Dating Tips For Shy Guys | Overcome Shyness Around Women With 7 Simple Strategies!

Dating Tips For Shy Guys | Overcome Shyness Around Women With 7 Simple Strategies!

If you’re shy or awkward around girls and you want to meet girls, date girls and maybe get a girlfriend you’re truly into it can be hard to get started.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

In this world of extroverts and overconfident guys it can seem difficult to know exactly what you can do to compete and meet the kind of women you’re actually attracted to.

After all, approaching women seems like a high risk strategy that can lead to rejection and public embarrassment.

So what do you do?

In this video you’ll discover 7 key strategies that I would get any coaching client to put in place before we even start any serious work.

These are the seven most important basics that have helped me change from shy to confident in my life and they work reliably if you stick with them for a while.

So go on…have a go. write them down for yourself, stick them on a post it note and remind yourself of them everyday so you can see the benefits yourself!

Questions? post them in the comments!

Please watch: “Approaching Women | Ways To Start Conversations With Women In Public Places”

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okay it’s definitely how’s it going I’m in a hotel as you can see my bed’s always changed this one is extremely big anyway so in this video I want to share with you my seven most important strategies if you’re currently a shy guy if you are a shy guy you see yourself as somebody who’s probably struggling to approach women maybe not so great in conversations you’re holding back a lot around women you notice you’re shy and maybe very introvert and getting dates or getting a girlfriend is just really out of reach right now these are the seven things I strongly recommend to you so before we get into the official counter my name is Stephanie pan if you have never met me before make sure you hit the subscribe button right here and you click that notification spell as well because otherwise you won’t see the upcoming videos and I have a lot of videos coming up now there’s seven most important strategies for a guy that would see themselves as shy I used to be a massive shy guy these things have personally worked for me and one or two of them maybe you won’t be instantly thrilled to hear them but if you actually do what I say to you and you just do it and you implement it and you give it a couple of weeks you will notice a big shift and unless you do it you won’t notice it so take action with what I’m giving you because what I put into this is really some of the best basic stuff that anybody can do whether you’re good looking or whether you have a six pack or not or whether you’re rich or not this stuff anybody can do and it makes a big difference alright in seventh spot and I don’t even dare to look at you when I say this I believe online dating is a thing any Tiger must do what online dating does for you is it extremely extremely convenient it literally just requires a few minutes a day if you were really committed to actually swiping with your thumb or pressing a button on pictures that you like but far more importantly it puts you in touch with women without any risk any risk you can get in touch with women you can use search engines on some apps you can swipe left or right you can use apps where you know women need to get in touch with you so you really don’t have to do much you put your profile up you make it nice you go online on Google to check out some tips for how to make a good profile you do it and if you can’t figure it out you come to me and get some coaching and the worst thing that can happen in the whole process is that when you text her back or message her that she will not text you back or she will say I don’t know I’m I have to you know I found another guy or like I’m not really interested anymore so what strategy number six talk to anyone that you can find that is a stranger just a little bit okay supermarket checkout girl hello how are you doing today great fantastic oh okay when’s your shift finished all right well good luck have a great time boom you’ve just made them feel good get that sensation of making people feel good when you talk to them get that sensation of starting your conversation with a stranger it can be pleasant and give them a good time that’s it that’s all you’re acquiring there that idea that you can have a positive conversation with a girl now lots of guys saying well I can do that but I can’t do it with a really attractive woman but when I ask have they done it regularly have they been doing it they say well I could but they don’t and unless you get used to it and you get it into your system that it can be positive to have that quick conversation you don’t hone your skill at it and you won’t start with a supermodel moving swiftly on into the fifth strategy that we are talking about here right now that is step by step this is my favorite principle about dating okay step by step in the last example we talked about basically the step by step principle as a way of weaning ourselves of this fear of being rejected of weird reactions right by talking to anybody for a while now step by step though is a really crucial principle for dating most guys freak out about starting a conversation with a girl or even saying the first words because they think in the first words they need to already make sure that she’ll want to give them their number or you know fall in love with them or something ridiculous like that right all you need to focus on at that point is oh I want to talk to her because I’m quite interested in what she would be like because she’s kind of pretty and then you start the conversation it’s a lot easier than when you look oh I want this girl to be my girlfriend how do I start talking to her right you don’t know that yet because you’re going step by step you just like pretty face okay let’s see what she’s like then when you’ve realized what she’s like yeah actually she’s fun cool I’d like to hang out with her again next step oh I think I need to take a number oh okay next step what’s your number let’s hang out again Oh take it here pom pom next step texting yeah yeah so it goes step by step coming on to principle number four hang out with your friends and public more often go shopping with people go to bars with people go to clubs with with guys go to coffee shop with guys hang out with your friends and why would you do that because they make you feel good your friends and usually people are more relaxed when they’re with their friends and they’re more open to everybody and I’ve seen so many times that when people out with their friends they also start talking to other people it makes it more easy also one of your friends maybe talk to other people and then in that process they may get some people into the conversation with you some of those might be attractive women some of those might be women interested in you they would never find out about this unless one of your friends dragged them into the conversation for example number three is going to be very controversial again huh because there’s so much stuff written about this crap which is ridiculous I don’t even know where to start you need some female friends if you have female friends you need to hang out with them you also need to go out with them or have mixed groups of friends okay have guys and girls but don’t shy away from having friends that are female why because number one exposure when you have lots of female friends you feel relaxed with with females and that’s always a good thing it has nothing to do with being friend zoned or whatever it just means that you’re a guy that can hang out with women and that women like you now secondly if you’re going out with female friends to a club to a bar to a cafe or whatever and you’re chatting with them having a good time other women noticing you will not think that makes you less attractive they will think it makes you more attractive they’ll also be interested because you’re a guy that other women like ya won’t talk to so if you don’t get a lot of dates right now hang out with your female friends can at least get you used to hanging out with women and that’s one of the most crucial things that you need to get used to the count on is coming down to two is this rude in some countries I think it is right so turn that around like this I don’t know so this strategy is all about what you do and can do to get more confident and build your self esteem now here’s the thing I’ve learned over the years certain actions certain things activities make you feel great make you feel confident make you feel like you’re building yourself esteem more to the next level make you feel proud in essence other actions don’t do more of the stuff that makes you feel good proud confidence with more self esteem what is that for you now for some guys it’s going to the gym working out or having a regular fit fitness routine for other guys it may be a combination of that and eating correctly or eating well for themselves for other people it might be just not complaining and just focus on the inner game and just thinking about you know what are the opportunities today what do I appreciate about people all that stuff makes a huge difference if you want to take that further then you can use the 6 week double your confidence challenge my program for people that want to double their confidence in six weeks I put a link here hopefully in the cart or here in the description of course to that program and that will change your life if you take the actions that I’m suggesting with you it’s very simple but that will double your confidence and self esteem over the course of six weeks more or less on to strategy number one and that is the most important strategy of all and the most direct and to the point what you need to do if you currently shy and you want to get more dates and you want to get a girlfriend then you really need to identify your sticking points and take action to overcome them let’s say you’re online okay so you’re on dating sites and you get some interest from girls yeah maybe where it all breaks down is when you text with them right so if that’s the is what you need to work on is how do you text how do you communicate with women if that is your your problem where everything falls down then you need to work on that how do you work on that by actually investing in a program I would recommend my pimp your lingo 2.0 program it will give you everything I can teach you to communicate with women in a way that you’re flirting with them building attraction whether by text or whether in person or whether over the phone if your biggest sticking point is starting your conversation with a girl and like making that first step or getting a number then I would strongly recommend my approachable program because that’s going to help you what is your biggest block your biggest sticking point at the beginning of the process and once you have learned how to overcome that you need to get look at the next sticking point that really is the systematic way of going about it so what I would like to ask you now is to share below what your biggest sticking point is and once you have shared that I would ask you to look at what you can do to overcome it and my programs are here right below in the description so follow the links there check out how these programs can help you in a really simple way in your everyday life but you implementing them just step by step all my programs are really simple to implement thanks for watching I look forward to your comments below and I speak you very soon ..

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  1. I didn’t mention it in this video but when it comes to online dating and texting…the key is always to not get lost in the virtual world but see it simply as a tool to meet women as quickly as possible. You’ll make up your mind about her when you meet her, same for her. No need to become texting buddies.


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