Bsl 203- Level 2 Conversation Skills

Bsl 203- Level 2 Conversation Skills

a practice for my exam, topic is food and drink. No subtitles, but narration

Text version:

my name Daisy thing today is pig drink now last weekend last weekend hmm Saturday are you working all day this time and when a boyfriend named James cooking dinner weird because he never cooks I never cook good Wow pasta with tomato sauce cheese palms in Grace’s couldn’t talk it’s not what is bollock there’s a nice nice surprise you cook I can cook chunky huh did any of them head up to 290 and wait Oh 20 minutes mmm oh yeah so I go to the room down we’d look at the cake I smell something pushes for like excited you’re like in like in the cake them perfect take it out wait wait to cool down five minutes no and I said it there’s ice cream soda don’t do that reach me sometimes but rarely my family isn’t he he’s another sizzling favorite drink do you prefer white red pink red no low for me but my favorite drink of all of them alcoholic white rum and I’ve coconut pineapple hotel called pina colada drink drink to go out the front and your friend’s name what time do you ever get takeaways and Sunday we went near the kitchen looking around and look in the cupboards in the fridge and there was nothing so we called it tickle a pizza simple Pizza Margherita cheese like mutter quit school yeah Pizza Hut still announced no that cheap you you like to take away Indian I can’t you do food it’s too spicy no no no it’s a favorite cake lemon cake or chocolate cake cheese cake like joking you could you make lemon cake how my favorite sandwich I like cheese and Marmite I know you hate it you..

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  1. Currently on Level 2, aswell. Any particular resources you are using that’s helping you? I have to say during my lessons I’m finding it difficult to understand things


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