How Do You Know When A Guy Has Secretly Fallen For You If He Is Shy?

I am the one you are speaking about. If a girl wants to know this, check below for what all things I do –

I will be dying to speak to her but when I get a chance I become nervous , start sweating and lose my mind while speaking to her.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

I will be doing favors for /help her . Whatever she asks for, I will try my level best to serve it to her.

I give a lot of advises even if she does not ask for because I want her to do well in life and be always happy .

I will be nice to her no matter what. I don’t mind being hurt by her .

I gift her chocolates for no good reason. I actually don’t need a reason. She loves chocolates. So, I make that a reason.

I wont lie to her about anything.

I genuinely compliment her.

I become jealous if she moves closely with some other guy. I even curse that guy . I later realize it , start thinking practically & revoke the curse .

My English is average but while speaking to her I try to deliver my best English just to impress her.

I get an adrenaline rush even when I receive a short message from her.

I go haywire when she smiles at me.

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Signs A Shy Guy Likes You (15 Signs To Pick Up)

15 signs a shy guy likes you. What we dont know is that shy people are very secretive and it can take a long time to read them. There could be a lot of signs a shy guy likes you more than a friend but you won’t know until you read about it or someone tells you. They are usually self-conscious and may exhibit odd behaviors. Because of that, they may show some pronounce characteristics that are not hard to spot. Theres also different levels of shyness from shy guys who cant even look you in the eyes to shy guys who will go out of his comfort zone to get your attention. Shy guys can also be stubborn at times and if you like him, give him some signs that youre interested. With that being said, here are 15 signs a shy guy likes you.

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hey welcome back what we don’t know is that shy guys are very secretive and they can take a long time to read them they’re usually self conscious and may exhibit odd behaviors because of that they may show some pronounced characteristic that are not hard to spot there’s also different levels of shyness from shy guys who can’t even look you in the eyes to shy guys who will go out of his comfort zone to get your attention shy guys can’t also be stubborn at times and if you like him give him some signs that you’re interested with that being said here are 15 signs a shy guy likes you number one he acts differently towards you you will get to notice that when he’s around you he tends to treat you differently than when he’s around with other girls this shows that you’re special to him and that he is interested in you in addition you will find that he is always there for you and does not say no to your favors most guys especially shy ones will not go out of their way just for a girl to a shy guy treating you differently is his way of getting your attention and probably make you like him number two he steals glasses at you have you ever been around this person who is constantly staring at you when you are not looking this is probably a shy guy who likes you but simply doesn’t know how to face you ain’t reverse find it hard interacting with people this is even more difficult for a shy guy when it comes to talking to a girl he likes this is why he prefers to just Ammar you from the distance and when you’re not looking he is just afraid of how you might react in case he reveals to view his feelings therefore if you catch a shy guy always stealing glances at you and he turns away that may be a good sign that he is interested in you number three he seems nervous and clumsy around you one funny thing about shy guys is that they get really awkward when the girl they like is around for instance when you ask him something or simply talk to him you may stumble over his words or can’t seem to put words together you will notice there is a difference and something odd about him overall he’s just nervous and can’t think straight because his mind is overloaded by your presence it’s a good sign that he has a crush on you number four he talks to you a lot online this is probably another major characteristic of most shy guys he may never really talk much when it’s a face to face conversation however when it comes to social media or texting he is more talkative than you ever imagined this is because it’s only by text messages that a shy guy is able to open up and interact with confidence here he can talk to you for hours as since he doesn’t have to feel nervous or shy this is why most shy guys love social media or sending text messages it’s the perfect way to talk to your girl without messing up or going through awkward moments number five he seems a known way to talk to you other guys introverts are quite good when it comes to handling your feelings however a huge sign that he likes you is when you notice he gets ignored whenever you act friendly with other guys this in most cases never bath faith he is just a bit jealous that someone else other than him gets your attention if you are special to him it is normal that he feels that way number six he opens up to you it is not easy for someone who is generally shy to open up with another person they are usually in their own comfort zone and like keeping things to themselves they rarely talk about their personal lives therefore if you realize a guy who is reserved and shares some of their personal stories and issues with you he probably likes you since he likes you he is able to comfortably trust you with his secrets he may even come to you for advice and some of the problems he is dealing with number seven he stands up for you as I said earlier shy guys has their own comfort zone and they never like attract the attention they like living a low key kind of life that is just how they are however when a reserved guy stands up to actually defend you then there’s no doubt this is a sign he wants to protect you it may not be easy for him but all the same he is willing to pick up the mantle just for you he’s probably trying to prove to you that he will support you and be there for you number eight he rarely disagrees with Europeans or decisions an introverted guy who is interested in you were more likely to agree with the things you say he likes you and definitely wants you to pay attention to him perhaps he is trying to impress you by being on your side he may also start showing interest in the things you like doing if you are the type of person who likes going out with friends and he actually gathers the courage to go out with a group then it’s a sign a shy guy will not easily leave his comfort zone to go hang out with people therefore when he takes this step that’s a huge sacrifice on his part just for you number 9 his friend teased him when you are there you may not notice right away that he has a crush on you but his friends will be the first to see it besides since he is more open with his friends there is a good chance that he has told him how he feels about you since they know they may tend to tease him or act where when you’re around this shows that he likes you enough to tell his friends about you he is just too shy to face you or lacks the confidence to express his interest towards you number 10 he says dumb things at time it is perhaps the confusion and the feeling of being nervous that swept over a shy guy that makes him say some really dumb things however you shouldn’t take this against him the best thing to do is just laugh it off and be able to understand him for instance you may be having a conversation with him about something he doesn’t quite have the knowledge about but since he wants to make an effort he ends up saying things that are incorrect or simply makes no sense this is not his fault he simply wants to impress you number 11 pay attention to his body language there are lots of things that you can tell from simply observing someone’s body language one thing is when you’re having a face to face conversation he can’t keep eye contact with you he will rather look anywhere else but your eyes also he may have a hard time staying still you will notice that he keeps fidgeting and even fumble his words when talking to you with all these signs that you should be able to get a hint of what is going through his mind number 12 he remembers the little details a shy guy will pay close attention to every little thing they know about you even those that seem a revelant it is his way of making you feel special and that if there is something you hate he will remember and totally avoid it later on he can use it to his advantage and impress you with it just on a side note shy guys can be really good listeners number 13 he never makes a move even though he likes you every shy guy dreads being rejected that is why he may be showing you all the signs that he is interested in you but never makes him move he doesn’t know how you will react and is afraid you would judge him or tell him you don’t feel the same way he will prefer to wait for you to make the first step if you think he likes you but lacks the confidence to tell you then maybe you can make the move if you feel the same way I know this can be hard for you too and I don’t see that there’s any other way to make it right number 14 he tries to befriend your friends if he likes you you will probably want to earn the trust of your friends too he wants to prove to you that he can get along with them so hopefully you can’t pay attention to him most shy guys have a difficult time making friends so the fact that he is making the effort to even talk to your friend goes a long way to prove that he has a crush on you number 15 most of the time he’s there for you if he knows there’s something up with you he might try to reach out and comfort you for instance if your computer has a problem and you have a report due next day no question asked you will show up he will be more than happy to give you a helping hand because he likes you sometimes a guy can sweep you off of your feet and talk about his true feelings and that could be every girl’s dream however it is unfortunate that some guys cannot tell you face to face and talk about their feelings with you the best thing is that if you feel the same way for them you can’t approach them first nowadays we believe in equality right so don’t let a potential one just slip away hey if you like this video please like subscribe and comment down below and let me know how many potential shy guys are interested in you and as always thanks for watching you ..

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Comment (13)

  1. Thank you True Medallion! I guess it all makes sense now. I am 51, never married (and no kids) and never dated but remain hopeful that at my age, I can still date and marry the man I love! At least now I am more knowledgeable and will be identify shyness in males and I will make every effort to be more understanding and patient. Relationships are all about mutual effort. Good points to keep in mind!

  2. I will tell you guys my situation.

    Im an ambivert…hes an intro-shy-vert

    He knew i liked him. He could tell and my old friend told him.

    He told my friends (who he became friends with) that he liked me and i was pretty.

    But tells his friends (who are highly annoying but i can tolerate) i dont like her

    The Signs:
    -he stares and when i look back he stops doing whatever he was and just stares back.

    -talks about how he doesnt like me 24/7 when no one asked. (i have ears everywhere)

    -follows me around

    -walks next to me but never does anything.

    -we both freak when we touch each other by accident.

    -we honestly have never really talked. But only through what others have told us. Ik that’s bad.

    -i was mad one time, pulled his hair. He was scared and thought i wanted to fight him. I asked him why….he said IDK and his arms were flying everywhere.


  3. Lmao when you both shy and then neither of you make the first move and you both die alone.

    s o m e o n e l o v e m e

  4. There’s a guy at my job that refuses to look at me in the eye when I talk to him but he looks at everyone else in the eye.

  5. I’m a shy girl too I know very well the feeling is horrible you become unconfident when you like someone. Or maybe you start talking a lot of nonsense crazy things or your behavior change in a nasty way It happens to me all the time since-ever no stop, you’re not the only one. You feel hot and cold when you’re around the guy, you start stammer and the tongue gets dry and sometimes the most embarrassed moment your throat start grasping and the words don’t come easy. You feel the heartbeat in your tongue and your mind gets blank. Is like an state of limbo also feels like your body system is going to shutdown is ho-rri-ble

  6. My crush is weird he looks uncomfortable and goes red around me. Sometimes he stares a lot and other times he avoids eye contact. Does he like me or not?

  7. Okay so I feel like this guy likes me in class he stares at me a lot but is very shy and opens the door for me and is very nice and kind which he only does to me and he smiles and looks happy when ever I’m around what should I do ??

  8. I’m an extroverted girl, but I’m not bold enough to make the first move with a guy. I hope one day I’ll have the courage. I think shy guys are so cute and sweet.

  9. my crush is shy as frick towards me.

    He can’t seem to talk clearly when I ask him things directly, he gets fidgety and anxious when I’m around him, he runs his hand through his hair, he defends me when someone is trying to get at me, almost every day he awkwardly asks me to give him a high five, he makes me laugh more than others, and I think he’s shy to talk to me online. But every time I see him with his friends, the seem to point in my direction and I think they’re “making fun of me” but I think they’re just teasing my crush. I’m going to try to talk to him tomorrow and see if he answers weeee ;v;


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