Abraham Hicks 2016 ~ Mastering Your Mind And Overcoming Social Anxiety (Newest 2016)

Abraham Hicks 2016 ~ Mastering Your Mind And Overcoming Social Anxiety (Newest 2016)

“Mastery is really just paying attention to how you feel and paying attention to what comes as a result of how you’ve been feeling”

Rather than the usual shyness advice I want to make sure you learn from people who have really gone through it. Like struggled with social anxiety for decade and come out on the other side level of gone through it. If this is your first visit to Social Professor make sure you check out the shy to social page and grab the free audiobook ‘how to talk to anyone’ which is going to turn your life around.

Abraham Hicks 2016, Phoenix March 5

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so I have three questions you want it out of your face okay then three questions is how do you overcome social anxiety how do you master your mind and how do you live with the feeling of the wish fulfilled practice practice practice it helps to understand the laws as we’ve been talking about them today but it’s sort of like if a trains going 18 miles an hour that way and you want it to go 80 miles an hour that way you don’t want it to happen suddenly it would be hard on what’s honoring the train so it’s just a matter of giving less attention to what you don’t want until it slows down and more attention to what you do want until it speeds up so ask your three questions again how do you mass your mind by acknowledging that you have the ability to think the thoughts that you mean to think by realizing that you don’t have to be a reactor that you can be a thinker but by accepting that law of attraction abounds and that if there is already some momentum going it’s not wrong that the momentum keeps going that way the first step in mastery of your own mind is not being mad at yourself because you don’t have mastery of your own mind it’s relaxing and giving yourself a break and acknowledging that it is possible and then most of all noting when pay attention to the correlation between good feeling thoughts that you’ve thought and good feeling results that you found after have an experience of mastery fairly recently a person asked her for a job and she was in a state of overwhelming when he asked her she was leaving one of her houses and there were many things that needed to be tended to and she knew that she couldn’t tend to them from a distance and so he presented himself and she felt like she was in a receptive mode because it seemed like a good idea to her but her receptive mode was one of overwhelming too much to do and so she hired him and he was not an effective person in that job far from it where later when she was feeling such appreciation in the same place feeling such appreciation about what was going on another person presented himself to her and she thought it was the best idea she had ever heard while she thought the other was a pretty good idea too but this felt like a really good idea and because she was in a good feeling place as that played out it’s been flawless and wonderful and productive and effective so she accomplished mastery you might say after the fact in this way she remembered how she felt when she hired that guy and she saw the results that she got from that hiring and then she remembered how she felt when she got that guy and she saw the results of that hiring see what we’re getting at so mastery is really just paying attention to how you feel and paying attention to what comes as a result of how you’ve been feeling but if you’re not deliberate about it if you’re just thinking about this and thinking about this and reacting to that and reacting to that then it’s harder to accomplish that mastery the Association it’s knowing the rules of the game playing them deliberately and watching for the results thank you for the question because it’s really an important answer I mean because when I have social anxiety because I don’t know what triggers it you know I look inside my mind be like what what is it and I look into my thoughts there’s no thoughts of fear a little bit are you saying social social yeah social okay sometimes it’s talking to a stranger picking up the phone making a cell in a roomful of people I don’t know and yet here you’re doing alright you’re not having any social anxiety I mean I have it just go with it you know one time someone told me feel the fear and do it anyway because whatever you want is behind that fear well we’re not encouraging you to feel the fear and push through it although sometimes you’re in a situation where you have no choice you can’t just evaporate because you’re having fear I’m going to cease to exist because I feel fear that’s not what we’re encouraging either you have to continue to be but here is what is that the core of this and as you hear this it’s going to go a long way in helping you to release it you’ve learned through the living of life that you cannot control what others do or how they think or how they feel and so if it is important to you that they approve of you since you can’t control their approval then you feel anxiety you have to get into this unconditional place where what they think is not your criteria for the way you can your life the criteria for the way you control your life is how you feel in the receptive mode oh that was really good did you hear that you say because frankly you can’t trust others because they don’t care enough about you in most cases it’s not their job anyway to feel about you the way you need them to feel about you in order for you to feel good so it’s really a wonderful thing to acknowledge Esther said to someone not that long ago this is the thing that I’ve learned more in the last year then maybe all other things put together no matter how much I try to explain myself to somebody else they’re not gonna get me they just can’t get me they haven’t had enough exposure to the things that I’ve had exposure to in order to understand why I am Who I am so they’re not gonna get me and so it’s got to stop mattering to me that they get me because they’re not gonna get me gotta resign gotta give it up well like you were saying like mastery over that you ask something it’s there but the only way you can have it is by being receptive going to that frequency and the only way I have overcome it or in the process of it it’s pretty much asking myself well how does it feel like to be charismatic how does it feel like to be confident or courageous and I assume the feeling good point I think it’s like mastering that yeah not assuming but also I mean when it becomes a habit where you do it naturally well the more you do it a thought that you think often becomes a belief and a belief is a momentum of your point of attraction it’s what we were talking about earlier about it’s easier to have those kinds of thoughts first thing in the day when there’s less momentum going on and so just wake up and very good advice that you’re giving to yourself and others focus upon your positive aspects your own positive aspects and the positive aspects of anyone or anything because mostly when I ask something I have to realize that it’s not something I’d sit down and do it something that as I’m doing I have to become the things that I want so they can come to me because I’ve one thing I realize that everything that I want wants me because there already exists in substance the law of attraction says that must be true because you meet like this so for a while we were talking about the different emotions and we were talking about a sort of like flying disks there’s the honore disk and there’s the depressed disk and there’s the angry disk and there’s the blame fell’d disk and then there’s the revengeful disk because revenge has more feeling of control in it than vulnerability and then there’s the overwhelm disk and then there’s the happier disk and happier and happier and happier and so if you’re on Murray and you’re meeting up with all these ornery people well you’re just all on the same disk you weren’t flying high and they jumped on your disk and made your honore you’ve got to take responsibility for how you feel and it’s easier to do that as we’ve said so many times today by getting out ahead of it by wanting to feel good more than anything else really good really good time for a segment of refreshment..

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