How Long Does It Take To Overcome Social Anxiety & Shyness?

How Long Does It Take To Overcome Social Anxiety & Shyness?

How long does it takes for one to overcome social anxiety and shyness? Get the answer here.

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Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

hey it’s dave was social expression today with a question from a reader on how long does it take to overcome social anxiety going to answer that today for you hey guys David from social expression with the question from Jo. Ellen Joe and asks hi David how long does it take to overcome social anxiety have you seen any patterns with people you work with regards thanks to Ellen great question so how long does it take well the simple answer is it takes as long as it takes you on your path and as long as you’re willing to stay committed and do the work I know that’s not an answer that you want in terms of the time frame but that’s the truth okay your commitment your dedication in order to not only do the work on the mind and do stuff at home but you got to go out you gotta connect you gotta practice you gotta meet with people okay you got to do that now I’ve seen it happen pretty rapidly where people make progress really quick within months that I’ve worked with and I’ve seen it happen within a year two years they’ve taken more of my courses as far as me as a coach I’ve had people on my email list that never took anything with me and said hey thanks for your emails I even have a testimonial that I’m really proud of if somebody said I’m unsubscribing because I got past this and your emails and videos helped it depends on the person and what I will say is that it depends on the level of resistance you have to the information to the codes to the therapist to whoever okay so the more you resist what I tell you in these videos the books you read the courses you take the coaching you get the mentoring the therapy whatever you want to say the harder it’s gonna be if you’re an open conduit a vessel kind of if you have an open mind and you’re open about this stuff and just say okay I’m going to trust I’m gonna trust the process I’ll trust you the easier will be now you have to really do that you can’t just say it all trust it and then inside go you have to really trust it it will happen so much faster but that internal resistance and that mental resistance you’ve got to really really work through okay so that’s a pattern I see the more open people are and they just allow me to coach them when I work with them or they allow the information to help them and really take it in and go okay like he’s not saying this in a vacuum and the more that you argue with how you’re right and how I’m wrong and how oh I can’t do that or that’s not me the longer it’s going to take my friend okay so that’s really my advice so if you resist what I’m saying now it’s gonna it’s going to with you it’s gonna harm you it’s gonna slow down your progress and look it not it’s natural that it happens I do that my mind fight stuff I do that but what I realize too especially when it in terms of other ways I’ve grown the more that I just go okay and take it all in and then I can discard what doesn’t really work for me but as I’m learning is to come from beginner’s mind so you gotta come from beginner’s mind and then you can take it in and then naturally I’ll integrate naturally progress and build the confidence and social skills and have way better results and if you’re constantly arguing and resisting I have clients to fight me and I try to tell them that and there and they fight me on that and so what can I do but say okay all I can tell you is the more that you fight me the worst this is going to go for you and it’s up to you so it’s your choice you have free will it’s your choice in the end realize that and you’re making the choice every time you fight and resist you’re making a choice the same is when you have your negative social anxiety thoughts you’re fighting and resisting and but that’s a choice and see that’s powerful you’ve got to see that it’s not happening in a vacuum you start to get control when you see that you actually do have choice over what you think which is going to affect how you feel in your levels of anxiety okay that you have active choice so great question thanks for that to Ellen and if you’re watching this video leave a comment question I always get back and i love getting back to you guys i love seeing your responses and trying to help through those as well and until next video i am complete hey if you like this video and want more tips and strategies on how to overcome your shyness social anxiety self down and really confidence and your social skills conversational skills as much as you can up to the best you can be so you can have the career success being social circles and friends the dating life that you want all that and more subscribe to the social expression channel by clicking subscribe button and check out the other videos here their own offer this channel is all about helping you be the best guy that you can like I’ve done for myself and I really want you guys to succeed so keep watching..

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  1. So if you don’t resonate with something what about finding some other coach/program/method that you don’t resist or fight against?


    1). Do we really have that much control over our thoughts? I started quite optimistic on my path thinking we have 100% percent control over everything that we experience internally but running into the same roadblocks and difficult emotions tells me otherwise.

    2). Do thought really create that much suffering if they’re not believed? Nowadays I don’t like approaches that take the “Change your thoughts, change your life” philosophy. That results in tons of internal resistance and a battle inside my own head because I’m having thoughts that “I’m not supposed to have”.

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  3. man social anxiety took everything from me …. even my feelings not for me any more. it’s belong to Social Anxiety .

  4. great video David i found it funny that u said ppl fight u when theyre looking for ur help lol its not like thats gona help them

  5. What is the best product or brand to completely erased your anxiety? I read many good opinions on the net about how Atoractove Secrets will help you completely eliminated your anxiety. Has any one tried using this popular anxiety secrets?


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