Facing My Fears, Life Changing, Tips | How To Overcome Shyness And Fear

Facing My Fears, Life Changing, Tips | How To Overcome Shyness And Fear

Overcoming shyness and fear is a great achievement. You were born to be great en not to be covered with shyness and fear. Watch me as I share my experience and give you some points to overcome shyness and fear.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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so ever been in a situation before very like oh should I ask this question should I say this should I say that and someone else just pop of the question or just say what she wanted to say and you were sitting there like oh but I should have said I should have exited of I should have say it it’s normal thing I know like some people I know some of you are experience it so it’s a normal thing but if it happens and lots then it’s not new you know hello there welcome back to my channel if it is your first time passing by I definitely welcome you and I do welcome my old subscribers you guys are amazing thank you for being there for subscribing sorry so today’s video is about how to overcome shyness / fear as you guys can see my topic why did I choose this topic you know this topic is something that I feel really important have you really shy like my entire nothing my entire life because I’m just 24 like for the past 20 years yes or 22 years 20 years happy very very very shy and you know it’s no more as a little kid you were shy to go to other people to talk to other people to make new friends to speak in public but if you grow up and you still feel that way you still shy at the age of the age of 18 and so on and you still very shy little girl afraid to say something afraid to ask the question to do something in public you know that’s not normal anymore because you are growing and you are but you are still not growing spiritually if you get what I mean you know that blocks many things shyness you know you can have very great abilities in you but because of your shyness you are not going any further you know you you’re not making any progress it’s your life so I found this really really important thing to talk about and how I of how I overcame it yeah I have some points that I wanted to share with you guys now explain it one by one so I hope you guys I hope that you guys will learn something out from it that it will be helpful and yeah let’s just write to the video okay welcome back guys so first of all I will explain what shyness really is oh by the way let me just make it clear I chose shyness fear sandslash fear it’s actually two different things but I chose this two because if you are shy you are also like scared to do something so that creates kind of fear in you so that’s what I shall shine is if you overcome your shyness you can actually like do anything without being scared so you that fear thing is like gone okay so a short definition of shyness is shyness is the awkwardness some people feel when approaching or being approached by other people yes that’s also how I felt back in the days I was like I I wasn’t feeling comfortable being with in the midst of other people even though I know these people it was like really bad like I wasn’t feeling all that comfortable I I was just not feeling well being other people because I I was scared to talk or I was scared too yeah make foods I was just I was just thinking about what these people will say of what they are thinking about me and so on so yeah that’s actually really awkward you know you can imagine you are with which your classmates or with your friends and you just don’t feel well because you feel different you know you you know you feel you are different but that’s like negative way you know you are thinking about negative about yourself so yeah that’s actually like a short story or definition about that shyness thing so let’s jump to the point for its number one like I would I worked here I was just like point number one is to be limited by others okay so it’s you might find its kind of strange why I chose this point like to be limited by others but if you want to overcome your shyness and you are you are always limited by others like you some people tell you like you are nothing or you can do anything because you are too shy or you were too scared or they keep comparing it with other people who are just doing anything they learn to anything they can do what they want to do or just you know being just themselves they keep comparing with other people and you are just the limited that’s really a bad thing I you know it’s really about thing but in the other way it just gives you something to think about cuz you’ll feel really bad at first but when you think about it it’s actually a good thing you know so maybe you may think that why did you choose this topic as number one why not go in prayer and I score two to take you out of the shine areas and all the blood so when someone limits you know tell you that you can do nothing or you are nobody that gives you like something to confront God with cuz in a scripture in Philippians 4: 13 you says that I it says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me so he brought here you can go in prayer to God that is my second point actually it just linked up with each other we can go in prayer with this and confront : hey why are these people telling me that I’m nobody I come to nothing and in the scripture it says that I can do all things through God show you who strengthens me so hey let me prove them wrong or help me to prove them wrong you know yeah you know these people don’t even know what they are saying they don’t even know who I am you know hey I’m a queen I am a king I am a big person I am you know they don’t even know who they are they live it so that’s the reason why I chose this as number one and actually I’ve explained also the number two cousin I’m a that was Word of God a prayer okay so mama would have got prayer and prayer you know i I’ve actually expelled a little bit in my points number one but I would just also say something about it to the Word of God is also really important of course actually it’s the first thing you know but I just switch it to like explain it a little bit for you guys to understand it really well so the Word of God you have you you need to have you need to know the scripture or something to pray about and to confront God with and us here I have Isaiah 40 29 29 he said it says it he gives power to the faint and to them that have no mind he increased strength so you know when you were shy and you’re you were scared you were just feeling so weak you were just feeling down and yeah you just feel like nobody you know when you read this and you code this in your prayer you know that really helps cuz she well because she know what she was talking about you know what you were asking God to do in your life so that it’s really helpful and I’m not another one is second Timothy chapter 1 verse 7 chapter 1 verse 7 it says for God had not given us the spirit of fear oh my god this one so many but of power and of love and of a sound mind you see this one is really amazing it’s really powerful and if you use this in prayer I’m sure you oh you overcome you like be switched so a totally different person to another person so on to someone who’s like full of power of love and of a sound mind you know God has not given us a spirit of fear so we don’t have to be scared of doing anything we don’t have to be scared of what other people will think about what we we are going to say or what you will do you know everybody makes mistakes you know and that’s the that’s the really important thing you know when you are shy and scared you are just afraid to say something or to do something because you are because you think that the thing you are to stay or two it’s not the right thing or is wrong and that’s a really bad mindset cuz you can’t learn something by saying or asking it so if you’re shy then that means that you can even learn that much your concentration is actually like I will not say zero but it’s not a high you know you can you can learn by being afraid to say something or to ask a question and we are just we are fool of God has given us power so we can do anything know who are these people to tell you that you are nothing that you can do anything like they don’t even know what they are saying okay first number three okay what number three is having someone who believes you who motivates you there’s also really amazing thing else really important thing in my what I’ve experienced is having someone to motivate you and like see the best to you as having someone who knows what you can do and will really believe see you and who push you to like to do what you can do that’s really a good thing you know if you’re surrounded with people who are just being so negative and being so like don’t have any any vision or don’t have any any good things it’s hurt so you know to say to you that doesn’t help you it doesn’t help you know and I was I am so grateful I am so thankful that I I had some people in my life that were really really pushing me like really motivating me and yeah I’m so thanks for that you know I’m so thankful and I remember I did something in a church and my mom even my mom thought that I couldn’t do that you know I was so shy before so I did something in the church and and everybody was like wow it is really well on the block and my mom was like yes now I can see that you are not you’re not scared anymore like you are we have overcome your fear you know she told me that she was all she was so scared she was also so shy before when she was young like that has blocked a lot of things in her life and she is so happy for me that I have overcome it and that I have reached this level and that I as she believes in me and she knows that I would do more things you know that I would go farther than what she couldn’t do and that more today’s needs so much and I was so grateful you know I’m forever grateful my mom is just amazing and I pray to God to give her to give her like a long life strength and happiness joy all right so having some people of having someone’s motivate you whether it’s a family or friend or someone in school or at your work it’s just as simple it’s just a simple thing you know it just really they don’t have to tell you a whole story or yeah it’s just sometimes it’s just that simple word or sentence that you need to hear just you can do it you know I believe in you that’s the only thing and if you have someone who can tell you that that’s you know hold on to that person I appreciate him or her every day all the time just pretty good this person to stay in your life so the last point I want to talk about or I want to share with you guys is coming out of your comfort zone yes coming out of your comfort zone what does it actually mean comfort zone you know comfort zone is a situation where you feel comfortable where you feel at ease you feel safe because you don’t have to do anything yeah because no one is giving you pressure to do something you were just in your comfort zone yeah you were just avoiding your fears avoiding other things that you don’t want to do that you are scared to do yes by facing your fears you can overcome you know also your shyness by coming out of your comfort zone like being pushed in a situation where you have to do something where you have to act you know you can just step let me give an example by let’s say you have to give a presentation or yeah you have to you have to be you have to open a presentation and no one told you that you you do this and they just call your name like hey come and just have a little talk about this and that and you just you can just stand there like oh I can’t do it oh I don’t want to do it you know you have to do it so by going in a situation where you’re scared to talk or to act by being a situation that helps you a lot that experienced it yourself you can have a little you can have a change of mind you know positive mindset like oh it wasn’t it it it wasn’t that bad like hey I did it I can do it so I will do it again and again and again and by doing in there I gained like the not you over comments and that’s actually what happened with me me too I was really scared talking to other people like especially in an in a group or in class by executing questions and stuff like that and I was in like an organisation where where you can like where you have to create your own group you know be like a leader group leader and have to do a presentation to another group you know with adults and with other students and you have to do everything all by yourself because you have to ask help you have to learn how to excel if you are struggling with something because that also the amount of thing you are scared to ask someone else for help because you think maybe they think negative about you like you were dumped or you don’t know anything bla bla so that’s the other thing you have to ask help you have to work together with other students with other people and not all the students were nice so you have to know how to handle it how to communicate with them and so on so I went in that organization and it has helped me a lot like I did it I work together with other people I was like I took over the leadership I took on the leadership and we just did our presentation and I was like wow like I did this I did this oh my god like ideas and you know that’s the that was amazing that was really amazing experience so I saw that if you are still in your comfort zone just try and go out just find someone who gets you out of it and push you in a situation where you have to face your fear then learn something out from it and then experience it yourself so yeah actually that was it for today’s video and I hope that I made myself clear that this video was really helpful I hope that you subscribe to my channel you will share this video for me you will like it comment down below if you have any comments if you have another video suggestion and yes so thanks again for watching see on my next video I..

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