Elaine’s Overcoming Shyness And Finding Everyday Support

Elaine’S Overcoming Shyness And Finding Everyday Support

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hello Eileen hi haha hello we’re going to do this in English because I know your French Canadian and I’m French that would be a lot of fun in French but for now the community is only in English and so at the moment where it’s in many many different languages so tell us you have completed your first 100 day challenge and that’s awesome and I know you had to overcome a lot of your shyness and a lot of other things when you found the community online so can you tell us about that and how you did start it yes so I started actually because I was looking for the word creator co creator something like this and i found the website the 100 reality challenge i found that’s right side so and actually i was also I i was looking at and I saw you on lelu doing video everyday i think was every day and i found it very interesting that you were doing that and what you were saying and the law of attraction you know it was a very intriguing and i saw the movie also the secret i was in 2005 I saw the movie what the bleep do you know and the rabbit hole and it’s after that I was interested about bats away moto with the rice so all these things were coming into my life and it’s when I guess it was in February or march not march i found the reality challenge the your website and then you saw many other people doing this like oh my god there’s hundreds of people house yes and you wanted to join yes I wanted to join because I thought it was a good actually you know what I was trying to find something that will stimulate and that I was same track every day every day and this was perfect yeah bitch but you you have a shy nature you’re very shy so you had to overcome something so what would you say to a person that is right now not doing 100 day challenge they’re terrified of doing this they would love to do it but I like I can’t do this this is too much you know lelu I am the dead shy but for this to put my video and to talk about my daily things I’m shy this is this is what and so what is what a question I can what is my recommendation yeah what is your advice to people that are in the same situation and you that haven’t done that jump yet well it’s to start maybe um just to start it day by day one day and after another day another day and your heart will might want to do a video this is what happened to me that because one day after another day i saw the people and their the progression of their days and I said maybe I can do a video so it grow it grow in me naturally naturally and my heart was ready for it and I did you know at one point I talk about it tree about nature uh you know it did it very little at the beginning maybe the first one it was a more complicated one I I show myself just very quickly so anyway but and I yeah so very gradually it came to me yeah one step at a time and what are some of the manifestations that at what some of the things that you manifested in season one I always wanted to well actually my manifestation is to be more proactive in my daily life I was um and you can see my agenda before was pretty white and now and I you know I was doing things but now I’m much more motivated to do every day and this is very great and show us what it looks like now thanks so now as i’m just going to turn my page I you know it’s much much more you going to say maybe do you know it’s just it’s more because it’s encouraging me you know to to to go ahead and to do what I love and to be to stay motivated to stay in a positive energy sometimes you know sometime I’m a bit sad but I don’t stay as long as before and to see ya so it’s just saying it really helped me I think you had told me that you actually posting on the top of your page eunjung the status that was one of your practices yeah every day putting a statement putting a statement and intention even just day one day two every day I put that and it is this mean for me staining the flow stay in today I’m staying in a positive energy and I want to be part of it I want a part of it yes whoo and you’re definitely part of yes and I got here proposed now I mean you’re a video wow great that’s great so you’re starting season two soon yes I am starting in the fifth of July after it’s all done Monday which is perfect and I like to do also when I do I put on the blog I put an image and inspire me I love trees I love nature you know and I quote this is what you know it inspired me for the whole day and uh yes I like that would you want to attract in your season two oh wow i wrote to be lessened fear actually you know stay so to be enjoy enjoy yeah too yes I don’t have a specific just to continue continue a map project and we yeah that good spirit also I all I want to be a good I want my family to be happy and just saying the flow and you know what the co creator really helped me also for my family you know I think I’m most positive and I see a good one yeah hey i see good things happening so it’s great very cool we look forward watching your journey unfolding season do starting in July fifth thank you thank you Lulu and and it’s wonderful to have you lelu very happy to find your group and to find a good friend yank events yes thank you thank you okay..

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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