Empaths & Anxiety

Empaths & Anxiety

Empaths, Highly Sensitive People, Indigos can experience a lot of anxiety!! In my new video, I describe the root cause and offer tools to heal your anxiety from the inside out!

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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Indigo’s and anxiety a lot of highly sensitive people experienced a lot of anxiety what is the root cause of that and how do we heal it naturally coming up next so the first thing is many of us Indigo’s highly sensitive people we’re born into a world that we feel we don’t really fit into as humans we have a group consciousness we need to feel part of a group for survival and when you don’t feel part of the group perhaps you don’t fit into the set societal norms the school system friendships you might even feel different than the rest or you don’t even feel like you’re born to the right family or on the right planet a lot of us are so sensitive that we’re like emotional sponges and we take on the emotions of others so we have an uncertain identity this is really hard when we are trying to really find ourselves what happens is a lot of Indigo’s also have different behavior we are total truth seekers and truth tellers we don’t really filter what we say and we could be really straight shooters and that gets us approved of a lot because we are unconventional and we are not people pleasers so when we feel that disapproval we’re growing up we start to feel uncertain we start to have an uncertain identity and that is the core of anxiety so what happens when we start to feel this anxiety is we start to have more cortisol be released in our body which is a stress hormone and what that does is it gives us a fight or flight response so when you feel that anxiety triggered what it looks like usually two very specific ways you either start seeing things as a threat or people as a threat you start fighting it and you have to reject it before it can reject you because it’s threatening to you and your sense of certainty or your sense of certain identity or you flee and you run far far away from it and you again reject it before it can reject you so you’re either fighting it and projecting on to them this fear based thinking or this threat that you see or you’re fleeing from it and you’re really seeing it as something you have to run from ultimately what we’re doing is running from our fears we’re running from ourselves and what we can do to really start to quench that anxiety is instead of buying into this response of fight or flight we can really go into ourselves and what I like to teach is feeling it to heal it if you guys don’t have my workbook check it out it’ll be down there it’s healing these wounds into wisdom and really getting to the core root cause of anxiety and depression and things like this by first really getting honest about what we feel rather than buying into this threat this fear this anxiety but really going into the anxiety and not being afraid of the meaning we’ve attached to why we’re feeling this way usually anxiety gets the best of us because we’ve attached a meaning to this feeling so if we feel that this is what it means how about I just feel that I’m going to let it show me what I’m really feeling once we do that we can start creating boundaries around those emotions we can start creating boundaries that separate what we’re feeling against what someone else is feeling what we’re truly feeling against what the anxiety is telling us we feel and the third step is really having a daily practice of spiritual rooting having meditation to really strengthen that voice within that gives us that certain identity that’s always been waiting for us so when we start really being honest about these things and connecting with our tribe and seeing that other people in the world actually due process life the same way that we do we can start owning our truth more and getting rid of these anxieties that we’ve had built up around the uncertainty of who we truly are if you guys haven’t checked out my six week course to lab I actually really recommend that for this as well because it goes through the six stages of this healing but I’ve just given you a cliff note version so uncertain identity uncertainty in general creates anxiety anxiety creates fight or flight and that makes you buy into miss beliefs that aren’t even real so a good way to start hearing your natural anxiety is by knowing the root cause of it that fear that trigger feeling of certainty not running from it but going within yourself to really look at what am i feeling and what did I tell myself that means I hope this helps if you guys think this could help someone else please share and don’t forget to subscribe I’ll see you soon namaste..

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  1. You forgot to mention the “paralysis by analysis”- the inability to fight or flight, by being overwhelmed by decision-making, so, no decision will be made. That creates anxiety all in it’s own.


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