Dr Disrespect On The Character’S Origin And Overcoming Shyness

Dr Disrespect On The Character’S Origin And Overcoming Shyness


I get the sense that the the Edward Norton character of your life mm hmm is a very different than the Brad Pitt character of your life is that true absolutely yeah boom Bing right on the butt do you think that like the doc character that you develop makes you the Edward Norton part of you more confident much as as it did in Fight Club ah no I’m actually pretty I’m actually not actually pretty shy really yeah I’m actually pretty shy state of myself I’m pretty shy I don’t like that’s incredible I don’t like the I don’t like the limelight I don’t like being in front of cameras I’m like taking pictures it’s the exact opposite so in a way does the it’s at least how do I call it and character kind of helps yeah that’s like I feel the same way too if I put on a hat or sunglasses then it’s like I’m not exactly myself there’s a filter mm hmm do you feel like that I don’t know how to call it the the Brad Pitt that’s so stupid the doc I feel like if I say that you won’t acknowledge it well do you feel like the doc has like give like enables you to exist in a different reality than like something that you’ve always wanted to be but you you couldn’t do it as yourself like how do you because you don’t like doing that but as the doc you’re great yeah uh it certainly is a fix for being able to be as expressed as a expressive as I want to be it’s funny cuz when I grew up I was sort of the class clown I was like the the guy who made people laugh and stuff like that and then you know as I got older I kind of got I kind of transformed into a shy person and you know I stayed to myself but I I don’t really socialize too much and if I do it’s like I have to get warmed up to you a little bit so this allows like this actually kind of brings back like my old the days a little bit and like it allows me to tap into that being a kid again and just being expressive and just carefree who cares what you think about me I don’t care I’m gonna do anything and everything that I want to do and there’s nothing you can do about it yeah kind of kind of expression expressive like I think that’s what everyone loves about the character too you know we all long for that yeah yeah yeah but it feels good it’s fun therapeutic it’s very therapeutic what did not come from how do you develop it how’d you come up with this character the doctor came from actually originated from halo 2 and it was a voice I mean it wasn’t a character it wasn’t a visual thing it was all voice and because halo 2 was proximity chat you know so you could tell the guy you know you’re going to the base with the team you look at this guy I know he’s upstairs I’m gonna pull the flags there’s nothing he could do about it I’m gonna demolish him and guess what he’s gonna respond across the map and you got the other guy on the team listening to this lunatic coming into the base going oh you know yeah so it kind of started like that and actually you know whether you’re on the other team or the team that I was playing on like people in the lobby kind of enjoyed that so you can kind of sense like eight people are onto something here a lot of something yeah yeah and so that just sort of like naturally developed into like we’re hanging out my buddy’s house and they said hey we should we should make you know this guy a character like because we’re always into film and stuff like stupid stuff and so that day I went to the store and you know picked out the black steel hey hey the bullet other back stage this is the second wig or you know let’s say implant can we say that yeah let’s just talk about it this is the second version to version two yeah that’s impressive that it’s last you do that long yeah how long’s that implant been around seven years and I haven’t watched it one time I believe it man you got to keep it juicy yeah but uh you know we just went to the store I went to the store grabbed it and that night I got the the scopes the the black steel and then you know we filmed something and I had a little a game playing on my channel it’s called docks first video that was like the first one ..

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  1. Wow the Doc described what I went through when he was in school. I was the class clown in middle school, then I got really shy and became anti social as well.


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