Earthbound Nuzlocke Challenge Part 42 -Overcoming Shyness-

Earthbound Nuzlocke Challenge Part 42 -Overcoming Shyness-

Well maybe if you just pass the book around everything will be fine.

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hello everyone and welcome back to the earthbound nuzlocke challenge okay so i have made it back to winters the lab after defeating star man deluxe and before i started the episode i was trying to decide whether or not i wanted to revive all three characters because i think i can get out of here with teleport with the small amount of psi that I have because there is a straight line outside that I could possibly do safely and I can go continue the story with just me if I wanted to but i think i was thinking back to what I beat i’m pretty sure i have enough revives to revive i think i have three of revised exact is what i came came to i’m pretty sure wow I didn’t realize how low res this was you can like you could see I’m right I’m being distracted wow yeah I should have three revives left because I had I had two in the department store nest and I died quorum died so I used one so that brought me to one after that we defeated we came here to winters and defeated the mushroom boss that gave us two again then we went to summers got guts leg then we went to four side and flag was revived by a prayer so it didn’t count so we got to there then we went to pink cloud oh maybe I only have two cuz we went to the pink cloud after that or dowel him after that now I’m rethinking the whole thing department store we had to I used one up then we went here and got one that would have been too again then we went to summer Scott flag we went to after we got flag we went to four side got three yes then we went to pink cloud limahl died in pink cloud and the master revived her I’m counting it as one so that would have brought us the two then we got pink cloud for three and i haven’t revived anybody since then so I should have three so if I use this BAM because I knew it would revive everybody so everyone’s Mariah and I’m homesick is now god everyone’s revived um that counts is my I used up my three that’s what I’m gonna say why did I just call dad again might as well save use two minutes to try to think of that uh I need to call escargot Express that’s what I wanted to call so yeah that’s exactly what my thought process I now have zero revives so if somebody dies I have to keep them dead until I find a your sanctuary location which luckily that’s where we’ll be heading next come on I know you can come here oh you’re gonna talk to your gonna talk to limo limos did different I just don’t want to deal with this guy anymore so levels the one that’s have the eraser eraser cuz I don’t need it anymore like I sell the diamond band sell the souvenir coin that is it yes what but there’s no way here how did you come over here when there’s nothing you probably looped around this way I have no idea how he goes where he’s going alright should have started this episode with a little better organization but you know if the couple of journals to flag and now we shall if you remember from last episode Apple kid said that he returned the book shyness book to the library internet so let us head back to Annette and since we’re here let us sell my I’m only allowing that a home sickness healing thing because of the awesome battle that I had the awesome victory I did in the last episode I mean come on that was like honestly that was amazing I am surprised that I beat that guy wait everyone already has diamond bands right yeah so I could sell it no problem hoho I sold him a diamond band and what I find hilarious is the fact that sense I sold him a diamond band he doesn’t have uh do you like boats sell it to anyone else Oh souvenir coin though oh no hang on a minute pal give the souvenir coin to between me and syrup who has the less defense I have 160 153 okay give it to syrup syrup has 300 health Wow ok syrup can you equip the souvenir corn or does it do better it does a lot better ok and I already have the lucky coin so we can sell that I’m already equipped alive joint so we’re good luck oh no oh oh thank you for not being able to sell the heavy bazooka oh yes no all right let’s go to the bank machine let me take all that money one two one two three four five one two three four five can I even take all that money 6 to 9 16 oh my god I think I just lost some of my buddy cuz I’ve already overflowed with money I already have the maximum amount of money in my pocket so I i just lost money the money that was in my bank account i lost it Wow hi oh no no a man without a map is a popular with the girls do you want one out no are you serious they won’t let me oh my god it won’t let me ah well there was no rule that yep yep yep yep ah it won’t let me not have the map after I talked to her no there you go I no no no mine book of overcoming shyness air Jeff you were Jeff syrup you read it you were you did say you were kind of shy when we first met you well I’m gonna go see if my sister take the town map because that’s just wasting space cuz a lot of the places we’re gonna go to now won’t even be on the map so huh what’s the point of having it Ellis just waste waste more time for me lady why don’t you hello Doug Doge this can i haz can I give use map don’t tell me that you can’t take it store take the damn map no you have anything I might want at Franklin patch oh that Franklin badge did that deter no no I’m sort of two chicken maybe no you don’t really have anything you really don’t have anything I need ok so with zero revives and with the shyness book under arm we are now going to return to the tender village because we basically beat one of the hardest parts of the game even though I’ve said that about multiple items where’s a good point to teleport here maybe yeah and the village didn’t attend contingent addicted yeah that was a nice one and a good good war port and they heal me for free here so flags los pee pee didn’t didn’t Mazel heal cuz I’m gonna be going into a dungeon soon yep and it’s free broken Trump editor being fixed we came to the fence shower uh huh ah well that’s a good that fed Sharon creatures defensive all friends it’s most effective use of how a multiple layer can be used many times ah that’s helpful to have that is so helpful to have oh it’s so helpful to have wait can somebody else use it give it to level for now cuz syrup can’t have it all right book Le. Clair don’t know that’s rumor how about I give you a shyness book hmm book conviction us thanks relax I’ll read every 10 just holding this book in my hands make me feel like I’m overcoming my shyness already I’ll really take time to read it to everyone the leader of the tender tribe read overcoming shyness to everyone chat chat whisper whisper I’d like to give you some ten ten dark rut in return to the probe of the type of dish that all tend to like it stinks but it tastes wonderful quorum lens the leader of the tender trod the book overcoming shyness corn got the tender crumb and I can’t do anything at this point he’s just like hey gotcha bitch I’m gonna take your picture let her say so myself okay get ready Fritzi member a look at the cameras ready say overcoming shyness why would a great photograph if only you guys weren’t so bundled up together I mean all I see is like quorum just hey you I have a happy little question for you gamers everywhere gamers everywhere are you sure this is the correct player’s name if it’s not right you can change it how did how did what how did you with Tony here no that’s them cambridge everywhere are you sure this is what you want are you happy with that name yes are you absolutely certain yes yeah I thought that you had made up your mind since we overcame my shyness I’ll give you back a dragonite take it thanks Wow give that to syrup syrup will be boost so long I say goodbye huh it’s like a heath bar room he’s like so long I said goodbye get out of here welcome to this far take a rest long journey must have been they said they overcame the shyness they didn’t say they spoke very well hi smile mm hmm I’m a woman did you think I was a man horrible woman to droop did over the man nice day guess I’m fully healed still hotel here and I’m not talking to that guy cuz he wants will have hi how are you today oh you know feeling well be healthy I feel healthier already I’ll take horn the horn of life give me the horn of life I give you something look at list that Hall of Fame bat could be very helpful one two three four five six seven I need seven bag of dragonite or seven horn of life but I can’t buy horn of life cuz that’s the rules so I need seven to give him seven horde of life in order to get that Hall of Fame back on the ground very large area exist dinosaurs big scary lost underworld stone there is talks a lot doc slots recently everyone is able to talk a lot so I’ve lost my identity powerful I so show everyone huh I got it I got it y’all my power are inspiring that it is good sir let’s take a peek inside hello rock with face good evening I am a talking rock but they’re rocks around here don’t talk too much the talk that the rock that talks the most is deep down in the labyrinth of ways ahead in the lost underworld don’t forget to talk to the rock it’s important yeah but I can’t talk to that rock if somebody’s dead because it will revive someone hello puppies how you doing fabi not FOP is fabi well it’s what flag saw first legs gonna turn into a fobby oh they have HP suckers they didn’t do any damage so I’m kind of thinking that these guys shouldn’t be too hard why can you not turn into a fobby hmm yeah these guys aren’t too hard especially since there’s four of us and four of them even though Flags trying to turn into them awesome this is so much easier with four of us ..

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