Comfortable In Your Own Skin (Social Anxiety)

Comfortable In Your Own Skin (Social Anxiety)

This is just a vlog telling you about my trip to the store and how I wasn’t really anxious at all this time. I just realized I’m wearing the same shirt in this video as in my last. Well, it’s a good t-shirt!.

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

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hi guys so I got you a video I wasn’t really planning on making a video right now but I just had to this out there um and I wasn’t you’re like laughing at the background right now because it’s like my couch and the tapestry it’s like the two backgrounds in one and I wasn’t necessarily gonna put that back there but just the only way to get the lighting bright enough because without it without the blue making a light all like this um it was like really dark right here I can’t do anything but um but yeah so if you follow my blog you’ll know that the reason I made a video in a while is because I’ve been sick well I moved and then I was sick so that’s why it’s been a while like my voice might sound a little sick still but that’s why it’s been a while since I had a video anyways so yeah I’m not finished putting that up anyways alright but yeah um the reason I came this video is because I just got back from the store I guess I don’t really have anything in video right now but I was like oh my god something happened so I was um at this store and I was just like going about my business like and my car was taking out stuff and then like I was walking like to the produce section and it just like dawn on me I was like whoa like I have not been like an ounce of social aims just like this whole time like usually when I walk into the grocery store it’s like oh my god oh my god oh my god like the whole time um but then I just saw me I was like whoa like sometimes that happened like some of you have social anxiety you know that like it comes and goes a lot of time um so yeah it wasn’t there and then I kind of realized that the feeling I had was like automatic and there’s not really like a way to like psyche yourself into that probably um but yes so also um I think this is going to sound like the most obvious thing the world ever but I think a lot of it has to do with how good you feel about yourself yeah which is obvious but like um yeah it’s just like you and you can’t fake that you can’t be like all right like I’m gonna psyche myself and it feeling good about myself like you either feel good about yourself or you don’t um and how do you feel about yourself it’s gonna determine like how comfortable you are like out in the world so yeah I mean I have like normal outfit on it wasn’t like too crazy um so that I’m like coming out of my wearing somebody crazy it wasn’t like too revealing it wasn’t too bright or too not bright um so I don’t know I just had like a normal outfit on so it was just comfortable comfortable outfit um comfortable shoes and I just felt comfortable I guess and so yeah and then also um I if you fall on my blog you’d also notice I think I said this on my blog anyway that I mean my boyfriend broke up and we not talk for like two or three weeks I don’t know but and so I feel a lot better about myself know that I’m not in that bad relationship I’m not in an unhealthy or wrong with the wrong person so I feel better for myself now I’m not in a better relationship and um also there’s no oh and also I feel good about myself he has in my apartment like I moved into this new apartment and it’s really awesome or I love it and I feel really good about myself cause of that um and it’s also really sunny today it’s sunny and warm and that’s like the perfect weather for me so yeah I just I all around felt really good so I think that helped to just like she’s like I just I feel good you know and I feel good about myself so when I went out to do my show to do my errands I was just focusing on my errands I wasn’t like aware of anyone else I wasn’t aware of like any humans I wasn’t aware of anyone around me I wasn’t aware of myself because I think when you’re self conscious you’re gonna be aware of what other people are thinking of you so therefore you’re gonna be aware the other people but I just wasn’t aware of like anyone like at all I was just all I was thinking that was like I guess how normal people are like all I was thinking about was the stuff that I was picking out to put in my cart and by the way I accidentally spent eleven dollars on organic cherries because I didn’t have how much it was and then I got up their nose $11 I was like anyways um so yeah I guess it’s all I wanted to say um so yeah I hope that has helpful in some way don’t know if it was but yeah I don’t think you can like psyche yourself into like being feeling good about yourself you just have to feel good about yourself I mean either do or you don’t so you have to do is just like make these circumstances in your life and make you happy with yourself um and then you’ll feel probably better when you go out into the world all right so I don’t know I hope you guys have a really good day and I’m glad that I’m not sick anymore and yeah I said I’m packing to you anyway so follow my blog my right on there more than that make videos probably and yeah there’s a new forum it’s the old form and not don’t go on there anymore it’s mental forum that connects I’ll leave its aggression okay so that’s it all right..

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  1. Thank you for this video! I have severe aniexty based on feeling like crap everyday and wanting to change my looks. you are so pretty !! thank you again i can really relate to this! will subscribe now 🙂

  2. I deal with this from past stuff. I was told heroin is a lie before I tried it, and it still is after being clean for a few months.

  3. Watching youtube videos on social anxiety I find it amazing how many gorgeous, beautiful and intelligent people suffer from this.
    All this time I thought only us ugly fatties have this.
    I am a little bit shocked to be honest.

  4. Yeah. It doesn’t have anything to do w looks; I even think in the definition it says tht it’s a fear beyond wht would normally b experienced by someone who is self-conscious abt another problem such as obesity etc.. U can b the most beautiful person in the world & still think ur ugly, or the most ugly person in the world & still think you’re beautiful. It’s all in your head. & anyway, SA is brought on by other things such as upbringing, watch my “social anxiety is REAL” video if you haven’t.


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