Conversation Skills For Rebels | Conversation Tips

Conversation Skills For Rebels | Conversation Tips

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hey it’s men from the art of verbal war where people learned to excel in verbal skills so I’m a bit fired up and pissed off why no not because Donald Trump is president I’m pissed off because no matter where I look conversation advice that other people give is useless and 100% guaranteed to lead to mediocre conversations this video is called conversation skills for rebels because I think it’s time for a revolution my friends a revolution in conversation skills but before we revolt let me recap for you the conventional wisdom about conversation number one be interested in others number two be a good listener number three ask lots of questions number four no one use interesting conversation topics and starters I mean that sounds reasonable right but I’ll tell you in a bit why this is terrible advice number five talk about your passions and interests number six this one is very in right now tell stories again I’ll tell you why this is terrible advice number seven be polite and inoffensive number eight try to have deep conversation you’ve heard all these quote unquote tips before haven’t you well let me tell you exactly what will happen if you follow this generic mundane advice boredom leading to nodding up leading to drooling outright snoring and sometimes even snorting it’s time for a revolution a revolution in conversation skills no more mundane uninteresting conversations follow these conventional conversation tips if you want to have mediocre conversations to follow what I’m about to tell you if you want to be so much more than mediocre and conversation skills join this rebellion now let me introduce you the conversation manifesto the eight principles for conversation revolutionaries here are eight principles which turn this conventional conversation advice upside down now I want you to raise your right hand and swear allegiance to these eight principles number one instead of being interested in others focus on being interesting yourself stop being passive and calm and start being an active participant and start being the person who is the cause of a great conversation not merely be effect number two instead of being a good listener focus on being someone with something to say and don’t place the burden of making conversation on other people number three instead of asking a lot of questions promise me that you’ll use questions infrequently and only in specific situations you want to know what to do instead and what situations I’m talking about go to art of verbal war calm forward slash manifesto number four instead of worrying about what conversation topics are good topics learn how to talk about any topic even really boring and mundane ones in an interesting way and even more importantly remember this okay it’s never the conversation topic that matters it’s the type of conversation that matters you all know what types of conversations again go to www. nasa. gov/station zand interests which is rather self absorbed isn’t it flip the conversation into a two way conversation and you want to know how to do that well you know where to go number six instead of telling stories just for the sake of telling them or because some shitty conversation advice told you to do that tell stories only when they serve a specific purpose number seven instead of worrying about being polite and inoffensive it’s okay and actually preferable to be a bit edgy and a bit provocative stop worrying about being so politically correct and start being more authentic and real there’s anything that’s a true killer of conversation it’s being too polite too inoffensive too politically correct and too vanilla and you’re not vanilla now are you number eight instead of trying to have quote unquote deep conversations learn how to create fun and exciting conversations most people just want to have fun they don’t care about analyzing issues and even if they do doing that is no way to create a connection or a bond with another person or with the group fun and exciting conversations are the best type to have so there you go that’s the conversation manifesto you got that memorized by following these eight principles you will never have a mundane conversation again now if you want to learn how to implement each of these eight principles of conversation revolutionaries go to art of verbal war calm forward slash manifesto okay that’s it for today I’m in Lou from the art of verbal war please subscribe to this video if you haven’t subscribed to my channel and hey give this video like until next time keep being excellent ..

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