“Eft” Tapping Points – Learn Tapping To “Overcome Social Anxiety” & Be More Confident Around Others

“Eft” Tapping Points – Learn Tapping To “Overcome Social Anxiety” & Be More Confident Around Others

Become Confident In Social Situations

Without Awkwardly Facing Your Fears

On my homepage I sharewhat didn’t work to overcome my struggle with social anxiety and what DIDwork for me to cure social anxiety for myself and assist others feel more confident around others.You may think you need to improve social skills in order to be getting over shyness and social anxiety but I’ll show you how to overcome social anxiety step by step and become EFFORTLESSLY confident socially. I demonstrate thisto you visually with easy to understand graphics.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

You’ll find out how to get rid of social anxiety around people, how to get over shyness and how to get over fear of talking to people so you can feel more confident around others and talk to people with ease.

I’m a personal coach specialized in helping people overcome shyness and social anxiety disorder. Since Oct 2009 I’ve solely been coaching people in overcomingsocial anxietyand shyness using EFT.

I discovered EFT out of sheer desperation. I feared I’d have to live anxious, feeling like a loser, ashamed of myself and lonely for the rest of my life. Thanks to the EFT technique and with the help of a lot of specialists I’ve been able to overcome my severe social anxiety.

Ipersonally had tried anything I could findto overcome my low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and fear around people. I even had fear of talking to people on the phone around others and I just didn’t know how to deal with social anxiety in the right way. So I studied psychology, self-help, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), did famous online programs and anything I could to overcome it. I faced my fears, did affirmations, visualizations, and so on. And yet I was managing anxiety rather than getting rid of the causes of shyness and anxiety within me.

I’ve been now anxiety-free for years. I no longer have fear to talk to people I think are cooler than me. I’m grateful to feel free, comfortable and at ease around others. It feels normal now. I make friends easily, have a satisfying social life, and I enjoy connecting with people. And I’m beyond grateful for it because I was sick of dealing with social anxiety. It wasn’t easy, but I made it. And so can you. How?

I have received over 400 therapy and coaching sessions from high-level coaches. I have studied for thousands of hours, travelled to take workshops from the best therapists and coaches all over the world, and I’ve invested 40 000 euros to be able to get results for my clients and to offer you the best of what’s out there. I’ve put the best of all that I learned in a series of life-changing emails that I’ll send you for free. Click below and keep reading:

I’ve been committed and passionate to bring solutions to beat social anxiety using the effective approach of EFT since 2008. You can sign up for my newsletter to get the golden nuggets, a-ha moments, insights and “secrets” that I’ve learned from 1000’s of hours of being coached and coaching social phobicshere (read along):

Some questions for you:

Do you sometimes (or always) feel ashamed of yourself? Are you avoiding social situations? Are you afraid of the weekend? Do you come up with excuses to avoid having to attend awkward social gatherings? Difficulty talking to people? Do you freeze up? Get a lump in your throat and are unable to speak properly? Does your chest get tight? Can’t connect with others? Feel others are judging you?Are you desperately looking for the next social anxiety disorder cure?

Do you have any of the below fears?

Fear of rejection, Fear of looking foolish, Fear of being bullied, Fear of being teased, Fear of criticism

Fear of disapproval, Fear of conflict, Fear of not being liked, Fear of embarrassment, Fear of being ridiculed, Fear of being laughed at, Fear of being made fun of, Fear of being ignored, Fear of not fitting in

Fear of not being accepted?

Do you think thoughts like:

I’m a loser, I’m different, I don’t fit in, I’m awkward, I’m stupid, I’m weak, I’m weird, I’m not good enough, etc?

Do you feel unsafe socially? Does “facing your fears” simply not work for you? I’ll demonstrate on my site that there’s a far more effective way to break out of your comfort zone. You can face your fears in a way that’s not scary. If you’ve been looking for a way out of the suffering and frustration, then this can start you on a journey to social ease. It won’t be a overnight success, though overnight progress is common, massive progress (less anxious, more confident) in weeks, and with persistence you can become completely anxiety-free. No matter how bad your anxiety is, or how long you’ve suffered from it. Big promises, I know. I follow up on those on my homepage:

Sebastiaan van der Schrier (Pro-EFT Level III, NLP, PSYCH-K)

If you prefer to read:

hello and welcome to the simple introduction video to eft emotional freedom techniques or MTT meridian tapping techniques eft is a psychological or emotional version of acupuncture but instead of using needles we tap with our with the tips of our fingers on specific meridian points on our body the premise of EFT is that all negative emotions are because of a disruption in the body’s energy system so we all have an energy system inside our body and we got seven chakras in our body and those are the energy vortexes that pump the energy through the body and the Meridian pathways are the ways for which the energy flows now if there’s a disruption as in your system you experience negative emotion now with EFT what we do is we focus in on the problem that we have then we tap on those specific meridian points and by focusing in on the problem and tapping the energy disruption gets balanced and along with that the negative emotion disappears that’s very simply set what it is and in the videos I’ll be guiding you through how to do that now in this short video I’m also going to explain to you the points that we use and where to find them first of all we’re doing the karate chop that is the base of your pinky finger and then the beginning of your wrist in the middle you got the fleshy part if you would do karate and you jump ice through the middle you use the fleshy part you take two or three fingers and you continuously tap there so that’s called the karate chop now what I teach sometimes just to distinguish between a psychological reversal which will you will learn more about later and the normal karate up so I go to sometimes a okay now let’s do the weird karate chop which is basically just the karate chops against each other okay you can’t give is wrong it’s a very forgiving technique alright so then we go on to the points we have beginning of the eyebrow that’s right here it’s really where your eyebrows starts you take two or free fingers I used to eat up on the beginning of the IRA so you may you got the side of the eye make sure it’s not all the way here at your temple we’re really at the side of your eye on the bone then you get under the eye same thing this is where the bone is and that’s where you tab then you get the point that’s cold under the nose which is in the crease right here except there now you get the point it’s called the chin point it’s not really the gin but conveniently its cool the chin point and it’s the crease right here so you tap there then you got the collarbone which is here and it’s on each side all the points are in each side you can either tap with one hand you can tap with two hands you can tap all cross doesn’t matter that much okay but you got the collarbone and that is if you follow your collarbone and the internet ed ends in a thick knop under that knob is a little hole that’s where the point is it’s in between the thick knob of your collarbone and your top rib so you tap there if you can’t find that point you just use your fist a thump around the area or you make a claw you know the claw and you tap around the general area just a vibration of doing this will make sure you hit the point as I said it’s very forgiving technique right but you got under the arm which is here if you’re a female it’s where your bra strap meets directly under your armpit if you’re a guy follow your nipple all the way to under your armpit and that’s where you tap they got the liver point which is two inches below the nipple no I’m not going to go naked so you can see it but it’s like to this is the nipple there’s really two inches there if you’re a very muscular guy it’s under the pesky ler muscle alright and then we get the wrist point which is here and to make sure you get the whole point you to choose flat up your handicap there all right and then the last point that i use is the top of the head which is the crown of the head and you just make the clog and eat you tap on a general area the top of your head those are the points hope that’s clear bye you..

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  1. Hi Es,

    This is just an explanation of what tapping points to use. Not much interesting, as the tapping isn’t aimed at anything. When you use EFT (the odd tapping I teach in the video) in the right way you can use it to overcome the negative emotions connected to your challenges. For more info, check out the other videos on my channel. Or visit my website for in depth understanding: social-anxiety-solutionsDOTcom


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