How To Care Less What Everyone Thinks About You

How To Care Less What Everyone Thinks About You

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hey guys it’s practical psychology and today I am joined by Trident lion to give you some tips on how to care less about what other people think of you so I’ve been reading the comments and I know this is a common problem for a lot of people so I really hope this helps what’s up Internet my name is Trident lion and I’m here to help you along side with practical psychology effectively care less about others think recently I read the book the subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson the idea is not to give a fuck about nothing but instead it’s about realizing that life is short and there is way too many things in this life to give a fuck about it’s important to selectively choose what you want to give a fuck about choose to give a fuck about what is true immediate and important for you let’s say your current goals in life are to get good grades maintain relationship maybe exercising daily if those are your priorities treat them as priorities it’s caring about what others think going to help you reach those goals nope focusing on what others may be thinking of you only distracts you and it takes you away from your goals and priorities it’s easy to get sucked into gossip and caught up in caring what other people think when you don’t have your goals and priorities set in life so another way to care less about what other people think is to establish what your priorities and goals actually are so tip 1 is to clearly know your goals and understand that most of the time what someone cares about isn’t really going to affect them once you have established what your priorities and goals are establish a more valuable perspective with regards to the thoughts others have about you is the opinions and thoughts of others going to help you achieve your goals and maintain focus on your priorities probably not so make the choice to care less about what others think there is no real value for you in stressing out and or concerning yourself with the opinions of others also take into consideration that the opinions of others is their business not yours so be honest with yourself and try to identify what is causing you to care what others think about you are you seeking approval you have insecurities that you need to confront for me one time I was at the gym lifting alone I was bench pressing I think it was 155 pounds if you must know I was on my last set my last rep of 12 and I could not get the bar back up it was stuck so I let it rest on my chest for a little bit while my arms rested and I tried to push it up again nope then I thought about maybe well I could roll it but I’ve done that before with 105 pounds and it was really painful on my hips so instead I looked over at the gym it was basically empty and I let out a DPL Hey so hopefully the guy’s standing in the corner hitting on the only girl in the gym would hear me well he did he came over and helped me get the bar back up I was actually really embarrassed I didn’t come back to the gym for like a whole month for me I was insecure that I would see that guy again and he would make fun of me it was quite unrealistic and in fact we all go to the gym for usually one goal anyways so I decided I couldn’t keep growing using my own weights that I had in my house and I needed to get back into the gym and I also decided that it was really silly not to go back to the gym just because of him and once identified this thought process I started lifting again if you are feeling insecure about something in your life realize that no one is perfect be okay with your flaws accept them as a part of you we all have strengths and weaknesses so rather than avoid them I think we can agree it would be best to understand them by you doing things as a means to satisfy what others think of you you would be doing yourself and others an injustice I think this is because you would not be living up to your true potential as Trident lion said we are all not perfect we all have flaws in the book Trident lion mentioned which is also in the description the author mark Manson mentions the backwards law now the backwards law is a philosophical concept described by philosopher Alan Watts it basically says wanting a positive experience is a negative experience and accepting a negative experience is a positive experience so this concept works because there are things in our control and things not in our control that we can’t control the thoughts of others so there is no value or since and actually caring about it when you want a positive experience you are actually reinforcing the idea of the lack of that in your life so you’re having a bad day because something you want didn’t happen so use this backwards law to help you care less about what other people think when you don’t care about what happened and you accept it as okay that is a positive experience others have thoughts about you so what others may think negative things about you you have to accept it and move on because there’s no value in you suffering about what goes on in the thoughts of another person plus people care more about themselves than they do about others in life weeks variants suffering states and beautiful states we’re all emotional creatures we can transfer these emotional states to each other even our perspectives and thoughts of others will be shifted based on what emotional state we are experiencing in that specific moment so if someone does think badly of you realize that they probably feel badly about themselves as well don’t take on others suffering States instead inspire those that may be trying to put you down not through your words but through your actions and by making the choice to not succumb to their suffering States an unfortunate reality is that there are people in this world that would rather see you fail or live an unfulfilled life of mediocrity than to see you succeed sometimes it is even the people that are closest to us our friends and family so don’t let anyone’s opinions or thoughts hold you back from your true potential it’s like what Zig Ziglar had said if you don’t have a plan you will become a part of someone else’s plan and what do they have planned for you not much view those individuals that are not your fans for who they are not your fans they are people that are supporting and cheering for your failure use this reality as a way to motivate yourself go out and prove them wrong negative opinions and criticism can be perceived as a challenge that result in positive change adversity and challenges help you grow stronger so embrace it also learn to just say no just like how it’s important to say no to activities and people that take away from your goals and priorities it’s also important to say no to yourself so don’t allow others opinions of you to affect your day mood and thoughts negatively no I’m not going to allow how Katie looks down on shorter hair affect my decision to get a haircut no I’m not going to allow that bad experience change my mood just because someone was grumpy to me I have control over my emotions I own them so the bigger question for you is what are you going to do now are you going to continue this unvalued well haven’t of caring about what others think or are we going to make a change like I said earlier there is just way too many things in this life to give a fuck about so instead of giving a fuck about so much choose to only give a fuck about what is true immediate and important think about this Tony Robbins quote regarding change change is inevitable progress is optional I really enjoyed this collaboration with Trident lion and I learned a lot he’s a really cool guy and his channel is quickly improving check him out if you want to learn more about what he’s teaching in the cool animations on his channel hope you guys enjoyed..

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