How Do Doctors Diagnose Anxiety?

How Do Doctors Diagnose Anxiety?


hello I’m Charlie and welcome to authentic mental health the channel that offers advice and friendly support within our like minded community today I’m joined with my friend dr. Oren thank you for coming on the channel like Sammy on today’s video it’s coming up right after this today I’m joined with my friend dr: Bowen he’s a GP and he deals with mental health patients daily at his clinic so today I want to ask dr. Byrne some questions about anxiety many of you already know that I suffer from anxiety and I know that many of you do too my previous videos on this channel have just been about me talking about my experiences with anxiety so today I thought I’d get a professional doctor varun here to answer some questions on anxiety he will be able to give us a professional point of view on anxiety so the first question I want to ask you is how many patients a week do you see on average that are suffering from anxiety yes it’s a really good question and so I’ve got a clinic size of about 4,000 patients so I look after about 4,000 at my surgery and so I reckon it’s about 5% of those patients actually that I’ll probably come to me with anxiety if you couple these with the diagnosis of depression as well they tend to go hand in hand anxiety with depression the numbers would probably be a little bit more the important thing to note however is that these are the patients that obviously come to me suffering from anxiety and they want the problem managed so they’ve obviously recognized they have a problem they’ve come to me for help but there are so many that actually don’t either recognize they have condition or they just haven’t been brave enough unfortunately to come to see me for help so there’s probably a lot more unfortunately that are suffering at home so you think you have some patients that when they come to you they don’t tell you truthfully about how they’re feeling yeah I think it’s essentially what tends to happen is that we when you’re talking to the patient’s about making other problems other related health related problems you can tease out more information from them you obviously do get a rapport with the patient you get to know them quite well and you can get that information out of them and then they you know when they feel comfortable they tend to open up to your little video so that’s when we can tend to diagnose things like anxiety a little bit more so the first time you meet a new patient that comes to your clinic more times than not they won’t be truthful if they’re suffering from anxiety they won’t go into detail they might tell you little bits about how they’re feeling but you think after you see them two three four times that’s when people usually start to open up to you yeah I think that makes a lot of sense I think that when people meet a doctor for the first time it can be a bit intimidating yes you know sometimes they think I really don’t know this person do I really want to expose all my deepest thoughts in this person but yeah absolutely it makes sense that with time and that’s in my experience too with time they get to know you a little bit better they feel more comfortable you get a relationship with the patient and then they feel more comfortable to open up and talk about the feelings that in truth they may not have even told anyone before so a question I get asked quite a lot is how do I know if I’m suffering from anxiety or not so from a professional and a doctor’s point of view how do you diagnose anxiety it’s actually a really good question and it’s not always easy to diagnose anxiety to be honest with you but it’s all about asking the right questions now everyone has felt anxious or stressed at some point in their lives so I definitely have one over let’s say taken exams or something like that you feel a little bit stressed but when my events past it tends to disappear yeah however in the case of anxiety disorders it doesn’t tend to work in that way so either the symptoms go on a lot longer than they should yes or they’re affecting the patient far more than they really should so their day to day life might be affected now there are different types of anxiety so obviously they can be different triggers for a person’s anxiety it might be just when they’re going outside into wide environments or when they’re in closed spaces or whether there’s particularly scared of spiders for example but one of the more extreme forms tends to be generalized anxiety disorder which essentially is where people are worried about almost everything that affects their daily life which get obviously been really debilitating yeah so the things I’d be looking for them when I’m questioning someone to assess for generalized anxiety disorder might be looking for right are you worried all the time about everything are you worried that bad things are going to happen to you you know do you feel fidgety all the time do you feel restless all the time is your sleep disturbed yeah so those are the kind of questions that I’d be asking from a psychological point of view obviously people can get physical symptoms too so the anxiety can lead to people having tremors sweating loads having palpitations which is that feeling of your heart pounding in your chest so these are the more of these that I can get from the patient the more likely a diagnosis of anxiety is thank you for answering those questions I really appreciate as I’m sure the audience watching this appreciates a professional and a doctor’s point of view on anxiety if you at home have any questions for dr. Bowen leave them in the comment section down below dr. Baron also has a channel where he talks about mental health problems and general well being I’ll leave a link to his channel in the description box down below mean dr.

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Boren are going to be doing a series of videos together this isn’t just a one off video we will most probably be doing a Q & A together so a question and answer so if you have any questions for doctor Barone or if you want things clear enough or you want answers on how you are feeling please leave your questions in the comment section down below thanks for watching take care guys and girls and we’ll see you in another video see you later..

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  1. I have been working on ways to HELP you with your anxiety, I believe having a doctors opinion on this channel will help you in so many ways! I hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful.


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