How I Overcame Social Media Anxiety

How I Overcame Social Media Anxiety

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every week I post two posts or statuses on Facebook and Linked. In about my videos or podcasts I’m producing for fit sold out life and this is my thought process before I post every time and this is happens with no fail you know I finished a video and I’m like sweet I’m finishes product or this thing I’ve produced and I want to share it to the people or put it out to the world so people can see what I’ve created and I get to the status update box on Facebook or Linked. In and I immediately freeze up and I’ve become very ashamed of my work I get very scared of what people will say or think and this makes me still angry because I’m like why do I feel this way I asked that question every time and I asked a few of my friends if they got the same feeling when they were posting something on social media and they did so I know I’m not alone on this and that led me to another thing why why do we feel so afraid of posting something that we really care about to our friends online on these quote unquote social network sites right and I also started thinking about how does this one simple fear impact our life in our school environment our workplace environment or our personal relationships and one of my favorite chapters in Seth Godin book the linchpin mentions are lizard brain now he coined as the oldest part of our brain biologically and as Seth says the lizard brain hates failure and thus it hates creativity or the launch of anything that might make a fuss which can lead to a failure so now that’s a very interesting concept don’t you think because we live in a society where we’ve grown so fearful of promoting ourselves or putting out things that make us so proud or passionate and it’s kind of interesting because from what filter we use on Instagram to posting something really cool on Facebook you know biologically I guess we were naturally afraid of putting something out there I get that but dad doesn’t satisfy me you know why why is this thing this quote unquote lizard brain affect us in such a fundamental way and how again does it affect us in the workplace or in the classroom or in relationships because those are very important places where we become the people who who we really want to become and be very mindful you know how do we overcome the social media inside anxiety and to be honest with you I might not have the answer for this question but what I can do is share my experience for the past month or so I’ve been posting videos on Facebook and Linked. In every single week and you know what start has something as an hour long process of post like putting the link on my facebook status and putting a status and rereading it rereading it and having those thoughts go through my mind of what people will think how is it our long process and slowly if I’ve gotten it down to 15 minutes because now I’ve started to shift my mindset from what do people think about me how can I say my message in the most clear and concise way possible and I was able to make that shift by simply just putting myself out there even though it was agonizing or painful or whatever I needed to do that for the sake of my mental growth and at the end of the day guys it boils down to self love right like right now how much do you love yourself to not care about other people’s opinions it’s taken me two months to get to this point and my hope for you guys who are listening is try to push yourself past that discomfort to see what changes happen internally and the art of being mindful we need to realize that everyone goes through this social media anxiety or whatever else anxiety that you have of promoting yourself or putting yourself out that are that makes you really passionate but try to experiment with that feeling for a week and see what happens for you internally put yourself out there and see because you’ll be surprised what happens you know maybe it’s posting something on Facebook or maybe you want to pitch an idea to your team or you want to answer a question in the classroom or want to suggest something to your significant other whatever it is I say try it go for it and let all those emotions right through you because you will be surprised what happens afterwards..

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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  1. This video explained a huge majority of my thoughts and finally put them into words that I couldn’t explain myself. Thank you so much for uploading


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