How I “Cured” My Anxiety | Top 3 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety Without Medication

How I “Cured” My Anxiety | Top 3 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety Without Medication

I am NOT a psychiatrist and this is NOT a video persuading ANYONE who has been PRESCRIBED by a DOCTOR certain medications to help deal with their anxiety. There is nothing wrong with doing WHATEVER you have to do to BE WELL! That is your FIRST CONCERN. This video is more-so for people who want to try this approach BEFORE going on medication, or if you’re considering (SLOWLY) weening yourself off. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consult a doctor, FIRST. Before stopping ANYTHING.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.


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at this current moment there is nobody on my social media feed that I don’t want they’re like unfollow anybody on your social media feed who makes you feel like you need to be anyone or anywhere other than the person that you are right now period like point blank period unfollow them pause this video you had a person in mind when I say it beast go unfollow them right now what’s up cousins welcome back to my channel if this is your very first time visiting my channel my name is Amber and I call all my subscribers my cousin cuz in the south everybody got a good Z so if you guys could do me a favor before we get started in this video just make sure that you check right below you and make sure that you are subscribed to this channel so you don’t miss a thing so in this video as you guys could tell by the title of the video I am gonna be talking about how I deal with my anxiety anxiety is something that a lot of people deal with and as we go on in the video I’ll talk a little bit more about why anxiety is so prevalent a lot of people feel like why it’s so prevalent today more so than it was you know 20 30 years ago and I have dealt with anxiety and yes I did say in the past tense I find that a lot of people treat it as if it is an addiction or if it’s something that you are going to carry with you for the rest of your life I choose not to describe my anxiety as something that I deal with I choose to describe it as something that I dealt with and something that I conquered because now with the tools that I used they really have just helped me not really get that anxious feeling and it helps me to recognize what it is and I do feel like that my anxiety was cured because of these reasons or it is manageable I really don’t deal with it the way that I used to and I just think that it’s important with things like this just first and foremost is your mindset if you go into anxiety with the mindset that you’re gonna have anxiety for the rest of your life or that you do with anxiety or that it’s just something that you’re gonna have to treat with medication you are making anxiety your name like you’re making that a part of your identity and if you guys know anything about me I only answer it’s in my name so I’m only answering to the things that make me me and I’m not succumbing to the things that I have to deal with and so that’s just my mindset and this is not you know saying anything negatively against anybody who does take medication for the anxiety but I will go ahead and say that I have never taken any kind of medication for my anxiety I am one of the people although I work in the medical field I believe in preventive care and holistic practices and so anytime that I can allow my body and my mind my spirit everything to heal itself then that is gonna be my first option so if you guys don’t know this is actually going to be a series because on my Instagram I asked my followers how many of them had anxiety and 73% of people said that they had anxiety and that just blew me away out of like 1,500 people who took the poll so there’s like a whole nother like 50k who didn’t even take it or didn’t see the poll or chose not to answer or whatever so 73% of people were saying that they had anxiety and I went on to say that the number was probably higher because a lot of people don’t even know how to define anxiety a lot of people when they think of anxiety they think of like panic attacks and they think of like you know not really being able to go anywhere or like me likes it stuck in a corner just kind of like not being able to function and those are extreme cases of untreated anxiety those are cases or symptoms but just because you’re not having a panic attack or just because you feel like you are functioning does not mean that anxiety oh my god or that you couldn’t be living a better life or a better degree of life if you recognize and manage this part of your life so I wanted to start off by just simply defining what anxiety is so first I’m just gonna start with a basic like dictionary definition as soon as it pops up on Google and the basic definition for anxiety is a feeling of worry nervousness or uneasy typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome it is also the desire to do something typically accompanied by unease and the psychiatric definition was a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks so that is the third definition the third definition is the first time and panic attacks ever even came in the picture and so probably when I read that first part a lot of you guys are probably like okay we all have experienced anxiety at some point and that’s the thing with anxiety is understanding that it is something that everybody has at some point there’s never been a point in your life that you weren’t anxious about something unless you are just like a sociopath who has no like emotions whatsoever either you were anxious about a test or a result or something that you had to do at some point we all feel that anxious feeling but when you have anxiety the anxious feeling comes on a lot of times unwarranted a lot of times you don’t even know why you’re uneasy or why you are feeling like something like imminent is coming or something bad could happen or you know why you’re anxious but the situation that you’re anxious about really is out of your control it’s just nothing that you can do about it but you still cannot control your anxiety one thing I’ve learned about the number one characteristic with anxiety or the layman’s term of how I explained to people is that people who deal with chronic anxiety or constant anxiety are people who are living anywhere other than the now almost every time that you’re experiencing some form of anxiety it’s because you’re allowing your brain to have this big panic or this sense of unease either over something that could happen in the future you’re not even sure if it could happen in the future it may happen in the future you can’t wait for it to happen in the future or you are focused on things in the past that have already happened and you’re just fixated oh I like remembering that beating yourself up about it reliving that like anything that is not in the right now moment like even if you’re having anxiety about speaking somewhere you’re standing you know backstage and you’re having anxiety about stepping out on the stage keep in mind you’re still focusing on something that is in the future you haven’t walked out on stage so everything that stems around and SIA T is not being present in the current moment understanding that aspect of anxiety played a huge role in me being able to maintain it anytime that I was experiencing anxiety a lot of it had to do with me dealing with the future not under it not like really want to know like what’s gonna happen when it’s gonna happen how it’s gonna happen so that’s actually the first tip on how I dealt with anxiety recognizing exactly what it is not being in denial about whether or not I have it I think a lot of people feel like the minute that they admit that they have anxiety it makes them weak it makes them you know a slave to something it makes that your identity and so if you just understand what it is and understand that it’s not sure identity understanding it’s something that every single person in this world Barack Obama has anxiety Oprah has anxiety like every single person in this world experiences anxiousness about something so the minute that you can accept that and understand that it’s not your identity and accept it for what it is and understand for what it is I promise it’s gonna make a huge difference even to the extent where when there were times that I could feel myself going into an anxiety state or I could feel much like my functioning like slow down because I was going into anxiety the simple act of just bringing myself into the now and saying hey come back come back to the now what is happening right now what is going on right now in this second that you can control it will never be a time where you don’t experience anxiousness but there will come a time if you really dedicate yourself to it where it’s not going to disrupt your life so the number two tip that helped and this is probably the like it’s number 2 but it’s like number 1 it just has played a huge role in just everything and I brave about this on my Instagram but it is creating a morning routine at the beginning of this year I read this book called the five second rule and the arthur dealt with anxiety for like I think she said like 20 years and she actually was on medication for her anxiety and she just talked about how she cured her anxiety through the five second rule and essentially ultimately through creating a morning routine so if you are going to use your morning routine and this is not just for anybody with anxiety this is just if you really want to be a successful person overall a lot of studies show I really like a lot of articles and I know you guys probably know everybody how you know about all your studies I love reading articles on stuff but a lot of studies show this could help just across the board if you just want to be a successful person the most successful people have morning routines and your morning routine does not deviate like this is something that you are going to do every single morning I was one of those people and there you guys see those memes floating around where somebody had like snooze is like every 15 minutes your alarm was going off like that literally was me and I have not used the snooze button months this year because of that book I’m not gonna go into a lot of detail with my morning routine specifically like specifics because in this series I’m gonna give you guys like my exact morning routine and I’m gonna actually show you guys my exact morning routine that was one of the ones that a lot of people requested but I thought this video should come first for an anxiety friendly morning routine you just have to do a lot of things that keep yourself focused in the now of course I get up and brush my teeth and wash my face I drink my coffee and then most importantly I meditate like I said I’m gonna get specifics because a lot of people especially a lot of less you know happy black history but a lot of us don’t really understand like what meditation is how you meditate and like what’s the real purpose especially if you are like a Christian I know for me for a long time I was like girl like I pray to the Lord on his meditation stuff you don’t know what you’re doing but then when I understood that meditation is or can be a form of prayer it’s just an active time like during my meditation time I definitely pray like I pray before I actually go into like meditation mode I always just go ahead and talk to God and XM to enter this space and just to clear my thoughts and clear the energies in the room so my meditation is very spiritual but that it’s completely up to you and we’ll talk to that again I’ll talk to you guys about that in another video meditation is taking you into the now it’s taking you into the right now moment and you are present in the now you are clearing out your mind clearing out your brain and you are making sure that you are focused on the now in that moment you’re not even focused on what you have to do for that day before I go into my meditation another part of my morning routine is going ahead and creating my to do list for what I have to do for the day that way I’ve already got it written down I already have clear that out of my brain like out of my mind so that way when I go into my meditation session I’m completely clear and I am just sitting in the moment listening for what God has to tell me listening for what the universe has to tell me listening you know just for anything just clearing my spirit and of course it’s gonna take time and of course it’s gonna feel awkward at first but when you give yourself that like just specific time to sit in the now you relieve your anxiety and you are you are intentionally fighting your anxiety and intentionally learning how to control your brain that is literally what meditation is you are learning how to control your brain and telling your brain no we’re not gonna do that we are going to think about now and a lot of people think that we can’t control our thoughts and we can’t control our brains and we just can’t help it you can train your brain you tell your brain what to do and your brain does it it’s not the other way around after my meditation session I use we finish my coffee and then that’s when I go into reading my book you guys know I’m a big bookworm me and I have read a book and I’ve caught myself like just kind of like sitting there and like I eventually liked the book kind of like closes and you’re just kind of like gaze off and you’re just like no so again you have to train your brain no open this book bag we’re gonna focus on these we’re gonna give my brain something to do for the next hour or whatever I’m gonna do and that’s I’m going to do it leads me into my third and last hit because while you’re reading a book you’re focused on that and it keeps you off of what social media my number three tip for how I deal with my anxiety was dealing with the amount of time that I was on social media research has shown that the number of anxiety cases and the number of people who have to be treated or diagnosed with anxiety has tripled since the invention of social media social media is giving people anxiety if you are somebody who deals with anxiety acts yourself right now how much are you on social media like I understand that everybody who deals with anybody it’s not on social media but if you’re watching this video right now you’re probably a social media person I am too I’m not gonna lie but social media plays a huge role and we know this we know the fix that social media has on our brain and for some reason we still continue to feed our brains unhealthy amounts of social media literally the inventors of Facebook said that when they created Facebook they could date they literally said to themselves how can we create something that is going to take up as much of people’s time as possible not only that but the actual act of like liking something or receiving likes off of social media like scientifically chemically does something to your brain it produces a dopamine heat so every time there’s somebody double taps on your photo or likes your status it says a dopamine hit to your brain oh people like me people are agreeing with what I say and that’s another reason why people get so offended on social media when people don’t agree with what they say because it’s the opposite of the dopamine hit and that’s why everybody thinks everybody has to think like them and agree with them and you know had it concepts by the products that they buy don’t buy the products they buy because it’s all an ego thing and it’s all centered around this dopamine hit that we have been trying to get in our brain that’s why they say a lot of times some of the most insecure people are some of the most people who get liked some of the most loved on social media and I’m not saying like your favorite or whatever is insecure that’s not true because there is a way to like homeboy yourself and control yourself and maintain that but you know sometimes you’ll see these people and then literally just post a picture on a tote a picture on a plate like or they posted four or five times a day not because whatever they’re having to post so interesting there is so thought provoking it’s because subconsciously we need those dopamine he’s and subconsciously like if you’re feeling bad if you’re feeling some kind of way or if you just you know need somebody to amp you real quick you want quickest thing that you can do is post something on Instagram or post something on Facebook so that your brain can get those done for me here you don’t even know that you’re doing it and you don’t even realize that’s why you’re doing it not to mention you know all the comparison that happens with social media not to mention constantly see all these people reach their goals and goes that you may want or a lifestyle that you may want or just you know perfect situations when you’re watching literally highlight reels of people’s lives but I’m not to mention seeing all that is a trigger for anxiety because if you see something constantly on social media that you want or constantly stuff that is triggering you you’re always gonna be anxious about where you are in life and trying to get somewhere because you’re constantly seeing where you want to be and it’s like it’s constantly taking you out of the now out of the right now so I was listening to something again with the research but the guy was something was like a podcast or something but the guy was saying that studies have shown that the most successful people don’t get on social media within the first hour that they wake up and the reason that they don’t do that is because when you get on social media when you first thing you open your eyes you start checking your emails or checking your takes or checking your Instagram feed your DMS whatever you are waking up and immediately actually your brain to react to things she would haven’t given your brand an opportunity to be offensive you haven’t given your brand an opportunity to even like sort through what it even needs to sort through because we all know when we are asleep when we dream your brain kind of like decompress and stuff and you haven’t even given your brain so really like a chance to even snap into the right now into the reality into like your reality not like virtual reality you’re instantly reacting to things and once you do that as soon as you wake up as soon as you open your eyes there’s no there’s like there’s no really like turning off that there’s no really coming back from that even if later on during the day you kind of like try to have like some mindfulness it can’t help don’t get me wrong I’m not deterring you anytime during the day that you need to have mindfulness or meditation or bring yourself back to the moment absolutely do that but the way that you set yourself up to to follow your entire day like that is to not set your brand with failure in the first half of the day and this was me like as soon as I got up I was checking my emails cuz you know emails equal money checking my text messages and of course I was getting on Instagram and checking my DMS and checking my feed and responding to comments and responding to comments and in my mind this was just me being proactive with my brand proactive with my cousin’s and just interacting with people I thought it made me feel good it felt great like being up and talking to people but really it’s not doing anything for you it’s not like it can wait an hour when there are certain times where I know like I am just putting my brain monster under just constant stress and constant stimulants and all that I will voluntarily like give myself social media business hours like there are plenty of times a day where I will be posting on social media and I will just fall off like I will literally treat my social media like a nine to five I’m on social media and by five o’clock I’m gone not saying I do this all the time but there are times where you need to step back and say hey I am sending so many stimulants to my brain that I’m overworking it also in my social media I am throw like I don’t care and it’s all about personal preservation like I am i spare nobody’s feelings before I spare my own like you have those people on social media who just have to say whatever on they mind they gotta tell you how they feel they gotta give you opinion they got it like just for sports for stuff on you that is not me that’s not what I’m saying but I mean by I who would I want a head of that that means at this current moment there is nobody on my social media feed that I don’t want there like I strive for a certain vibe on my social media timeline be it my Facebook feed my Facebook friends my Instagram feed my daily stories feed everything like the people I follow on everything I want a certain vibe and if there are people on my social media for you who don’t give that vibe like you have to go I’m sorry like and it could be something it can be anybody like nobody’s exam it could be family it could be friends it can be associates it could be people I’ve had conversations with before like I could throw it like my piece is ahead of everything and people go through different things at different stages in their life people are at different stages in their personality and their journeys everything in their life so so I can love you and once your sister see and support you but do all of that from afar because again my personal piece and my personal sanity is number one and a lot of anxiety literally can come from you not standing up for yourself like you you know worried about what people are gonna think if you do this and all and trying to start no drama if I do this and if I do this on social media you know are they gonna do that and all this stuff and it’s just like no unfollow anybody on your social media feed who makes you feel like you need to be anyone or anywhere other than the person that you are right now period like Point Blank period unfollow them pause this video you had a person in mind when I say it these go unfollow them right now even if they’re not making you personally feel like you need to be somebody different because for me that has never really been the case for me because y’all know I’m gonna do me regardless but even if it’s people on social media who are who’s like are constantly like drama or negative or even like I’m gonna be honest I got followed a shame hey you guys know cuz y’all see me in the same room and no comments a lot but there are times where even stuff like gossip sites there are certain gossip sites that I don’t follow there are certain blogs I stopped going to if you guys know this I don’t even like post like I’m celebrity like chit chats and stuff on here anymore just because that’s not my burden to carry and I try to distance myself from as much drama as possible and if there’s anybody on your social media fear who is always with the drama and it’s drawing you into the drama you always just trying to see what kind of drama date up to baby they need to go like they need to go love you with love when I see you in person is all hugs but on my social media feed right in this moment I can’t do it like I can’t do this but negativity is a drama you don’t take anything else away from this video I want you to take away that you control you’re right now nobody but you so if nothing else if the way that helps you control your anxiety is knowing that if I focus on the right now the things that I am anxious about will be that much better when I get to them so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful if it was of course give it a thumbs up and if you deal with anxiety and you have some tips that have helped you definitely leave them in the comment section below this is just like a community of ideas and the ideas that I gave of course are not like one size fits all and or not the end all be all because anxiety you know have comes in different forms and helps different ways for different people so I’m leaving the comment section below what you do so that can help the rest of our cousins..

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Comment (11)

  1. Some tips:

    Don’t fight the body symptoms. THEY CANNOT HURT YOU, they only feel uncomfortable. When you feel symptoms, realize that they cannot hurt you and try to relax into them. The more you fight them, the more intense they become and the longer they last.

    When random, frightening or negative thoughts enter your mind, change them to positive right away. Speak it it out loud if possible. When you speak things out loud they become more real to the brain.

    Take special care of yourself and speak well to yourself about yourself, because anxiety tends to bring along depression and low self esteem for the ride.

    If you’re a people pleaser take steps to stop that. It’s a self esteem destroyer that many people with anxiety have. I used to babysit my sisters’ kids even when I wasn’t feeling well while my own two daughters were kids, and when they’d ask me how much I charged I’d say. “Oh I don’t know”. THESE DAYS, while I won’t even babysit, if I did, I’d be like giving them an amount because MY TIME IS VALUABLE AND SO AM I. . Start saying NO sometimes.

  2. I never comment on anything……but I needed this video so bad! I’m so grateful for your openness, honesty, and realness.

  3. I recently downloaded an app called quality time and it tracks every thing you do on your phone from the amount of times you went there to how long you stayed there, pretty much you name it. Well my most used app is Instagram so the entire month of Feb is no Instagram. I feel better without it and I may go longer.

  4. I suffer from depression and PTSD. My anxiety is really bad. I literally just had an anxiety attack so may be this is a sign from God to get it in control

  5. I have generalized anxiety disorder and ptsd but I’m hoping some of your tips can help me anyway. Although I know the main cure is going back to therapy… I’m working on that.

  6. Here’s some tips I have:
    1. Do a social media detox every once in a while. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with instagram and facebook, I uninstall them and don’t go back for a minimum of 2 weeks.

    2. Diffuse/use calming oils. I use oils from a company called Young Living and diffuse them throughout the night to help me sleep better. My personal favorites are cedarwood, lavendar, orange, and other mixes of oils. (For example I use one called “stress away” and another called “peace and calming.) Send me a message if you wanna know more lol.

    3. Exercise. Omg exercise has been a major key for me. Getting rid of all that pent up aggression and adrenaline really helps relieve my anxiety. Plus taking care of my body in that way gives me more self-confidence.

    I have more but this comment is long enough lol

  7. I loved this video. I don’t deal with anxiety on a constant basis, but this information is just really useful for anyone who wants to live a happy, purposeful life. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to the rest of the series.

  8. Do not worry about what you can not control!!! Don’t even worry about what you can control

    Scripture and breathing techniques are a big help for me.

    I can only speak for me but

    I had to stop having expectations of what ppl should be, how they should be and expecting reciprocations of ME!

    Routines have never worked for me, I had to stop beating myself up about it and just live DAILY. I do set goals daily, weekly and monthly but I celebrate what I do, not what I don’t

    I had to stop being a crutch for ppl, usury is draining, set boundaries and stick to them.

    I’m a firm believer in cutting off ppl, things or whatever causes uneasiness, stress or panic attacks!

  9. I’m a Christian and I just started partaking in yoga. Personally it does help a lot to put you in the now. I read my Bible everyday and I only serve one God. Yoga is a good practice that helps you focus on the NOW and is also great exercise.

  10. Really inspiring I’m always nervous sometimes myself, extremely nervous to where I may come off as shy. But I definitely felt this video. And it’s all about positivity.


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