Finding Social Anxiety Support Groups Near Me

There are a lot of ways to deal with shyness and social anxiety (and no one way is really the best although I’ll give you a great one in a moment) and it seems the idea of a social anxiety support group is growing so I thought I’d take a quick look at how you can find out and make the most of it.

social anxiety support groups

Making the Most from Social Anxiety Support Groups

Who to Avoid

I don’t want to seem cold and uncaring when I say this but there are some people in these groups you’re going to want to avoid. I’ve been around long enough to have seen it far too often – those who don’t really want to change.

Labeling themselves as dealing why shyness or social anxiety becomes part of their identity rather than something they’re actively working on. They are the vast minority – but they’re definitely something worth watching out for.

Remember that you might make some like-minded friends when you’re there but your goal is to better yourself and that means not letting others convince you that being shy or socially anxious is just something you’re going to have to accept.

Obviously then – who to look for are the people making active changes and trying to better themselves. Learn from them and their experiences as much as possible.

How to Prepare for a Social Anxiety Group

I was caught a little off guard when I was first asked this. I know social anxiety doesn’t exactly lend itself to turning up to an event with strangers but the best way to prepare yourself is to work on your social anxiety – which you should be doing anyway.

I’ve been writing and coaching on shyness and social anxiety for years now. I’ve seen a lot of different solutions being offered and not only is this the absolute best (I’ve literally seen it change lives)  – but it’s entirely free.

It takes a simple premise ‘how to talk to anyone’ and shows you how to do it. Once you can talk to people it gets a lot easier to get social exposure and that’s the real key to dealing with social anxiety. Cut the root of the problem away and the rest just evaporates.

The best part is Amazon gives you the ‘how to talk to anyone’ audiobook free when you sign up to a trial with Audible. Even if you cancel, you keep the whole book for free. So not only is it honestly the best answer I can give you – it doesn’t cost you anything. You can download it for yourself here and tell me in the contact page tomorrow how fired up you are to try it out.

Finding a Group Locally

The obvious answer is a quick Google of your local area to see if there are any around. There’s a fair chance there isn’t one and if that’s the case organising one doesn’t have to be elaborate. Join a few Facebook groups for your city or town and post there and on Craigslist for example.

Set a time and a coffee quiet coffee shop somewhere and invite anyone interested to email you for details. Obvious disclaimer: be smart about this. Most people are good but keep it somewhere public during normal hours.

Online Social Anxiety Groups

There are a number of online social anxiety support groups on forums and Facebook groups. I’m not personally a massive advocate of them because I don’t really think they work. I don’t like suggesting anything which is going to make people feel like they’re being proactive because then you’re less likely to do the more effective solutions.

That’s not to say you can’t join them in addition to trying other things but personally, I don’t really suggest them.


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