cafe which is a really good example kind of amble in sort of end up at where they need to order sort of not sure about what they’re ordering so their body language basically says I’m not sure about Who I am what I’m doing here why I’m here I’m just checking out whether people look at me funny and that’s really not good enough so you have to come in you have to know what you want and walk in with purpose move with purpose that’s the simplest way of saying it in terms of physicality that the second tip is sit and stand a bit more upright just a little bit taller okay just a little bit more upright bit more in control of yourself that’s all that again it’s just something that women suddenly notice they just notice somebody who is in charge of themselves physically who is standing straight up who is sitting with a purpose who is active in the process of dealing the things and has a strong physical presence and that’s what comes across when you just sit a little bit more straight and when you also just basically stand a little bit more straight and upright okay lastly physically stop fidgeting and fiddling and fumbling with your hands and all of that stuff it comes across as uncomfortable and that makes people uncomfortable around you even when they notice you they want to look away quickly because they see you fiddle and fumble okay so stop fiddling stop fumbling as I said it comes a lot with being having a purpose and going for things clearly now let’s go on to the third step and that is to do with how you communicate so here are three tips for how you communicate that will make women notice you more stop mumbling and start to speak in short clear sentences that definitely makes a big difference secondly use a punchy equality to your voice and in public don’t be somebody that wants to have little private conversations all the time you need to get comfortable with being overheard by other people because being overheard by other women when you are having a great conversation when you’re making somebody laugh that is one of the key ways of getting noticed by women and lastly stop being a bystander in public you know don’t be one that just watching things happening be somebody who steps in when something goes wrong be somebody who helps out when you notice something who show somebody the way when they notice that they are not nearly you know knowing where they’re going so that you become somebody who takes charge of social situations that inherent is something that is very attractive to women and women notice it so be aware that when you interact with people women will notice how you interact with them very clearly on some level they will pick it up they will pick it up from your voice tone they will pick it up from your body language they will pick it up from you initiative and your drive and that comes across as really attractive and women will notice you more and wouldn’t it be great that when you start a conversation with a girl she already wants you to talk to her well this is what happens when you do this when you are somebody that takes charge of social situations who talks with authority who speaks with a loud enough voice that other people can even hear them as well that doesn’t mean you always have to shout around but just in social situations where it’s socially acceptable when you’re not in a library then literally speak with a confident strong voice and with purpose and with warmth and be something that makes people feel good so be friendly to other people it will make women notice you more alright now I’ve given you a lot of tips to how to get women to notice you more so that when you start a conversation with them they are already open to you talking to them or they already keen for you to start talking to them so I have just posted a brand new video that I haven’t publicly shared yet because I want to help you get really great at starting conversations first getting women to notice you but then start conversation in a cool way and then get women’s numbers so that you don’t have to go around an hour long charging sessions hitting on a woman after woman in the shopping center or something like that because that is such a twentieth century way of starting conversations with women honestly mostly you won’t get anywhere with that so it’s much better to be able to see situations in your day to day life and just naturally get into conversations with women if that’s something that you want to get better at in this video I give you literally my easiest to follow little formula for starting conversations with women it’s so disarming it’s so simple it’s so flexible that you will hardly ever get a strange reaction from a woman check it out it really is new I haven’t shared this before publicly it’s free it’s not very long it’s easy to understand it will help you to get into conversations with women in the coolest possible way and it’s there on my website check it out at the link below this video or maybe I’ve managed to put a link here on the video right now somewhere here here click on there and check out this brand new video you’ll like it it will make things really easy if you’ve ever struggled to start a conversation with a girl or knowing what to say when you start a conversation with a girl this is one of the best ways of starting conversations with girls and it just works really really well so check it out you..

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  1. To those that aren’t 6 foot plus, athletic build, with a flamboyant personality, meeting girls can be difficult. Im more of an introvert, 5’6 in height, spent half my life in the gym etc… I have 33 years experience with girls and without a doubt my height is the #1 problem. Id say 80% of women judge you on your height. The second thing is personality. Sometimes it can take you a long way. For us that are shorter, with average or below average personalities you must bring your A-game. A good looking girl has so many options when it comes to dating. Good luck guys!

  2. One of your best videos for sure, especially because of all the direct advices and how to do things, theory + practical advices are the best.

  3. but why when you are driving a nice car they would notice you and flirt you or you would be visible in this case without doing these tricks huh!

  4. Stephen, if there’s a girl that you like but haven’t talked to yet, and if you happened to know her facebook page, would you send her a friend request?
    And generally speaking, what’s your philosophy about sending facebook friend requests to people you don’t know yet?

  5. 1 drees up noticable: cat shirts
    2 better body language: I have a twitching problem
    3 sit upright: already do it have a stronge neck
    4 stop figiting: your telling a adhd kid.
    5 talking: I do it a lot.
    6 bystanding: I just want to hurt guys.
    7 friendly: to guys


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